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    Monday, August 16, 2004

    New Story Idea! BBB 

    I'm so excited! I had a story idea come to me today while I was driving. I'm excited over it because, other than figuring out histories for characters I play in roleplaying games, I haven't had a real story idea in a LONG time.


    "How many children do you have?" asked curiously.

    "Oh I have one of each," beaming with pride. "Children! Come here!"

    Gives the mother a 'either you're crazy or there's something wrong here' look as three children enter the room.

    "This is my beautiful one. This is my strong athletic one. And this is my smart one," the mother explains.


    Current title idea is "Beauty, Brawn, and Brains". It'd be about three siblings (right now I think two girls and a boy) and them having to work together to... do something, I haven't quite figured that out yet. Perhaps they run a company together. I figure the athletic one has street smarts also, and the pretty one knows how to work High Society and such, and the smart one just has no common sense. I want each of the three to need each of the others to cover for something they themselves can't do. The point is to have at least one character that anyone today can identify with.

    Whatcha think? It's a brand new concept in my head, so any help would be appreciated. :)

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    posted by Jennifer Michelle  @9:20 AM
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