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    Friday, September 03, 2004

    Added Continuation: Troia 

    Woo hoo, I finally fixed up the stuff I'd already written for Troia (had to change where she was from). And after that I was all psyched to continue writing her! So I've gotten another chapter on her done, based on chats with others playing people in the story: her arrival at her new home. You can follow this link here to the new stuff, or you can click on Troia in the list up top and then click on "Arrival".

    Happy reading! And as always, please let me know what you think.

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    posted by Jennifer Michelle  @10:31 PM
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    New Story Ideas: Hope & BoD 

    Two of 'em:

    1) Hope Carver - Which would be more of a continuation of Faith Winterfields. Hope growing up, the events of her life maybe. But I more see the story talking about the people who survived Faith from Hope's perspective. Such as Jason, who pretty much devoted his life to taking care of Becket's lands as the new Lord and getting revenge on the enemies of those lands because they are the reason Faith died, which could also perpetuate the families' rivalry unless one side finally wins (I dunno yet), but after years Hope notices that even that doesn't give him purpose or joy anymore - not that she had ever actually seen him happy, but now he doesn't seem to have anything to keep him going anymore.

    2) Bane of Death - Someone who unknowingly has the ability to prevent Death from taking a person. (Yes, this idea arises from a twist on the first Faith Alternate.) This person also can pass on the ability to see Death to others if s/he touches another while in the presence of Death - likely it will be only people who are not Death's target this can happen to - which gives a way to have more than two characters be the center of the story. Those two characters being Death and Bane of Death.

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    posted by Jennifer Michelle  @12:26 PM
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    Monday, August 30, 2004

    Idea for W@S 

    And a few things I don't want to forget for What's At S.T.E.A.K.

    -Scene where the Leader is told about Gabrielle and Zachary and that they are being sent to his ship to take over for retiring Dolphin Leader. He's surprised and not too happy. "Have to babysit." "Institute was crazy to accept them and still is for graduating them to Department Leader ranks."

    -Scene(s) where Leader and others meet G and Z. Dept. heads and Sub-Leader reactions. G jumping into Dolphin dept. and making "sweeping" changes. Z sort of standing back, taking notes, observer and quiet yet profound commentator type.

    -Scene(s) where original crews reach the "promised" planet (need to name it), and find it's not actually compatible... (too much trace scienide (sp?) or alkaline or somesuch). Shock, stun/astonishment, anger/swearing, etc. As crew looks to Leader of a ship, Leader turns around and asks with helplessness "What do we do?" All leads to formation of what becomes modern S.T.E.A.K. program.

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    posted by Jennifer Michelle  @8:49 PM
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    More Ideas for Faith 

    Just a few things I don't want to forget before I get around to writing them:

    -Addendum: as part of the chapters from other people's perspectives we learn that (luckily for Lord Carver) Cornelia and (luckily for Lady Carver) Jason favor their mother and therefore each other, Luke is almost a spitting image of his father, and Faith... looks like Lord Carver's sister who had been beloved by the people but who died long enough ago that most people don't remember what she looks like, if they even knew her, which was aided by Lord Carver having her picture removed from public view via an "accident" after Faith and Cornelia were born.

    -Alternate Faith: the boy, who helped Faith get Jason to Doctor Limir after the attack the day he proposed, turns out to be Death. He shows up again, as the boy, with Jason and the Priest, helping the Priest carry stuff. As Faith dies, she recognizes him and wonders at his not having aged at all. He tells her why he helped her save Jason instead of taking Jason as had been the original plan as he pulls her away from her body. He explains to her who she is, or rather what her purpose is as she's a special soul, as he takes her to next body/life.

    -Alternate Faith: "Carver Family Curse" has believed to have afflicted the family for three generations. That being that the first born daughter will die before she marries. Lord Carver's only sister, oldest aunt, and oldest great aunt all died before they married. As Cornelia's wedding approaches most people become very nervous and sad around her. Faith manages to get out of her cook friends the story of the curse, who tells the boys, and everyone plans and schemes for Cornelia's safety. The celebrating is great in the lands after her wedding, for in addition to the wedding all think the curse has been broken, by Faith's saving Cornelia from the attempted kidnapping. At least three people do not share the joy, and did not share the fear before the wedding: Mother Winterfields, Lord Carver, and Doctor Limir - the only three of those who know about Faith who also remember that Faith was born two weeks before Cornelia. At every turn Lord Carver is adamant about Faith not marrying Jason because he doesn't want Faith to die.

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    posted by Jennifer Michelle  @7:58 PM
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