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Xavier's Academy

Angel Marie Christan

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Introduction of the Character

Xavier's X-Men file (public)

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Angel's Diary
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Class Schedule

  Angel tells Diedre about Movie Incident
- IM with Erica/Diedre

IG - IM with Diedre

Bart Wakes - IM with Todd/Chris

Yuki's Problem - IM with Russ/Yuki

"Studying" - IM with Jim/Bart

Initial Introduction on yahoo group

Letter to the Editor - "Daddy, I'm Scared"

Introduction of the Character
Name:Angel Marie Christan
Born:April 14, 1987
& Raised:Brooklin, NY, USA
Height:5' 6"
Weight:143 lbs
Hair:Red red hair that goes a couple inches past her shoulders and is kindof wavy
Eyes:Bright Green
*clearly* Irish heritage
For those who seem to care: Comeliness 22
Arrived:September 11, 2003
Roommate:Yuki Mitzuhara, arrived the same day
Dating:Bart Allen

Xavier's X-Men file

Codename: Ballista (though it hasn't been chosen yet IG)
Name: Angel Marie Christan
Legal Status: US Citizen, Minor, Alive
Current Residence: Xavier's Academy for Gifted Youngsters, rooming with Yuki Mitzuhara
        Legal residence is in Brooklin, NY
Age: 16
Marital status: Single
        Father: Lance Christan, NYC Beat Cop, built like a block
        Brother: Shawn Christan, NY State Trooper
        Brother: Patrick Christan, in Medical School
        Brother: David Christan, NYC Cop, Investigator in training
        Brother: Lance Christan Jr., Senior in High School
        Mother: (Presumed) Deceased

Known Powers:
        Flight - surrounded by a blue-ish glow and leaves a short energy trail while flying, "blast" sound on take off, low thruming sound while flying
        Force Field - blue and obvious, makes a loud rumbling sound like a jet engine
        Absorption of (some) Physical Damage - sometimes accompanied by a blue flash and a clap sound
        Hits really hard
        Tough skin, doesn't bruise or cut easily
        Some sort of energy blast type thing she doesn't yet have control over

Angel's Class Schedule

First period starts at 8am. Languages are held 1st period. Lunch period occurs between 3rd and 4th period. Elective classes are held 4th period. All students take Physical Education 6th period, no grade.

Period  Class  Teacher  Semester Grade  Final Grade
1  Spanish  Prof. Cassidy  F------  --
2  Social Science  Prof. Munroe  C-------  --
3  Math  Prof. Rogue  C-------  --
4  Programming  Prof. Xavier  B+------  --
5  English  Dr. McCoy  C-------  --