Dash Here we are! This is where the faeries new to are ring gather to learnabout their new home! At least, these are the ones curious enough about visitors like you toventure out of the ring. This is also where some learn about their jobs within the ring, and theypractice here. But they are still shy. Oh yes they are! So don't scare them, ok? Ok!

AugustJanuary There's August andJanuary. They are in charge of keeping the ring just right during Summer and Winter. We don'thave to worry much about Spring and Fall cause those seasons are mild enough. So Januarythere takes care of Summer, and August, she takes care of Winter. Obviously!

And there's Jackson, Jennifer, Jordan, they're the J Crew! *giggle* Sorry, bad joke! But funny,right? *smile*

Who else... Oh, there's Samantha! She's working on a new part to the ring. I don't know whatit is yet, no one does. She's secretive like that. Makes her seem just the littlest bit creepy. Butshe does it so well, and that's why we like her so!

LilyCan't forget Lily! She's too pretty. Rumor has it she may be getting married. Wouldn't that be great!? I've never been to a wedding before.

One more, one more! Always one more! Autumn That's Autumn. She helpswho ever needs help at the time. That's how she's learning to do anything and everything! Orso she says! She can't seem to make up her mind about what she wants to do. Oh well, neithercan I, I just like having fun!

Hey! Where did Tip get to? He's supposed to be helping me and you! Let's go find him.

What's that? You want to know where these faeries lived before coming here? Well, I supposeI could tell ya that. See those tree over there? They are transport trees! Yes! If you touch thewriting on one of them it will take you to where the faeries came from before here. Be careful!

Jan and Aug Adopted From

Jackson, Jennifer, Jordan
J Crew, Samantha and Lily Adopted From
Samantha, Lily

Autumn Adopted From