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    Friday, September 10, 2004

    New Story Idea: WW Disarmament 

    The background for this story was originally the world of SeaQuest DSV. I created a character for myself to fit into the TV show, who had mental abilities like the doctor from the second season, though my character's was focused through music.

    The story idea is that the mentalists of the world unite to force a world-wide nuclear disarmament. Possibly non-nuclear missiles and bombs too. The story is about:
    1) what leads them to do this - that someone or some group found a way to control mentalists and attempted to force them to start a war.
    2) how they accomplish the disarmament - my character and two old mentalist friends leading the charge
    3) the aftermath of the disarmament - most likely an arms race unlike any the world has seen, since literally everyone is starting from the same point: having nothing. What kind of political ramifications would this have? How would alliances and allegiances change? Would money really determine the outcome?

    (Remembering Wernher von Braun in WWII, who decided Germany would not achieve victory against the Allies and so engineered the surrender of his scientists, work, prototypes, and himself to the Americans. And that he chose the Americans, because he knew what countries wouldn't be able to defend his work, what countries wouldn't be able to afford to fund his research, and he just didn't like England (I think it was England), so that left the Americans.)


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    Tuesday, September 07, 2004

    Idea for Hope Carver 

    Before I forget. Here's what else I was hoping to write tonight but didn't get to:

    Hope finds room/suite the family secrets are hidden in. Where Lord Carver hid the picture of his sister, his father put the picture of Lord Carver's Aunt, and information on Faith is kept, as well as other things I haven't figured out yet. This scene is where Hope begins telling her story, in awe of everything she hasn't been told.

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    Added Continuation: Troia (Again) 

    More has been written for Troia! "Victor's Reaction" is done and "Being the New Girl" has been started. The link to these two is here as well as above by clicking on Troia and then clicking on the links under the section titled Formative Months.

    Let me know what you think! It's not a whole lot, but at least things are getting written. :)

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    posted by Jennifer Michelle  @12:28 AM
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