I Believe Flower Fairy

Do you believe?
After all Tip and Dash tell me you have seen, I imagine you must. I am the spirit of this Faerie Ring. I take care of the special things here, the children, the magick, even the globes below. Everything special. But most importantly, I look out for those who truely believe in us Fae, and I look after them. If you believe, won't you let others know? Help them to believe as well? You can do so in so many ways. Simiply tell a story. Or visit places we live, either in the world or here in cyberspace. Or, if you have your own little world, why not adopt a Faerie. Giving one a home is a wonderful way of showing you truely believe!

I Believe Cloud Fairy with Butterfly

Here are a couple snow globes of Faries, just a couple of the special things I keep.

Fairy in Globe       Fairy in Globe Certificate            Holiday Dance Fairies in Globe       Holiday Dance Globe Certificate

If you wish to join the Save The Faerie's Campaign, simply take this Faerie to a new home:
I Believe Green Fairy

Dash and Tip are waiting for you. They have a few more places they wish to show you. Why don't you return to them. I will always be here, all of us will, as long as you believe!