Special Operations  

A Division within Independence Fleet

Division Director: Rear Admiral Marisana T'Lin Darwin
Division Deputy Director:   None

Description of the S.O.D.

A word from the Division Director

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Starbase 10
Captain Nara Treniek

USS Liberty NCC-91101-A
Captain Joseph Carroll

USS Goliad NCC-18907-B
Captain Larakizhaan sh'Harena


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Description of the S.O.D.

Special Operations (SO) is one of the three main divisions of Independence Fleet. It's mission is to complete specific and specialized assignments, for both exploration and defense.


A word from the Division Director

Greetings and welcome to the Special Operations Division. I am the Division Director (DD) for the Special Ops Division, so it is my duty to tell you a little about the Division and the ships currently serving within it.

The S.O.D. covers exploration and defence but she also gets all the really hard assignments which may require stealth or the specialities of every man and woman currently serving aboard one of her ships.

Starbase 10 is situated on the edge of the Romulan Star Empire.
The USS Liberty, is a state-of-the-art Covert Ops Cruiser, a test-bed for experimental new technologies.
The USS Goliad leads Starfleet operations within the Gamma Quadrant.

If you have any questions about the S.O.D., her ships or wish to join, then please Contact me and I will endeavour to give you a prompt response.

Thank you.

Rear Admiral Marisana T'Lin Darwin
Division Director
Special Operations Division
Independence Fleet