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    Tuesday, February 10, 2004

    Update On Writing 

    I haven't forgotten to write! I'm debating on order of scenes. I think I've pretty much got things figured out there, but reading back through stuff in comparing it to the coming stuff I also think I need to change the timeline some. Otherwise there will just be too much happening in too short a time span to feel reasonable. So basically I've got a couple things at least I need to work out before I can put more of Faith up. But! I think we're getting towards the end of the story! Well, at least we're definitely past half way. I can't really say how much is left because usually when I start writing stuff comes out that I don't have any clue of before hand. ;)

    Will be writing more when I find the time (and desire outside of work to look at a computer screen!) to type it up. Keep checking back!



    posted by Jennifer Michelle  @11:01 AM
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