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    Tuesday, May 17, 2005

    To Come: WoD Story "The Lost Song" 

    Two of my friends have asked me to continue with the WoD story. Thank you both, because of you I intend to do so.

    I'm going to change things up a bit from how I was doing this before I think. Now that I'm not beholden to the contest, I feel free to do whatever I want with the story and it's characters! I can do more with Rosemary, I can change Doomwise's purpose in the story, I can go more esoteric with events.

    I'm planning to start from the beginning this time in posting scenes. And, if you noticed, I've decided to name the story "The Lost Song". It has meanings on different levels for me, plus I simply like it.

    I likely won't get the chance to write until Sunday at the earliest, maybe even later than that. But I do intend to write more. In the meantime there should be a reorg of the story's page.

    Also, would people prefer I put scenes in posts as I have been doing, or only link to them and post that there is a new scene to go read and what the link is (so that posts aren't loooong)?

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    posted by Jennifer Michelle  @3:13 PM
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