Look out Tip!


Oops! Hi Dylan! Didn't see you there!

Hi Tip. Don't worry about it. What'cha up to? And who's this with you?

Oh! That's our new friend. We're going to see the Guardians together, is that ok? Can we please show off the Guardians? They're fun to watch!

Hey, not a problem with me. Welcome, friend. This is the part of the circle where the Guardians of our Faerie Ring work. Our magick is most powerful in this area, for right near here is where the Faerie who first made the Ring set roots for us. Since then the circle has grown. We spend our time here working with the magicks to keep the ring healthy and powerful. The wands you'll see most of us carrying make it easier to redirect the magicks to the rest of the circle to expand it or fix anything inside.

Go ahead and take a closer look. Tip can point out who's who. Just don't get too close, the Guardian's don't like to be disturbed while working.

Dylan's right, they get really mad when inturrupted. That's why he's over here, to keep that from happening! So let's go see them already!

Over there is Fyrelight, she keeps things bright.

Cicely there makes sure there's fun stuff for us all to do! Cicely

Heather's special, she's the one who keeps happiness shineing on us all.

Orion there keeps the magicks and stuff moving smoothly. Orion

That's Desta. She keeps the magicks and roots strong.

Shade makes sure everything's pretty. Shayde

Over there is Jordan. He checks to see that everything is working right.

Michelle and Zack have a very important job. They make sure the Ring is the right size, hasenough magick, and is healthy! Cause when the Ring is healthy, we are too.

And there's Lorian, she helps the plants and everything grow in the circle! Lorian

That's everyone who is here. Tip

Let's go find Dash, and she and I can show you somewhere else, k? Great!

Oh? What's that? You want to know where the Guardians came from? Well see that tree overthere? Yeah, that one, with the writing on it! That's a transport tree. If you touch the writing it'll take you to where they came from before coming to live here!

Guardians From