Regulation Characters
1-A No character name can already be in use in the world of fiction -- be it literary, film, or television. For example, there is already a "Harry Potter" from the popular juvenile literautre; an "Indiana Jones" from the "Indiana Jones" movies; and a "Notch Johnson" from the "Son of the Beach" television program. Therefore, there can be no Harry Potter, Indiana Jones, or Notch Johnson in the fleet. However, you could have an Indiana Potter or Notch Jones if you wanted.
1-B A character can be from any intelligent species in Star Trek. However, there can be no assimilated Borg or characters from the Q continuum. Players can, and are encouraged to, create new races. Keep characters believable -- no God-like powers.
1-C No player can have more than one character on a ship. Players are permitted to have multiple characters in the fleet, but they must be on different ships. Multiple characters must have different names and their ranks will not correspond.

Regulation Posting
2-A All ID Fleet sims are rated between PG-13 and R. Do not use extensive violence, profanity, or sexual content in posts. Be mindful of our content rating.
2-B Players cannot destroy the ship or kill off another player's character without the CO's permission. Players are permitted to kill non-player characters and to destroy other ships.
2-C Players are not to start or end a mission for their ship without the CO's permission.
2-D Players must use the posting format endorsed by their ship (be it Script or Novel style). Some ships use both formats -- the correct format should be used at the correct time as outlined by the ship's CO.
2-E All characters must post at least once every two weeks.
2-F A character cannot post twice in a row in less than 24 hours.

Regulation Miscellaneous
3-A All players must respect the chain of command and follow the orders of their CO and XO.
3-B Have fun! Star Trek is about discovering new things and going to the edge of our imaginations. Don't get bogged down with technicalities, be creative and have fun!