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    Saturday, October 22, 2005

    BoD's Power 

    I figure BoD can't automatically save everyone. I've been thinking about the specific effects of her powers. How, what, why and when. I don't think the specifics would necessarily be evident to BoD or Death, but I need to know the mechanics of her powers in order to know who can be saved and who is only stalled. Or perhaps the specifics don't matter and I could just decide the outcome based on the needs of plot, but that grates against the scientist and the roleplayer in me. Even though it is a mystical/magical/miraculous type power, it should work consistently.

    So far I figure:

    - If BoD is around before any wounds have been inflicted, then no fatal wounds will be inflicted while she is present. Sometimes this may result in things like "It's a miracle" or "If that had have been even a tenth of an inch in either direction".

    - If the person is terminally ill/wounded with no way to possibly be saved, BoD can only postpone the inevitable until she leaves, at which point natural progression resumes.

    - If it is a matter of "the body could heal itself if only...", or "the person could be saved if only..." - if time is a factor of the "if only" - then BoD can help the person be saved by giving the person the time needed.

    - A person's organs and systems will continue to work at level they were operating at the moment when BoD becomes present.

    The power doesn't heal, nor prevent injury/illness. It simply prevents the act of death. Therefore, progression of illnesses would stall, but not regress. Wounds will close as they normally do, no acceleration.

    The effect, I think, is whatever the ideal set of circumstances is for a person nearing death, that is what BoD's power creates.

    Interesting question and example: if BoD were to stay with a cancer patient from before radiation or kemo treatment until the treatment had run it course, would the cancer be saved as well as the person? Meaning would that person be in the same place with the cancer as before the treatment? Hmm, I think since cancer is not considered to be living, the answer is no. The treatments would work as designed on the cancer, without killing the person. That doesn't mean there won't be other wired side effects however. Getting into specific cases like this is tricky. But based on "whatever the ideal set of circumstances is" the result would be that assuming the treatments started before the person was already beyond help, then the person would be saved.

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    posted by Jennifer Michelle  @11:16 PM
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    Tuesday, October 18, 2005

    BoD - Opening Scene Idea? 

    I think the story is starting to take form in my head. Wouldn't that be nice? It surely would help in me having a shot at succeeding in NaNoWriMo.

    The opening scene idea that just starting working itself out in my head is that BoD is somewhere where a robbery starts to go wrong. BoD looks around a bit disinterested, since she already knows the relative outcome. Her voice in my head is saying stuff like "I barely even flinch at loud sounds anymore." and "there was a time when I would...". Though her power doesn't prevent people, including herself, from getting hurt.

    Perhaps BoD will be the narrator. A first person story. If I do that then it'd be a whole lot easier to convey to the reader what she is thinking and feeling. But, third person allows for broader coverage. I did the first person take with Faith, and while I liked that story for the most part, it did annoy me that I couldn't write about the stuff that was going on that she wasn't part of.


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    posted by Jennifer Michelle  @1:54 PM
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    Sunday, October 16, 2005


    It's so hard to not start writing yet!

    I've pretty much settled on BoD. Why? Well, because it's the one I keep thinking about and having scene ideas for. Perhaps that will make it harder, because I do not yet know how it starts. Then again, I don't have to start at the beginning. *shrugs* We shall see.

    I'm thinking of having Death be the narrator for the story. Just an idea.

    More scene ideas, so I don't forget them:
    - BoD first meets Death. D curious about BoD. D seems familiar but BoD can't place her. After introduction, BoD not quite convinced. No robe, no scythe? D explains she didn't always carry a scythe. Before the farming tool was implemented humanity had her as ???.

    - Another meeting between BoD and D, BoD asks if she is on D's list. D refuses to tell, saying no one should have foreknowledge. BoD pleads, she doesn't want to know when, she simply wants to know if. As in, if she will/can die. D considers a moment, and again refuses to answer, because

    - Perhaps a scene where D explains why some things are is the power of human (collective) will.

    - The "You can't have him" scene. I don't so much feel obliged to have it, as I think I have an interesting concept for it where BoD and D are "shadowing" two normal people while having the same argument.

    - I think this is my favorite scene idea so far, and am going to try and remind myself without giving anything away: The last name ... without L there is no ....

    More Questions:
    - Where do BoD and D meet? Don't want to be like "Joan of Arcadia".
    - Is D only a personification in dreams? That would go along with the power of human will thing, where dreams are the world of will's creation.

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    posted by Jennifer Michelle  @7:07 PM
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