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    Friday, April 08, 2005


    I'm entering a White Wolf writing competition. They want a synopsis by Friday, about 250 wordss in length. Here's what I've got:


    The birth of Rosemary Delacourt is surrounded by many "coincidences". Not overlooking them, questions of this baby's future circulate amongst the Uratha. A seer indeed proclaims Rosemary will be the salvation of a (sept). Doomwise sees instead a catastrophe designed to destroy a Loci, and knows when it will come to pass: Rosemary's First Change.

    Years later: for two weeks as everything around Rosemary shows signs of First Change, the Uratha are overwhelmed by the number of those undergoing First Changes. Three of those unfound by Uratha come across each other and band together out of common fear.

    The night of the assault on the Loci, Rosemary doesn't Change. She only develops a unique ability. Instead the unfound trio answers Rosemary's call and becomes the heros. Melinda is a Cahalith, also adept at strategy. Nathaniel, an Ithaeur whose talents lie deep in mysticism. And Orion, an Elodoth with physical strength matching his impartiality. They become a close-knit trio, theirs a friendship based on trust forged in the heat of battle.

    As they face the challenges of becoming a pack, and then hunting those who attempt to harm (Kinfolk), Doomwise's visions foreshadow their lives. Soon the hunters become the hunted. But despite losses, the pack continuously fights the losing battle against their foreseen future. Then Rosemary re-appears on the scene with a new purpose, and strange powers. Quickly it becomes obvious Rosemary can change the perceived outcome of Doomwise's visions. But is she really the hope of them all?

    (Rosemary's a Mage. Until "The Awakening" comes out I'll be somewhat leaning on Ascension.)

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    posted by Jennifer Michelle  @6:56 PM
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