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    Monday, August 02, 2004

    Added Continuation: Faith Winterfields 

    NOTICE: Faith has been moved around! The new stuff is Fin. What formerly was Fin is now Part 4. What was Part 4 is now Part III. What was Part III is now the second half of Continued. Got all that?

    And still, I haven't finished the story. I know what the ending is, but I've been having a hard time getting there. This last time I sat down to try and write the ending just to get it down and then I'd go back and fill in getting to the ending, but I ended up writing all the in between parts instead! I'm happy with how things came out though. Hope you like it too. The new stuff is here as well as above under the link "Faith Winterfields Fin".

    Please see me what you think!

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    posted by Jennifer Michelle  @10:59 PM
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