Tip DashThis is where we keep pictures. Aren't they pretty? Oh, look! There's Ani! She takes care of the pictures, makes sure they stay looking nice and all.

Hi Dash and Tip. Who's this with you, a new visitor?

Oh yes, yes! Our new friend! We're giving a tour!

Well then, this is our gallery. Here we keep pictures of our friends and relatives whom we can't be with. There is a painting of a wedding many here could not attend, but wanted to. The same of a festival for our children. They show us what happened in our absence. This is one way weare able to keep in touch with our kin. Please look around, but do not touch unless you ask first. Some of these are very old and fragile.

Resting Under a Tree

Child Fairy Playing

In a Boat, Blue Mountain and Butterfies

The Festival of the Faeries

Fae Wedding

Let's get going, there's more we have to show you!