Jadzia Here is a picture of my Wildlands alter ego, Jadzia. She's the elven storm archer (the storm archer part means she can shoot lightning, cool huh?).

Eventhough the little pumpkin she's holding (I mean I'm holding) is not a member of Wildlands, she's the cutest little girl, I mean pumpkin, you've ever seen!

Jadzia's Story

Until I was six years old I lived with my older sister, two older brothers and parents in the southern forests of the empire. Two days after the fifth moon of my six year, my town was invaded, along with dozens of others, by the hirelings of one of the richest men in the empire, a Master Lynch. They were sent to seek out those who were secretly using magic, kill them and their families, and bring the rest of the elven townspeople back to the empire to be sold as slaves. My mother was discovered to be a healer and therefore she, my father, my aunt and my eldest brother were sentenced to death. Since my sister, who is eleven years older than me, my other brother, who is ten years older than me, and I were visiting together with family friends, my sister was able to claim that I was her and my brother's daughter, and my "parents" parents were all dead. No one in the town wished to have us die with our parents, so they all supported the story and the three of us were saved from death.

After Master Lynch arrived and approved the capture of our town, he took me and my "mother" back to his estate with him and had everyone else sold on the slave market. My purpose in Master Lynch's household was to be the whipping girl for his six-year-old daughter, since she was now responsible for her actions and someone had to receive the punishments when she did something wrong. My sister's primary purpose was to take care of me, but in order to earn her upkeep, she also had to do odd jobs around the house. For the next six years I followed my sister around and learned how to sew, cook and clean. And I was punished every time young Miss Lynch did something wrong, which she took great pleasure in having happen.

On my twelfth birthday all the slaves gathered just before we went to bed to give me my present. The four people who knew what it was told us that my gift was a plan to free all of Master Lynch's slaves. They then gave everyone a flask filled with poison made from plants in the nearby forest to be put in the well from which the water for the household was taken. The next morning more than two days worth of water was drawn from the well and stored in barrels in the slaves' quarters to be used for both the household and slaves. Over the course of that day and the next every slave made sure they got to the well at some point to pour their poison in. The revolt was to be held the night of the third day after my birthday, because Master Lynch was throwing a birthday party for his daughter that day and had invited many people.

Once the stored water ran out after lunch, the poisoned water drawn from the well in the morning was brought in and used in the drinks for the party. All the slaves knew not to drink anything or else they would become deathly ill in hours with the others. More people showed up than expected and in the afternoon the water supply ran out again. I was sent to fetch more. On my way back to the house I heard someone calling out from the forest. When I investigated I found a man lying on the ground with some items scattered around him, including a cup. I asked him if he had drunk from the well and he said he had taken some water in the morning to have with his breakfast. I took the water to the house and then snuck away back to the forest and helped the man over to the slaves' quarters. I then found the one who had created the poison and told her what happened. She had made a remedy for the poison in case a slave accidentally drank it and so I took some to the man. By the time night came the man was feeling better and the entire household, except for the slaves, was so sick from the poison that there was no resistance when we were to revolt, so all the slaves simply left.

It turned out that the man I helped was an archer who had lost his party when the empire had come for their casters and then he had gotten lost in the forests. In return for helping him he offered to take me with him and teach me archery. My sister had fallen in love with another slave and they wanted to get married before looking for my brother who had been sold six years earlier. So I agreed and became Curzon's apprentice. For five years we traveled together and I became an archer. During that time he told me stories he had heard of archers who could shoot lightning, defend themselves with their bows and even kill with a single shot. When I turned seventeen, Curzon decided he wanted to settle down. So we agreed to meet once a year at the town where my brother had been found free, and where he, my sister and her husband live. Curzon married and I went out on my own to try and find the archers he had told me so much about, so I could learn their ways and become one of them.