Finally finished with everything I origonally wanted on this site!

Of course, I've come up with other things I want to add now too. So look for new stuff in the coming days. And until then, enjoy all that's already here! (Oh, just a note, the Starships classification page isn't working yet. I'm not sure what to do about it...)

Picture links all set!

As you must have noticed, there's also a new offical like welcome page.

Next up, finishing the missing info...

Gosh, Darnit, Friggin Internet Explorer!

I fixed the bottom picture and frames to show up correctly in Internet Explorer.

A friend pointed out that the links in all the menus are not lined up properly with the background picture when you view this page with Internet Explorer (I knew I never liked that program, here's just another reason to add to the list :p). So instead of adding more info, as promised yesturday, I'm making up actual picture buttons for EVERYTHING... sigh.

Hey, at least things look better this new way!

Almost there!

All the links for the initial status of this site should now be up.

I'll fill in the rest of the info after spending some needed quality time with friends...

Hi there!

After six hours I'm still constructing this page, it's kinda close to initally being done. Maybe...

Oh, to get to the information in here, click on the words to the left.

And if you want any of the pictures on this site, e-mail me and say the magic word (either one - bonus points for both!) and I might send it to you. No promises.

Oops, almost forgot. To get back to my universe click here.