What happened?

Yes, it is horrible... Columbia, February 1st 2003. STS 107, reason for loss currently unknown.
It is so tragically similiar... Challenger, January 28th 1986. STS 51-L, lost to a broken O-ring.
And unfortunately there was a first... Apollo 1, January 27th 1967. AS-204, lost to fire.

But between and before the three tragedies, there were so many successes. We must remember the successes too...

Quick statistics

Nasa has flown 113 manned flights.
2 manned flights have resulted in the deaths of the crew.
There have been at least 39 seperate people in space via NASA. (I'm still counting.)
Nasa has never lost a person in space.
Columbia is the first (and hopefully only) loss of people on a landing.
Apollo 1 is the only loss of people during testing.
Challenger is the only loss of people on a takeoff.
There is always about a two minute contact black out between a shuttle and ground control during re-entry.


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