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    Saturday, April 16, 2005

    New Scene: WoD Story 

    The set up for this scene is Nathaniel just died to save Rosemary.

    Orion turned abruptly towards Rosemary, his sorrow changing to anger just as suddenly. Every visible muscle in his body tensed. He clenched his jaw and fists in an attempt to keep from snapping. Whether or not he was being successful was unclear, even to himself. His eyes burned with hate, and they were fixed on Rosemary. She wanted to run and hide. She wanted to shut her eyes and make him go away. But she was frozen wide-eyed with fear, so much so she couldn't even breathe. He didn't dare approach her, not trusting himself in this moment. "You had better be worth this," he growled deeply.

    She wished she could answer him. (Say something! Say anything!) she screamed to herself. But the only thought that kept running through her mind was Please don't eat me! Please don't eat me!

    Orion leaned back and let loose one last long howl. It was a warning to all that he was coming. Every creature within hearing distance scurried away to whatever safety could be found. Rosemary also reacted, reflexively covering her ears and curling into a trembling ball. Orion took (dire wolf) form and charged into the woods to hunt down and kill the first thing he found.

    Two from the other pack growled in the direction the enemy had retreated, then followed Orion. Led and Melinda reverently picked up Nathaniel and headed towards their lands. Katrin and the rest slowly pulled themselves to their feet as their wounds healed enough for them to walk on their own.

    "What about her?" YYY asked Katrin, nodding towards Rosemary.

    Katrin didn't look over. "Leave her," she replied quietly.

    YYY was shocked. "After all that's happened here? You're just going to-"

    Katrin's entire face darkened. She whipped around with enough for to cause YYY to take up a defensive stance. The two stared at each other for several tense moments. "It's safer for everyone if she not around any of us right now," Katrin finally explained in a low voice. She stepped back from the confrontation, the most she would do to concede to him. "We'll keep a patrol in the area to make sure she's safe." YYY nodded in agreement to both the end of the standoff and the idea. "And since you are so concerned," she tossed over her shoulder as she walked away, "you can take the first shift."


    Eventually Rosemary calmed down enough to start thinking rationally again. She slowly looked around before daring to move. She found it didn't matter anymore, she was alone, they had all left her. Not only that, the only sound she could hear besides her own heart was that of the wind in the branches. Which meant there were no animals were in the area either. Quickly she realized how completely alone she was. Not only in this time and place, but in her own life. She was no longer Wolf-blooded so she didn't belong with those she had grown up knowing. She was no longer human so she didn't belong in the world of the blissfully ignorant. Her family was gone, her friends were kept away from her, and her allies hated her. Rosemary curled back up and cried herself to sleep.

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    Thursday, April 14, 2005

    Synopsis - Take Two 

    I cleaned up the synopsis. I also wrote a new version because after reading some old WoD guidelines I thought they might not like the first one (and I didn't think enough emphasis was being placed on the trio). Here are both versions... I need to decide by tomorrow which I want to send in.


    The birth of Rosemary is surrounded by many "coincidences." Not overlooking them, questions of this baby's future circulate amongst the Uratha. A seer indeed proclaims Rosemary will be the salvation of a Lodge. Doomwise sees instead a catastrophe designed to destroy a Locus, and knows it will come to pass during Rosemary's First Change.

    Years later: for two weeks, as everything around Rosemary shows signs of First Change, werewolves are overwhelmed by the number of those undergoing First Changes. Three of those unfound by the Uratha come across each other and band together out of common fear.

    The night of the assault on the Locus, Rosemary doesn't change. She only develops a unique ability. Instead the three unfound answer Rosemary's call and become the heros. Melinda is a Cahalith also adept at strategy. Nathaniel, an Ithaeur whose talents lie deep in mysticism. Orion, an Elodoth with physical strength matching his impartiality. They become a close-knit trio, theirs a friendship based on trust forged in the heat of battle.

    As they face the challenges of becoming a pack, and then hunting those who attempt to harm Wolf-Blooded, Doomwise's dismaying visions foreshadow their lives. But despite losses, the pack continuously fights the losing battle against their foreseen future. Then Rosemary reappears on the scene with a new purpose, and strange powers. Quickly it becomes obvious Rosemary can dispel the perceived outcome of Doomwise's visions. But is she really the hope of them all?


    Rosemary's birth is surrounded by many "coincidences" causing questions of the baby's future to circulate. One visionary sees Rosemary saving a Lodge. Doomwise sees an attack on a Locus during Rosemary's First Change. Later, as signs of First Change surround Rosemary, werewolves are overwhelmed by the number of those undergoing First Change. At least three are unfound:

    Melinda fears failure. She's constantly scheming and planning, and missing out on life, in her attempts to keep ahead of every possibility. Her overactive imagination makes her a great Cahalith, and an able strategist.

    Nathaniel never outgrew the childhood "why?" phase. There are reasons for everything, and he wants to know them. His searching led him to religions and sciences before he became a werewolf. Now he's an Ithaeur whose talents lie deep in mysticism.

    Orion hates to loose, and loves to play. Sports were his passion until he was banned. With each loss, personal or event, he withdraws further into himself. As an Elodoth he attempts to temper his life with impartiality.

    During the foretold Locus assault, Rosemary doesn't change. Instead the unfound new Uratha answer Rosemary's call and help stop the attack. They become a close-knit group, theirs a friendship based on trust forged in the heat of battle.

    While they find their purpose, Doomwise's dismaying visions foreshadow their lives. Despite losses, the pack continuously fights against their foreseen future. Then Rosemary reappears, with strange powers, needing help. She can change the perceived outcome of Doomwise's visions. But are they really each others' hope?

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    posted by Jennifer Michelle  @8:49 PM
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