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    Friday, September 17, 2004

    Idea for Troia 

    Had another idea for Troia. I need to do a scene (or two or three) between her and Liz. Such as:
    - Troia telling Liz what's going on, and Liz's reaction
    - One of the two asking the other "When do I get to see you again?"
    - Maybe Troia consults with Liz about whether or not to take/keep a secret identity

    This all pretty much means I have to flesh out Liz as a person. Which I should do anyways, I just haven't given it much thought before now!

    Afterthought: A scene between Troia and her parents for the first time since she left home. Perhaps parents/Mom treat her differently, as if she squeezes too hard she might break her daughter. Does the get together end in another fight or well? Hm..., have to think this through as well.

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    posted by Jennifer Michelle  @3:25 PM
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    New Story Idea: My Life 

    I heard a reminiscing song yesterday on the radio and for some reason started wondering, What would my life be like now if I hadn't moved to Massachusetts when I was young?

    Would Karen (my first best friend) and I still be friends? Would she have remained a potential bad influence, and actually changed who I ended up being and the beliefs I hold? Or would I have been a good influence on her and keep her out of trouble? Or would we have found some middle area to grow up in together?

    Would David and I have been serious boyfriend and girlfriend in junior high and/or high school? Would we be married now?!? Would my issues with men be completely different, or possibly non-existent?

    Would I have the great job now? Would I have had the break down in college that led me to software development?

    Would I have gone to Harvard? Actually, that one I'm almost sure I wouldn't have done. Because I wouldn't have had the same interview, I wouldn't have had the 11th grade English teacher that called me a philanthropist in his recommendation, and my brother probably wouldn't have broken his leg (long story). Okay maybe that last one doesn't matter as much as it seems to me. But still, Harvard would have been so far away, I might not have wanted to go so far from my family (though not going to school further from home is something I do regret). No, I would have gone to the University of Michigan.

    Without Harvard, would I have gone to Biosphere II for that summer internship? Where I discovered a Lot about myself and my beliefs, and made friends.

    Would I have the condo? Would I even be in Livonia, or would I be still in my hometown, or perhaps have already made it to Ann Arbor?

    Would I have gotten involved in the Red Cross? Would I have gotten involved in IORG and Eastern Star?

    I might still have played Basketball in high school. I wouldn't have sprained my ankle for that first time in basketball camp....

    I might still have gotten involved in roleplaying via my brother. I might even have made similar friends. I might have been dragged to Origins for that first time due to these friends and met the other friends there I still am friends with.

    I might still have joined the Star Trek online sim I did, that whole part of my life could have been the same. Meaning I'd still have my Emily, amongst other things. :)

    At the end of all my wondering, I realized I could very well be living pretty much the same life right now as if Mom, Michael and I had not moved to Massachusetts. Some smaller things might be different, but not necessarily the big stuff.

    The story in all this is that there would have been a different set of events that lead me to where I am now. Perhaps Karen and I had the big falling out that Amy (my hs/college best friend) and I had a few years ago. Perhaps David stayed in the private school when I had to go to public school after my parents divorced, and we drifted apart. Perhaps not. Hey, it's my life. I could write it however I wanted!

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    posted by Jennifer Michelle  @3:11 PM
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    Tuesday, September 14, 2004

    New Story Idea!: What If 

    Ever smell, however briefly, a smell out of place for where you are?

    Ever heard something odd because it didn't seem like anything around you would make that sound? Or hear a whisper of something or really quite voices you didn't quite catch, but there's no one around?

    What if those smells and sounds Are real? But they don't fit in because you're not where you think you are. What if you are really lying on a bed in some laboratory somewhere? The whole world is a creation made just for you, to test your reactions. But every once in a while, for whatever reason, a smell or sound from the real world filters through the illusionary one.


    posted by Jennifer Michelle  @10:12 AM
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    Idea for Troia 

    Want to get this down before I forget it, 'cause I don't think I'll be writing the scene for a while. (Which makes me wonder, all these ideas I'm writing down in here, will I forget to go back and write them?)

    Anyhoo, the idea is that Troia is listening to James and B (who hasn't arrived in the story yet) argue about who's the Best. Finally Troia has enough and tells them neither of them are the best. They, of course, think she's implying she's the best. She sets them straight and gives them a mini lecture about why he JLA is the best - no individual can be the best because there's always a way to beat an individual. But a team that's diverse, where every member can cover for another's weakness, and that works together without having to think about how to, that's the Best.

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    posted by Jennifer Michelle  @10:03 AM
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