Tower Hallway


So what now? Exploring this tower has been interesting, seeing it for the first time as well as seeing the changes its undergone at the same time. You know, when this whole other person's memories thing isn't disconcerting it's actually pretty fascinating.

I suppose I could go get some food. Though, shouldn't there be a control room around here somewhere? Hmm, there's that last corridor I haven't tried yet. Because every time I start to I get a really creepy feeling. Yup, there it is again. Like... someone's watching me, or following me, or something.

I look around suspiciously. Nothing seems out of place and I can't see anyone. I listen intently, but can't hear anything other than the normal low background noise of this place. Okay then, let's shake off that weirdness and get going. I steal my nerves and carefully start walking further down the corridor. I half expect some security system to go off any second now.

"Hold it right there missy," a loud voice orders.

I jump, nearly out of my skin. Who the heck was that?! Still can't see anyone anywhere. Though it sounded like the voice was coming from above. I realize my fists are balled and I'm slightly crouched. I force myself to relax, since I don't appear to be in any danger, but not too much as Something is going on.

"Where are you?" I demand to know. "WHO are you?" I thought I had met everyone here already.

"I'm the one in charge here right now," the voice replies. Yes, definitely sounds like the voice is coming from some sort of overhead system.

"Oh really," I challenge.

"Yes really," the voice replies.

"Riiiiight. Then why haven't I met you yet?"

"You're meeting me now," I'm informed. The voice sounds slightly familiar, but I can't begin to place it.

I sigh. This conversation isn't getting me anywhere. And I'm not really in the mood to play games. "Okay fine. But you still haven't told me who you are."

"And you're not going to until I decide. You may have been accepted by the new team, but you still have to get past me. Just who do you think you are? Wearing that outfit, using that name-"

I can't keep my eyes from rolling nor from moaning in annoyance. "Not you too," I protest, more whiney than I would have liked.

"Too?" the voice echoes with a touch of curiosity.

"Yes. Look, I already got reamed out by Wonder Woman, okay? I don't need some disembodied voice ragging on me also." I look up and around a bit, trying to see if I can spot a surveillance camera so I can make sure whomever this is can see my expression. "I haven't had a chance to get out and buy new clothes. Other than that, I have No intention of explaining myself to someone I don't know," I inform the voice sternly.

"You have got a lot of nerve Miss Thing. You-"

Now I Know I recognize that voice. But... who? From where? "Say that again?" I ask.


"What you just said. Say it again please?"

There's a short silence before the voice complies. "You have got a lot of nerve Miss Thing."

Come on, come on, place the voice. It's a... V- something.... Vy... Vah... "Victor!" I finally grasp from Donna and exclaim with triumph.

"What?!" the voice replies, quite surprised.

"Victor!" I confirm. "That's who you are! I Knew I recognized your voice."

"How di- what- who- How in the world do you know that?!"

I cross my arms authoritatively and look up expectantly. But then my confidence melts away. I sigh. Do I tell him? Victor was Cyborg on the team with Donna. If he really is in charge here I bet it's more as a mentor than a team member. I Could really use a mentor in dealing with these powers.

"Well?" he demands to know.

"Troia, told me," I finally confess quietly.

I now know what 'silence is deafening' means. I don't know what else to say. Victor's not saying anything. So....

"How is that possible," Victor finally asks incredulously.

"Well..., I'm not exactly certain myself. Um, can we talk in person? This is kind of uncomfortable."

"Actually... no," Victor replies. He pauses for a moment. "I merged my consciousness and memories with the tower," he explains. Not that I understand.


"I don't have a body anymore," he says simply. "I'm fully mechanical now. I'm... the computer."

My turn to pause to absorb what's just been said. He shared, I think I should as well. So we both know where each other stand. "I... that is, Troia. Her spirit, is inside me." I stop to see if he's going to say anything. He doesn't. "She gave me her powers and somehow," I hold up my arms briefly, "her uniform."

"I see," Victor finally replies. I'm not sure if he sounds convinced or not. I'm not sure it matters to me either.

"Do we have a lot to talk about?" I ask him.

It seems he ponders a moment. "I'll let you know."

I can't do this. It's too hard. I need a mentor. I can't do this alone. I mean, I'm not alone really. But I am alone in learning how to use these powers. I still can't fly well, not even well enough, and not high at all. I cracked a glass this morning just trying to get a drink, and put a hammer through the wall trying to hang my picture of Liz and I. Obviously I still have no sense of how strong I am. And that really quick reaction reflex thing is so sporadic. It seems it works only on pure instinct, when I'm not thinking or really paying attention, but I feel that I should be able to control it.

Watching the others in the common room, joking and everything as usual, I feel somewhat like an outsider. Not that I couldn't be in there with them socially. It's that they all seem so comfortable with their powers. Obviously had them longer than I have. They know how to use them and what to expect when they do.

I sigh and look away, up at nothing really. What am I supposed to do? I need training, but I don't know what kind or how. Victor can't help me the way I need. No one here can. Not even Liz can help me with this problem. No one knows...

Wait... Cassie does. She had to go through stuff similar to what I am now, with the same powers. Maybe she'd tutor me? I know she'd help if I ask, but this is a long term thing to ask for. Hmm. Well it can't hurt to ask.

But first, things here need to get settled too. They all may know what to expect from their own powers, but the rest of us don't. I turn back toward the common room and walk in a few steps. We need set up regular sessions to learn how to work with each other. I take up what feels like an authoritative stance and wait a moment. No one notices me at first.

"Alright everyone," I say loud enough to be heard over the chatting. They all turn to look at me. "We need to train," I inform them.

Krypton stares at me for a second, then asks as if he's forgotten, "What's my name?"

I can't help but look at him askance. What does that mean? His face changes from mild shock to happy as he seems to remember, and he holds out his hand to me and says "Hi, I'm Krpyton."

Um, did he forget me? This is really wired. I take his hand and shake it. "Troia. We met two days ago," I remind him.

Stargirl, Natlie, shakes her head at Krypton. "Sure," she replies to me. Well at least that's one.

"Train for what?" Kyle asks as he's laying on the couch legs up over one side. He is playing some sort of hand held video games. Doesn't even look at me.

"To understand how we each respond to things. Team training, so we can effectively work together," I explain.

Kyle looks up at me now, though from his angle I must appear upside down. For some reason his demeanor puts me at ease. "Why do I need to do that? Everything happens in slow motion for me. I can fill in the gaps," he says with a goofy grin.

I smile kindly, but shake my head slightly. "Yes, but *we* don't know how to deal with your speed. Without practice we won't know what to expect from you while out in the field."

"I can do everything my father can... just not as fast... Yet," he finishes with a wink. "Okay, training over." He grins widely at his cleverness. Then he reveals that he's joking. "Not gunna fly is it?"

I shake my head No. But my mood towards him is still light despite him not taking this seriously. I wonder why that is. "You're not getting out of this," In inform him. "None of us have worked...," I suddenly stop speaking as that's technically not the truth. Well, it is, but it also isn't. Donna did, I haven't. Oye, this is too complicated. Let's just go with, "This team hasn't worked with your father before."

Kyle becomes a blur and is back in the same position as before in his Impulse costume. "Fine, I'm ready." He's looking at me from the same laying position he was in before. Most people probably wouldn't even know he moved if it wasn't for the fact he is in costume now.

He grins that youthful grin of his again. I can't help but laugh slightly. "Good then. Come on everyone," I waves as I turn and start walking to the training facilities.

Krypton is still looking at me like he had when I shook his hand, as if he hasn't done or thought anything else. I wonder if he's okay? Natlie and Zach are up and moving, but not him yet.

I raise my eyebrows at him. "Are you coming?"

"Uh," he moves suddenly, as if just jolted out of a thought, and stands up. "Yes, definately."

I turn away from him so he can't see me as I give Natlie a questioning look about him. She simply shrugs.



Ugh. So tired. Yet so unable to sleep. Why is that? Isn't this where I wanted to be? No... it's where I felt I *should* be. Well, if I'm supposed to be here, and I seem to fit in here - better than anywhere else I've been that's for sure - why don't I feel at home here?

Duh, because this *isn't* home. I mean, it is my home now. But it's not home home....

Ugh. Too much thinking. How can I expect to get to sleep with so much thinking going on? Oh well. Maybe something to eat or drink might help me sleep. Let's see... what do we have around this place? Rummage, rummage, ooo, fridgerator. Eh... nothing looks interesting. Maybe just some milk.

Hmm? Sounds like someone else is here. I peek over the door of the fridge... and see someone totally new to me. Who is this? Not cool.

The girl looks over her shoulder and gets a curious look on her face as she looks out the window and then finally looks back at me. "Did I interrupt something?"

"No," I reply simply. I don't take my eyes off the... dark person. Interesting uniform.

"Oh good. You must be Troia, Vic told me you were the only one still up."

My eyebrow goes up. Vic? Well, either she's a friend of Victor's, or she knows more than she should. "I see." I put down the drink in my hand. "And you are?" Batman related, obviously.

She kind of smirks. "I guess my reputation doesn't precede me... I'm Batgirl."

"Nice outfit," I respond neutrally. What, is it up to me to screen the newbie? Or doesn't it matter 'cause Vic already approved? "So... are you here to join the team too?"

"Uh, thanks. Yeah I was sent here." Her expressions don't seem to change much, making it really hard to tell if she's happy about that or not.

I hmm to myself. "I'll assume Vic let you in. Have you met anyone else yet?"

"Yes, Vic let me in from upstairs and no I haven't."

"Well, since he's really the one in charge, no sense in-" my voice trails off. No sense in screening her. No sense in giving away everything to someone I'm not sure it telling me the truth either. Of course, Vic would have popped in by now if something was amiss. "Might as well bring you up to speed." I eye the other girl for a moment. "Unless you already know who's here and what's where?"

She raises an eyebrow. Is that amusement I see in her face? "Okay." She pauses at my second statement. "Vic only told me who was here not why or where yet. That I should do on my own as it is better to meet people firsthand than go through their files. Hence my seeking you out to meet you."

I nod. "Sounds like a good plan. Though I do recommend you use the database to educate yourself on history." I look off in the direction of personal rooms. Unlike some other people, I think to myself. How can they not understand how important that is?

Batgirl nods, smiling and then her face returns to a placid like mood.

I sigh as I realize I'm being too hard on them. This is where I belong now, with them, it's okay, they're my teammates, maybe even friends, not incompetents. We're all new to this, I berate myself, take it easy on them. "They're still kids," I remind myself quietly. Give them time, they'll learn. It's not like I don't have stuff to learn also.

"History of the titans or something else perhaps?" Batgirl asks as I speak to myself. "Pardon?"

I look back at her. "Yes, the Titans. Only Impulse and I had any knowledge of them or their encounters when I had arrived. Krypton claimed he was going through the villains' files first." I shrug.

She nods. "I do already have some knowledge of the titans seeing as a couple of my predecessors were part of the team at one point in their careers."

I point at her with a 'sure, but' look. "So do most all the others." I picks up my drink and look around. "Want a tour?"

She nods again. "True, however most of my predecessor were trained detectives. I'd actually prefer a tour thank you."

I smile slightly. "Sure thing," I reply. "This way." I head out of the Kitchen, first into the main room. "Common area. The..." I look sideways at Batgirl for a brief second, hopefully to let her know I'm only poking fun at her, "front door is over there."

She follows behind me as I walk, giving me plenty of space. I'm not sure why. I pause and wait for her to catch up to me. For a very brief second a look of confusion crosses her face.

"Do not walk behind, for I may not lead," I say, quoting as best I remember it. "Do not walk in front of me for I may not follow. Walk beside me, as my equal."

Batgirl ponders the quote for a moment and then replies, "Interesting, Albert Camus, not many are able to quote that one."

Wow, I didn't think it was known who first said that. I am complete impressed. "Even I didn't know. My Mother taught me that."

"Oh, she must be a very intelligent woman then."

I smile at the thought of my Mom. Though, I don't know if I'd say she's very intelligent. Wise, sure, but intelligent? "Well, as much as she can be. I think her Mom taught that to her." I shrug and start walking again.

Batgirl nods. "Huh don't have that big of a screen at home."

I chuckle. "No, me neither. I've never seen one that large."

"Probably used for those oversized video games certain males love to play against Vic."

I chuckle more. "Oh yes." I stop in front of the hall to the personal rooms. "That's the bedroom wing."

"Ah yes, I came in from the room Vic had assigned me. It's quite nice down there."

I nod and start walking again. Hopefully I've set her at ease enough that she'll start sharing. "So tell me a little about you."

"I am a defender of Gotham, part of the Batman family, second Batgirl in existence," she says as if reciting an introduction. "Drake my predecessor and Batman both thought it would be good for me to learn what a team is like. Now I'm here and that's about it."

I blink once, then turn my head halfway to look at her with a raised eyebrow. Wow, she is so much like her legacies. I look back to watch where I am walking and smirk. Well, we all have our secrets here, don't we? "Works for me." At least I know what this relationship is going to be like.

She nods like it was normal and looks about again. "Oh good a pool, I do hope its heated."

"If you want it to be, it is." I point across the hall. "Gymnasium is there, changeable for all sports that need a court."

"Good, keeping in shape is extremely important on my end."

I nod. "There is also a weight room right up here, and exercise room is attached."

She nods again. "The tower has pretty much anything anyone could really want... I might get a bit lazy here."

I laugh. "Well not quite everything. The database and library may be extensive, but they aren't replacements for a class room." I sigh. "Nor is it much like home."

"Classrooms don't hold much for me anymore as I was done with them a bit ago. And to me anything with a high tech computer is just like home." She smirks at herself and then looks over at me. I bet I'm exuding homesickness. "But yes it doesn't replace your family," she amends.

I nod slowly. "Nor friends." Or rather, friend.

I shrug off the feelings. "Med bay is a level down," I point down a set of stairs. "Along with the... training room I guess is the best name for it." She looks down the stairs. "Which reminds me. I scheduled a group session for tomorrow," I inform her.

"What time?"

"1 pm."

"Oh good around the time I normally get up."

Must be a teenager. "Ah ha. So you're what, sixteen?" I ask, adding a year to be polite.

"Yes going on seventeen."

I smile. Of course. "Well let us know when your birthday is, we'll have a party."

She looks slightly taken aback by that. "Uh sure... just as long as no one tries pin the tail on batsy or beat the bat pinata for candy."

I laugh loudly, caught by surprise at the statements and thinking they're Really funny. But I stop myself quickly, turning the laughter into a snicker. "Not a problem," I assure her.

She nods as if she expected the laughter, and smirks a bit. "Thanks."

I finish the tour back at the Kitchen.

"Thank you for the tour. Any idea when the others will be up? Perhaps I can meet them before the training session?"

"I don't know everyone's schedules yet. But once asleep, they are usually out until morning. I'd expect them to be up by 10 though, noon at the latest! Impulse will likely be up hours before that though."

"Okay, thanks again. but I've had a long night already I'm actually going to head to bed early for once I shall see you in the morning then?"

I nod. "Assuming I get to sleep." I shrug.

She gives me a questioning look. "Why, is something bothering you?"

"I dunno. Nah, not really. I just," I wave slightly, "I haven't quite settled in." I miss my own bed. Yes, that's the problem. Oh wow, so glad to have figured that out! Not that it helps me *solve* the problem, heh.

"I see, well I hope everything finds you well tonight."

"Thanks." I smile slightly. "Good night, Batgirl."

"Not a problem, good night Troia."



Here it is. Kyle's room. I knock tentatively, then wait. I can hear a grunt, then "Yeah, I got you now.... Whose your daddy now!" A video game sound effect occurs.

I snicker at the exchange. So he didn't hear my knock because he's playing a game. I knock louder, trying to beat out the sound of the game. The next thing I know the door comes off one of it's hinges.

"Whoa!" Kyle drops his controller. "Okay, when did World War 3 start?"

I pull her hand back quickly, and try to shake off the shock of what I just did. "Oops..." I look from the door to Kyle, feeling a bit helpless. "Sorry... I, uh, don't quite have the hang of that yet." Geez Allie! This is the second time in a week you've under estimated your own strength. You HAVE to be more careful!

Kyle chuckles. He walks over to the tv and turns it off. "Its cool Troia." He becomes a blur and the door is back in place, only a gust of wind indicating to me he had been there. A tool box appears on his bed. Then he's sitting on his bed with a grin on his face. "Now if Only video games could keep up with me."

I sigh with relief. At least this time it was fixable.

"What's up?" he asks me, reminding me of why I'm here.

"Oh, I just wanted," I step inside so the door can close behind me - I'm definitely not ready for everyone around here to know what's going on with me. I'm not even sure I'm ready for Kyle to know, but after my arrival he has to be thinking something's up. I'm still not sure if I'm going to tell him about Donna, but I have to say something - "to thank you for covering for me last week." I quickly add, "when I arrived," in case he doesn't understand what I mean.

Kyle arches an eyebrow. "Cover for you?"

"Yeah." Okay, he still doesn't understand. Some insecurity makes me briefly look over my shoulder at the now closed door, just to make sure no one else will hear. I don't want him getting in trouble either. Then I look back to Kyle. "When I headed off to bed and they said you had done a good job at showing me around. You make a joke about it, instead of saying you hadn't."

"It looked like you were feeling awkward enough as it was. It's no Prob. I just figured you were briefed by one of the Justice League on the layout of the Tower. I Also figured you would tell one of us in due time why you seem so familiar with the place." He grins that grin of his. "Small potatoes."

I try to smile back at him, but it's forced. "Ah. Well, maybe to you, but not to me." I look off, randomly at the tv, and sigh. "I don't know if I Should tell or not. I don't know...," shake my head at nothing in particular, "it's just still confusing, overwhelming even sometimes. I don't really know What to do." Kyle gets a concerned look on his face. "Well if you need to talk to someone I'm here. But Do it when it is right for you. You have friends here. Remember that."

I look back at him. There's that grin again. And instantly I feel better. I regard him for a moment. Does he have some sort of 'make you feel happy' gift? I smile slightly.

"Why is it," I decide to ask, and move to sit down, "that I can't help but feel... jovial, when I'm around you?"

"It has to be that West Charm," he explains, then chuckles.

"Maybe!" I chuckle also. "But I think it's more just you."

Kyle blushes. "Thanks."

I sigh and waves it off. He doesn't understand. Maybe it's just a natural thing. "Anyway." I stand up. "As I said, thanks. I won't keep you from your game any longer." As I look at the video game he had been playing a thought crosses my mind. "Hey, have you talked to Vic to see if maybe he's got a game that can keep up with you?"

Kyle grins. "No I haven't but it might be a good idea." He grins one more time, but this has more of a playful tone to it. Then he changes slightly, shifting to a more mature attitude. "You sure you don't want to talk? Or if you like I have some 2 player games." He smiles.

No, I don't want to get into deep stuff right now. "Oh yeah?" I look sideways at him, almost challenging like, to bring the mood back to playful. "Got Final Fantasy?"

He grins. Oh good. "Which one?" he asks as he points the shelf on the wall. There on the shelf is every Final Fantasy Title going all the way back to the original one for the ancient Nintendo.

"Wow." I'm definitely impressed. I go over and pick out the one I'm most familiar with, which is the second to most recent one. "I might actually have a chance with this one," I say as I turns back to him.

"Go for it." He grins again and hands me a controller.

I takes it and play once solo to remember how everything works. Then I ask Kyle to play with me. He jumps right in and plays with me. It's kindof odd. Anytime I start to stray from having fun he does something to make me laugh. That has to be intentional. I think he's trying to be a good friend.

After an hour and a half or two hours - I can't tell, but it's been a lot longer than I planned and if I don't get going soon I'll be late! - I quit. "That was fun! But, I have to get going. Appointment. Thanks for letting me win occasionally!"

Kyle grins once more. "Any time Troia.... Anytime."

Batman/Dick Grayson




"Would you come to the computer room in 15 minutes?"

"15 minutes?" That's odd. I shrug. "Sure."


Hm, I wonder why fifteen minutes, why didn't he just wait until the right time and ask me to go over then? Curious....

--------Time Lapse--------

Fifteen minutes... precisely! Here's the computer room... but the door is closed. Hmm... curiousier and curiousier.

I knock, the door opens automatically.

I step in. Look around.

Batgirl is sitting off to one side and smiles at me. I give her an inquisitive look as I notice someone else sitting in the room too, on a chair facing away from the door. B looks towards the other chair. I follow B's look as she says, "There's someone you need to meet."

I clasp my hands behind my back. "Okay."

He's wearing a costume which looks odd. Oh wait, that's a hood/mask which has been pulled off and draped around the neck, baring the person's head... which is... you know that uniform looks a lot like B's.... Oh my! Batman! Wait, is this a good visit or a bad visit?

I look back at B quickly, trying to judge what's going on here. B crosses her legs and leans back a bit, watching me. Okay, she's relaxed, things can't be bad.

I straighten myself up proper and turn my attention back to Batman.

"Troia meet Batman... aka Dick Grayson," B introduces us.

"Hello, Troia," he says in that very deep 'Batman'-ish voice, then turns in the chair to face me.

B nods to him and goes silent for a while, watching and studying us.

"Hello..." I reply, trailing off as I tries to decide what is proper to call him at this moment. B gave me his real name, that must have been intentional. And why does that name sound so familiar? Besides the obvious. I take a step towards him and start to offer my hand for a shake. "It's an hon-"

I look at this person I've never met, and suddenly my heart skips a beat as if seeing someone very important to me for the first time after a long absence. It very much surprises me... and... what was I saying? Damn he's cute. And for some reason, I feel like I really miss him.

He stands up and moves to within a few feet of me. "When I heard there was someone new calling themself Troia, I must admit I was quite upset; Donna was very... dear to me."

Okay, this all is starting to fall into place. I purse my lips slightly, unsure of what to say, but I nod my understanding. He's not the first one who's been upset with me for that. And who can blame them?

He pauses for a second. "I've spoken to Cassie, and she vouched for you; and now so has Batgirl," as he talks, his voice changes from 'Batman'-ish, to a strong clear timbre. "I still needed to meet you myself, I hope you can understand." His natural voice.

"Yes," I reply, trying to sound in control but it turns out my voice is weak. Not that I have much hope of succeeding, but I take a deep breath to try and calm my racing heart.

B smiles knowingly, then... I have no idea because I'm not seeing her anymore. Dick is looking deeply and intently into my eyes, there's nothing else right now, and I have no idea how long this is lasting. I don't particularly care at the moment. It's a probing look that has me feeling both school girlishly weak in the knees (a reaction from Donna), and quite nervous (all me) all at once. But it reveals just a little as well.

I take a step back, a last attempt to gain some control over the situation. "I'm sorry..." I start to say. I want to apologize for everything. For his pain. For causing that pain to resurface because of who I am. For not being Donna. For not being as good as she was. For not being in control of all my emotions right now. For thinking I had any right to call myself by that name. For making so many people upset. For...

B raises an eyebrow but stays quiet.

I give a very short nervous chuckle. Erg, I hate it when I do that. "I'm beginning to think I should round up everyone who had any sort of relationship with Troia and get these meetings over with all at once." I glance at B. "Make it easier."

He takes a step back from me. "No, I'm sorry. I realize now that while I thought I was coming here to meet you, I was really coming here to judge you; something I have no right to do." B gives Dick a curious look. "Besides," he says with a smile, "if I haven't totally lost my ability to read people, I'd say you're judging yourself quite enough."

I look back at him. So things are okay between us then? I find I can smile slightly. At least it's genuine this time. I exhale the tension. "Okay, so can we say the whole awkward part is over?"

B gives me a curious look and a blank expression. The girl really needs to either say something, or get out.

"Keep up the good work, all of you," Dick says. He pulls his mask back over his face and turns away from me for the first time. "Batgirl" he says with a nod, in the 'Batman' voice.

Wait, what just happened?

"Batman don't walk away," B says. She look seriously at him.

"You... don't have any questions?" I ask. This isn't at all the reaction I'd expect from... someone in his position.

At that moment, a Vic as a hologram appears in the room between B and I, smiling at the two of us. "Well, that went well," he says.

I can't think of anything to do but blink. I look at Vic with confusion. B glances at him, acknowledging his presence. And suddenly I notice Batman is gone.

"Agh!" I exclaim with annoyance at myself. Vic was a diversion so Dick could slip out! "I SO fell for that."

B's eyes squint angrily. I give Vic a "You scoundrel" look.

Then I sigh and shrug. Nothing we can do. If Batman doesn't want to talk, there's no way we can make him. I look at B. "So...."

She sighs. Undoubtedly she's trying to figure out how in the would Batman did that.

Vic pulls a classic, "Who, me?" look in reaction to our dirty looks to him. I stick my tongue out at him. B gives him a smirk and the evil eye.

"Damn, can't a hologram git any re-spect?!?" he asks, and then with a smile the hologram disappears.

"Ask me again when you actually Help," I retort with a touch of humor.

B shakes her head. "One day you'll tell me how you helped him pull that off, for I'm assuming I wont ever find traces of it, Vic."

"I see nothing, I know nothing..." his voice responses from above.

"Yeah right... anyways... that went ok I guess...," she says, turning to me.

"You think so?"

She shrugs. "For once I'm not positive."

"It seems to me...," I look towards the door, "he's got issues with this."

"Did Troia tell you what she meant to Dick?"

"Oh Holy -" suddenly it hits me again, WHO that was, "- Goddess!" I look to B.


I grab her armto make sure she understands. "That was Batman!"

She smirks and holds back from snickering. "Yes... and?"

"I mean - like Really!! Batman!"

"I know. I hang out with him often."

I throw my hands up. "Ugh, you really know how to deflate a mood."

B giggles at me. I giggle too, I have to admin it is funny. "Sorry, it just hit me, that's all."

She nods. "He wanted to know if it was true, he had to know. Donna was dear to him... they dated once, but I'm sure you felt that from her at least, or I should think you would."

"Wow. Batman. And..., Wow-," I am babbling through my excitement as B talks. I give her a somewhat timid look as I realize more. "I know who he is..." wait, what did she just say? I stop and try to see if I retained what she said to me.

"What's the matter?" she asks.

I frown at the statement I come up with. Did she say Donna's inside of me? No, I must have heard wrong and assumed that 'cause it's the truth. "What did you just say?" I ask to find out.

"Donna was dear to him... they dated once, but I'm sure you felt that from her at least, or I should think you would," she repeats herself nonchalantly.

I scowl. NOT cool.

"I inherited my detective skills from the best, why do you think Dick trusted me?" she asks.

I couldn't care less. I can't believe how mad I am right now! How DARE she! I take a step towards B, but stop myself. It's not her fault she knows. But *I* didn't tell her. So who did?! I start to ask. Or to tell her she'd better keep her mouth shut, but stop. No one told her, of course. And really what am I going to do about this? Hurt her, just because she knows? That's ridiculous. But how in the world can she be so nonchalant about it?! This is my LIFE. This is MY- AGH! My hands ball up in frustration. NO! I need to get out of here. It's not right to take my anger out on her. I turn and walk towards the door.

"Vic lock the door please."

"Vic..." I warn in a very edgy tone.

His hologram reappears. "I won't lock anyone in anywhere, but I do think you two should settle any issues before anyone leaves."

"Troia look at me," B says after a moment.

I stop just before the door, but don't turn. "There's nothing to settle. I can't control her skills. If she figured it out herself, she's as good as I keep telling people. And I can't control her mouth," I say, trying to keep the bitterness from my voice and having no clue if I'm succeeding. "All I can do is trust her."

"Trust is always earned," Vic says to me, and then nods back toward B, and with that he disappears once more.

True, but... "If she breaks that trust, then we will have something to settle," I warn and start to walk out again. This is just too much....

"Troia, if he trusted me to come here and do this he obviously trusts you, so therefore I trust you even more than I did before. That's why I'm letting you know what I know."

Me? Yeah, right. I can feel tears coming. I put a hand up against the wall next to the door, somewhat to stop myself, and somewhat to lean on. How can I know anyone trusts me when I don't even know who I am? No, it took a while, but I do know who I am. I'm the next of the line. And yet, that still make me... well, not her, but.... My head drops. "He trusts me? How can I assume that? How can you? No, not me... her."

"Troia would never choose a dishonest or unclean host, I'm positive of this."


She sighs. "No not host, I mean companion to guide and help."

I nod. "Except..." I look slightly in B's direction, "there is no her, anymore. And there is no me. Just us." She can probably see I'm crying. "It's just so..." so..., something, I can't find the right word.

She has something in her hands, and looks at me full on. "Hard?" she finishes for me.

I suppose that works as well as any other word. "Yeah."

"I think I above all knows what that means.... Take what I have in my hands for instance."

Well that's pretty egotistical of her. I look anyways. It's a mask. Mask? Her mask? I look at B's face as I retort, trying to make her understand my position, "Ever had to live up to your own legacy?"

Her face looks very familiar to me.

"In more than one way...," she replies.

Yes, I know who she is. That ditzy society girl Helena Wayne, the irresponsible flighty daughter of Billionaire playboy Bruce Wayne. Well talk about a good cover identity.

Maybe..., maybe she does understand. *Maybe*.

I walk over, slowly take the mask from her. "Has anyone ever told you how pretty you are?" I ask as I lift the mask to her face and put it back on her. Can't deny that, she really is. It's almost a shame she has to cover herself up. You know, I never thought about that. She has to hide, constantly, even from us, her teammates. At least I get to be myself. Whomever that is.

"Many, far too many times..., but never from friends or one I'd like to be...," she replies to my complement, her voice trailing off.

I cut the thought off. "You didn't have to do that," I tell her.

"I know," she replies. "But I wanted you to know I'm here for you on more than one level, not just the little investigator my uncle and others trained me to be."

My eyes still have tears in them, but I'm not crying anymore. "I, um, I wasn't really mad at you," I confess. "I just, I'm not ready, yet."

"Not ready for what?"

"For people to know."

"I think I understand that one too," she smirks a bit.

"I only got my life settled a few months ago," I explain. "Here, with you all." I smile a small smile at my next thought. "And it's great to have friends again. But I'm still learning who I am now, or more like who I'm going to be, now that I'm meant to be something. I need time still."

"You always were meant to be someone. If you really aren't ready for people to know let me help you hide. I can erase traces of things that would lead to those conclusions," B offers.

My eyebrows go up in curiosity. "Oh?" She nods. I regard her for a moment. Do I really think she can help? Do I want her to? Then I smile. She's trying to reach out to me. Our relationship is moving from professional to personal. That's good! "I'd appreciate that."

"Then lets get started tomorrow. After, of course, I show you where I normally sleep. You won't be able to see everything just yet, but it will help us tomorrow. You could even sleep there tonight if you want."

I give her a "I'm not so sure about that" look.

"If it bothers you we don't have to do it that way, whatever will make you feel better. I'm used to it."

"Well, I would like to know where you sleep normally, in case it ever becomes necessary someone here knows. But, ah, if you sleep in a cave like the rumor goes..." I smirk at the jab, "No thanks!"

She smirks. Does that mean the rumor is true? Ooo... that could be cool. Not to sleep in so much, but it's probably a great place for having fun!

"It's not all a cave, but sooner or later he'll have to know you know about me."

"I bet that'd be a great place for Truth or Dare," I start to say. "...He?"

She gets a pondering look on her face. "Let's just say Dick hasn't always been the "Batman"."

I cock head, absorbing the information. "Ooookay." I shrug, then smile. Always good to nod and smile when you're not sure what's going on.

Helena smiles and nods too, as if she's about to let out another secret. "Troia its not because of me that the Batcave is right below Wayne mansion...."

"Aaaahhhh." Now I get it. Bruce Wayne was the original Batman! B smiles and winks at me. So, Mr. Wayne was the first... and with all the money from his civilian id he's able to fund anything he wanted as Batman, as well as being able to cover his own escapades. And Dick Greyson, who knew Bruce Wayne. And Helena Wayne... and I totally get it all now. The whole Bat-heritage is intertwined the same way in real life! "You know, that explains alot. Not that it seemed things needed explaining before." Wow that's confusing. All their civilian lives have SO much normal explanations, and SO much going on around them you'd never think to think they had hidden identities too! I give B a sly look. "Y'all are good."

"So if youd like a grand tour let me know." She grins. "I was taught by the best of them as I said."

I smile and nod, with understanding this time. "Well, I think two-" 1) Dick Grayson and Troia. 2) B is Helena Wayne. 3) Bat-heritages "- three shocks is about all I can handle in one half hour. I'll take a rain check on the tour." She nods. "Oh, but there is something you're going to have to get used to now," I inform her.


I give B a hug. Not too long, but defiantly firm. She looks confused

"What am i supposed to get used to?"

I smile broadly. "I hug my friends alot. And in the past you've seemed uncomfortable with that. But you started this, we're good friends now, so you're stuck with me and all my habits," I explain.

"I only seemed uncomfortable with it because I really couldn't be friends without everyone knowing me who I am truly. I'm used to hugs from most of the family."

I just look at her as I process the statement. Then I nod. "I like hugs," she states, and with that she gives me a big one. I can't help but giggle as I return it.

"Okay, so girly movie then 20 questions can commence or other things." She grins and winks

"Bah! Girly movies are for girls," I assert. She laughs. I grin and suggest, "How about a good action flick, or comedy? Then 20 questions, etc."

"Sounds good, anything you have in preference?"

"Nope." I can't think of a single suggestion.

She turns to the monitor. "Vic got anything in mind?"

"Thelma and Louise?" he grins on the screen, and then all monitors go black.

"Dick forgot to warn me of your sense of humor," B replies. "I'll have to let him know how I feel about that later."

"Ak, oh! Talk about a chick flick!" I cringe at the movie suggestion. "No no no, if you want a classic story of friendship, we should watch Lord of the Rings."

"Actually that sounds like a good idea," B says.

I nod knowingly. That's why I suggested it. It's the best movie about friendships and what they mean that I can think of.

"Got it, hogging the tv for 3-4 hours. Let's see how long it takes the guys to complain."

I laugh. "Let them try."

She nods knowingly and smiles. "Shall we?"

"But of course!"

She gets up, fixing her mask completely in place, and puts on the security measures just like normal. I wait while she gets herself set. Then she heads out the door and proceeds down to the lounge prepared to take over the tv. I follow.

"Popcorn, chocolate, and... orange soda are on the menu," I state.

"All good with me."

"Great. I'll be right back." I go to the kitchen to get said items. B continues to the lounge and waits there for me.