Hello and welcome to the Faerie Ring


I am the protector of this Faerie Circle. You are welcome to look around from a distance and meet the other faeries here, but we are very protective of our ring so please do not step within it! It will not be a pleasant experience for you! The magic contained in the ring is Fae magic, if you are not properly protected you could be more than a little hurt.

That being said, let me show you around. There are plenty of us to meet, and places to visit...

Tip DashOh! Oh! Can we show you around? Oh please?! I'll be so much fun! Yes it will! Please, Protector? Please can we show thie visitor around?

I suppose so. But you have to stay with this person. Don't disappear or let the visitor out of your sight. And behave!

Oh, we will! We'll be good!

Hi there! I'm Tip! Tip

And I'm dash! Dash

What's your name? Oh really? That's a strange name, you MUST be human! Hehehe!

Hey! Do you want to meet the Guardians of our circle? Of course you do! Let's go!

Come on! Come this way. We'll introduce you to our newest members!

Look! Look! Our fae kin are starting to visit us! We're so excited! That means our ring is growing big and well!

Look over here! There are a lot of nice pictures here next to the circle!

OOO! OOO! We've got something NEW to show you! It's a poem describing one of our Forts. See that Fort? No, THAT one. It's right there!

Wanna know where else you can find Faeries? Besides here at our circle? Of course you do! Well, Tinkerbell over there knows the best places. Oh yes she does! Go talk to her. You'll see!

Hey! Hey! Guess What! Nope, WRONG! *laugh* Don't want to guess? Ok, we'll just tell you then... there's ANOTHER NEW thing in the ring... it's guest scrolls! Yes they are! Go sign them! Go sign them! Yea!

View Guest Scrolls
Sign Guest Scrolls

*giggle*   We have something special to show you! Now that you... well, you'll see! Actually, there are a couple somthings! Come on, come on! They're great, you'll love them! hehe!

Oh... look! It's Faerie Godmother Fiona! She's wonderful and really nice and always has fun things to do and look at! Isn't she so pretty too?
Faerie Godmother Fiona


If people show more interest in us, we may decide to let you view more information about us, and maybe some others will show themselves (the males are very shy right now). We shall need a fair amount of time to decide what to show you, so please be patient.

Animated Fairy with Wand Green Fairy Until then, why don't you let Tinkerbell direct you to some other places where faeries live?

Tink's LinksTinkerbell

Sifra: home of the fae. You'll like it here, trust us! And you'll even see some of our sisters there...

Faerie Godmother Fiona's Cottage: A beautiful place full of wonderful things! Also home to the Save the Faerie Campaign.

Realm of the Fairies: Visit the Faeries that support The Site Fights, and their adoption center.

AngelFae's Chimera Dreams: You can visit a whole lot of Faeries here, as well as many other fantastic creatures. Go take a look!