Defense Response Force  

A Division within Independence Fleet

Division Director: Rear-Admiral James Britanicus
Division Deputy Director:   None

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USS Washington NCC-11988
Captain Nniol N'Var

USS Patriot NCC-26782
Captain Henry "Hank" Logan

USS Horatio Nelson NCC-19958
Captain J'Dem

USS Dragon
Captain Ryan Dragomire


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Description of the DRF

The Defense Response Force (DRF) is one of the three main divisions of Independence Fleet. The DRF serves as the Federationís main line of defense against military threats. The force operates seven squadrons of starships along with many starbases and supply depots, most of which are located along or near the Federationís borders or close to the nationís population centers and other strategic targets.

The mission of the DRF is one of defense and development. Besides being ready to repel foreign invasions the force also deals with more mundane problems like smuggling, piracy, and terrorism. But ships from the DRF are often called upon to back up Federation activity elsewhere. From deep space to the Sol sector ships of the Defense Force can be found performing a very wide variety of missions.

In 2377 Commodore Robert Seldon was promoted to Rear-Admiral and appointed by Adm. James West, the Commander in Chief of Independence Fleet, to lead, reorganize, and rebuild the DRF. As some of his first actions the new director moved force headquarters from San Francisco to Starbase 12, a heavily armed station with extensive dry-dock facilities, and took personal command of the forceís flagship, the newly commissioned USS Washington, Sovereign class, NCC-11988.

The unitís headquarters, Starbase 12, orbits Callisidrin III, a planet near the Federationís border with the both the Romulans and Klingons and close to many major trade routes, which puts the forceís main base closer to the action and farther from the reach of fleet bureaucrats. The mission of the Defense Response Force compliments those of Independence Fleetís Special Operations Division and Deep Space Exploration Division.


A word from the Division Director