The Pecan House

...of Lake Dubonnet

(A Higher Class of Nut)

Founded 1997

*Spoken in a very snooty voice*
The Pecan House... A Higher Class of Nut. (You may take that however you wish it to mean)

Head Nut: John William German
Mistress of the Nuts: Freda Mae German

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A Brief History
Now here's a prime example of how strange my family and I are. Or maybe just an example ofhow much fun we have together! When we "founded" the Pecan House, those of us involved were laughing SO MUCH, some of us were literally on the floor, some of us couldn't breathe, and most all of us had tears in or eyes! There's just no way I can explain how funny this was. And everytime one of the kids (of any age, mind you we have a couple of thirty and fourty year old kids in the family!) came in, and we told them what we had just then thought up, and they gave us the "you are so strange" or the "you are out of your mind" look we only laughed harder! We went on for a good two hours like that. I mean once you have a name like that, you just can't stop there. Of course we had to go on and take it all as far as possible by naming everyone in the family... uh, the Clan too!

The reason this whole event came about is because my grandparents owned three lots ofproperty in the upper part of the glove of Michigan, and my Aunt own another lot next to those. My family has been camping up there since long before I was born. It's so beautiful, and somuch fun! We've alwasys called the place "the lot." In 1996 my father and two of his sisters bought the lot from their parents. They then decided to put up a permanent structure on the lot (we always tented it up there). So once the little house/cottage/whatever you want to call it was built we all decided the whole shabang needed a real name, not just "the lot" because we now had a building up there. For months nothing was decided. A couple of the suggestions included "Chateau Doitch" (so I can't spell in German, someone please correct me!). And then that fateful night occured in my grandmother's living room when the whole family was finally together. Someone suggested "the Nut House" because my family can be very strange at times. And one thing quickly lead to another, as they always do. Suddenly "The Pecan House, a Higher Class of Nut" was born! We're still not sure if the higher class of nut part refers to pecans being classier than most other nuts, or to us being stranger than most other people. What do you think?

The Pecan Clan

Pecan {insert name here} - adults and all members of the clan over age 18 (for example, I am Pecan Jennifer)
Acorn - Sherrone
Coconut - Michael
Almond - Moneca
Walnut - Jay
Pinenut - Nathen
Little Nut - Aleese
Peanut - Jessica
Shells - The Warrens
Shell {insert name} - adults and all members of the Warren family over age 18 (for example, my Aunt is Shell Cindy)
Half-shell - Derek
The Pecan Cousin - Rich
Pecan-in-Waiting - Boy/Girl friend of a Pecan
Pecan Wannabe - Friends of a Pecan
Pecan Not-Gonna-Happen - Everyone else
Nut of the Century - Lanta
Theme song - "Sometimes you feel like a nut,
Sometimes you don't"

Pictures of The Pecan House
Will put up as soon as I get some, sorry!

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