She was just your typical kid, with a typical life, in the typical city of Boston.  Her parents met, fell in love, had two children, never married, and split up before she was three.  Her father would have sent child support, but he had no money and no job.  Her mother did her best to keep the family off the streets, but with a three year old and an infant she couldn't hold steady hours at her job.  Once she was fired there seemed to be no hope.  Except for one thing, she wasn=t that typical a kid.

Her mother was Garou, of the tribe Children of Gaia to be precise.  So once she lost her job, and with it her home, and was forced to the streets with her two daughters, she decided it was time to do as her ex had done and return home.  Her home was the Boston Caren.  True, it was small, but it was also family, and a place to live and raise her children safely.

The children loved their new home.  There were wolves to pet, and better yet wolf cubs to play with.  At night the fire was warm, and during the day they could run around wherever and as much as they wanted, as long as they didn=t wander too far.  Both girls were born under the new Moon, Ragabash, and they were perfect examples of their Ausipce.

Growing up in this environment meant that the girls knew about Garou from an early age.  They were taught to understand that Garou, and maybe even themselves, were different from humans, special, and that it was a big secret that humans couldn=t know about.  Growing up in the Caren also meant they didn=t get the usual homid education.  However, their mother decided that should be rectified, and eventually sent them to public school.

At first the girls didn=t like school.  The rooms were too small, and there were too many rules.  But worst of all, the girls were not allowed to be together!  Two and a half years apart in age, the oldest was six and put into first grade, the youngest four and put into her first of two years of kindergarten.  Somehow the two managed the survive being apart for six hours a day. 

Until a year later.  The older girl went outside one day after school to meet her sibling on the playground as usual.  What she found was her little sister being picked on and ridiculed by older children for her old dirty clothing and wild look, which came from living with and sometimes like wolves.  The older girl wasted no time, she marched herself right up to the children and came to her sister=s defense with words and fists.  Later her mother explained to a bruised and bloody, but proud second grader for having taken on older children and won, why her actions were wrong.

Life went along well enough for the family.  Over the years the older sister learned to fight reasonably well in defense over her little sister and herself.  Both continued with their tricks and games, even at school.  But only the younger sister did well academically in school, the older one just didn=t seem to have the knack.  She=d do well enough to pass, and move up through the grades, but after a while she just stopped caring to try.  She was too busy enjoying life and friends and merrymaking to bother with class and homework she barely understood.

Then the family=s world was ripped apart.  The younger sister died. 

It happened somewhat suddenly.  There was an attack on the Sept.  The girls were in the bawn with a group of others when everything started.  The two didn=t know what was going on, or who was attacking, but they weren=t old enough to help.  During the fight the two were separated.  Once the attackers were driven away, the older girl, who had been searching frantically, found her younger sister.  She had been trampled, and died almost immediately, before any healing could be found for her.

The older girl was ten, and from that day on she didn't seem to have as much joy.  She continued with her easy-going, worry-free, care-free lifestyle, but there was always an undertone of loss.  She started skipping classes.  Why did she need to be at school when there was nothing there for her anymore?  She started spending time away from the Caren and Bawn.  There was too much reminders there for her.

Eventually the girl made friends, as she always did wherever she went, with the peoples of the streets of Boston.  Punks, street musicians, small shops owners, panhandlers, she got along with all of them and they all enjoyed her, as long as they weren=t her target of jokes, pranks, or physical attacks.  She was fun loving, and merciful when she felt things were being taken too far.  Unless she was provoked, and then no one could help the poor fool.  She was tough and ferocious, even brutal, when fighting.  She could talk most anyone into or out of anything as well.   When she was provoked, the girl was relentless in achieving her goal, whatever it may be.  ALord help him!@  People would say when circumstances like those arose, A >cause there ain=t no one else who can!@  From comments like these came a phrase the girl was given as her street name.  She had been given a few, which had all failed due to her dislike of them.  But eventually this one stuck, and she came to be known as the Angel of Death.

For short, people called her Angel.  By fourteen Angel had unofficially dropped out of school.  She spent most of her time on the streets of Boston and Cambridge, occasionally returning to the Caren to sleep.  She learned to shoplift somewhat effectively, and when she wasn=t effective she talked her way out of trouble.  Her fighting skills had earned her enough respect to keep her from having to fight for anything less than serious reasons.

Even after her first shift, at twelve, Angel didn=t spend any more time at the Caren.  She had a similar attitude about learning Garou abilities as she had about homid schooling.  She already knew about being Garou, as she had been raised listening to the tales and attending Moots.

One day Angel was hanging out at the pit in Harvard Square with a group of pit punks when she saw something interesting across the way.  A young teenager was selling cliff notes to whomever would buy them, and a group of high school guys decided to practice their pick up lines on her.  Angel was amused by how the girl awkwardly managed to handle the boys= advances and sell each one of them a book.  Once the boys left, Angel wandered over to the new girl in the area and introduced herself.  Angel asked the girl about herself and what she was up to, but only got head nods or shakes in return.  Angel soon put her head to use and asked the girl if she could speak.  The girl shook her head.  So the two started from there, trying to find ways to communicate, as neither of them could write or read effectively either.  Angel liked the girl, she saw a mischievous equal, if not exceeding, her own in the girl.  They agreed to meet the next day, and tried again to find ways of communicating.  This continued for quite a number of days while the two girls began to grow close.  And they started to create their own means of communicating.  Angel soon found the girl=s name was Harley.

After about a month, the two became business partners.  Harley would steal the goods and Angel would sell what she stole.  It made life much easier on the both of them, and they split the profits evenly.  Harley even agreed to share her pickpocketing profits.  They both had a lot to gain and got very close.  Angel became very protective of Harley after a while.  It was much like having a little sister again.  Harley was two years younger than Angel, she wasn't that much of a fighter, and she had a knack for getting herself into trouble.  Plus, both of them loved tricks and games.  In a accidental slip up during a conversation on Angel=s part that most homids shouldn=t have caught, Angel discovered that she believed Harley was kinfolk.  After that Angel viewed Harley as the sister she had lost.

Then Harley was gone.  Just like that.  Her grandfather had died and her mother took the family to Washington state.  Angel didn=t know what to do.  It was almost like losing her sister all over again.  Angel decided that she wouldn=t let that happen again.  At sixteen, for the first time, she got herself a job.  She worked hard, for almost a year, and saved every penny she earned.  Eventually she even started returning to the Caren regularly and paying attention to the lessons they offered her there.  When she reached rank one she decided it had been long enough.  She packed up herself as light as possible and took to the roads.  She was determined to find Harley.

It took awhile, but Angel didn=t fail.  One day she knocked on the door of Harley=s house.  Harley seemed as happy as Angel was to see her.  They spent some time catching up and such.  Harley "spoke" about the general happenings in her life, and Angel, who had already known Harley was at least kinfolk, had mentioned a few things that happened in the septs she had visited on her journey.  When Harley's rank was brought up, it seemed the two had more in common than they thought.  Now Harley mentioned her father, for the first time Angel could remember, and Harley seemed pleased that she finally had someone who understood her.

About a month and a half later, Angel was poking around killing time until Harley came home form school when Harley and her father came home in the middle of the day.  He was packing Harley up on her motorcycle and talking some gibberish about a new Caren or dragon=s nest or something needing ambassadors and that Harley was supposed to go.  Well, Angel wasn=t about to loose Harley again.  And it sounded way too dangerous for Harley to go alone, she would definitely need Angel=s protection. 

Once things were all ready, Angel also having packed for the trip, she and Harley sat themselves on Harley=s motorcycle.  Phantom, Harley=s pet ferret, was kept in hiding in a bag on Angel's back, with all the food and the various other things they may need for the trip.  Of course Harley packed a harness for him so he wouldn't have to spend the entire time in a bag.  Harley's dad made sure they had a map, and he gave the two a set of directions just in case.  If he had have given them more details as well, Angel may not have allowed them to actually have gone.  But curiosity got the better of her, and Harley seemed excited, so off they went.