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    Thursday, September 30, 2004

    More Ideas for Troia 

    - As an after to the most recent entry in Troia's story (Being the New Girl), Troia realizes the only person who can really help her is Cassie. The problem is, Troia doesn't quite know how to get a hold of Cassie....

    - Troia's fear of heights, which developed when her powers came, is abated when she discovers blunt things don't hurt when they hit her. Which means hitting the ground from far up won't hurt, which was the actual fear: falling and going splat.

    - Develop friendship between Troia and Kyle, kinda like a kid brother thing. She enjoys being around him and playing with him because he makes her feel more kid-like, more like Allie before Donna.

    - Develop relationship with Krypton/James where Troia playfully/sarcastically picks on him pretty consistently. Why? Because as the group's leader and Mr. Invulnerable he needs to not get too large an ego and remember that he's not infallible.

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    posted by Jennifer Michelle  @5:27 PM
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