Admiral James D. West
Director of Fleet Operations
Independence Fleet

Sex: Male | Race: Human | Home Planet: Mars | DOB: May 24, 2336
Height: 5'11" | Weight: 210 lbs. | Eyes: Blue | Hair: Blonde

James West was born on Mars Colony to Steven and Makayla West. He was the oldest of three children. West's father was Chief Science Officer of the Mars colony, and his mother was teacher there. He has a brother and sister, Nick and Selphie West. His brother is now a police officer in Chicago and his sister is captain of the USS Brotherton, a medical ship stationed out of Starbase 1999.

In 2354 when West was 18, he moved to Earth's Moon, where he entered the Lake Armstrong City Police Academy. He served four years on the Police Force, earning two medals and the rank of Sergeant.

In 2358 at the age of 22 he entered Starfleet Academy. His major was Starship Flight Operations. At the time, he thought flying a starship would be very exciting. He graduated as a Lt(jg) and was posted on the USS Cochran as Assistant Conn Officer in 2362.

West spent 2 years on the Cochran, eventually earning the rank of Lieutenant and position of Chief Conn Officer. In 2364 West transferred to the USS Whitestar as Chief Conn Officer. He remained there for quite some time, making a lot of friends and participating in several exciting missions. But West wasn't satisfied in piloting starships. He knew there was more adventure out there somewhere, and he was going to get into it.

In 2368 West put in a request to join Starfleet Special Forces. 2 months later, his request was granted, and he went to the Miami Beach Starfleet Special Forces Training Academy on Earth. There he trained vigorously in fighting and killing techniques, espionage, intelligence, alien languages, and survival skills. His main course of study was weapons and he briefly thought about becoming a weapons specialist. West decided, however, he would try the Security/Tactical field.

After special forces graduation in 2370, West got an almost immediate assignment on the USS Brimstone. West earned a promotion to Lt. Commander and the position of Chief of Security. He served on the Brimstone, an Ambassador class vessel, from from 2370 until 2375.

The Brimstone was decommisioned in 2375 following an attack from Romulans. The Brimstone was patrolling near the Neutral Zone when a Warbird decloaked and took all of their systems offline. The Captain was executed and the XO was taken prisoner. West was left in charge. The Romulans were boarding the ship and West rallied the remaining crew together and created a plan to take back the ship. They suceeded, and were able to do some damage to the Warbird before running like hell back to Federation Space. The Brimstone was a burning wreck. There was a 60% loss of crew and all systems were damaged beyond repair.

West was awarded the Medal of Honor and Bravery for taking command and saving what lives he could. He was also promoted to Commander. West then decided commanding a starship was the best thing ever...he had gotten a taste of it on the Brimstone and now he wanted more.

He searched high and low, and in 2376 he finally found a position as XO of the USS Sunfire NCC-3935 under Commodore Jay "Robbie" Robertson.

After several exciting and dangerous missions, the original Sunfire was destroyed by West himself in order to keep it out of enemy hands, during a mission in which renegade Klingons attacked and tried to capture the ship. Because he destroyed his own ship and risked the lives of the entire crew, he was court martialed.

After a lengthly trial on Earth, he was aquitted and went on to serve on the USS Sunfire NCC-3935-A as First Officer.

The Sunfire-A embarked on a few missions, earlier-on being very exciting, and eventually becoming boring. In 2376 the Sunfire-A was lost and presumed destroyed in a space/time accident in which it was transported into a future alternate universe. West and some of the crew somehow made it back to the current timeline, but the ship, and its leader, Commodore Robbie, never made it.

West took over command of the Sunfire and got a new special forces vessel, with a new registry #...NCC-3001.

The CMO of the original Sunfire was asked by West personally to be his XO. He accepted. West was also backed by Robert Seldon, and took the position of 2nd Officer on the Sunfire.

In 2377, Captain West was promoted to Admiral and took command of Independence Fleet. His XO and 2nd Officer took command of their own vessels, so West asked his Chief Conn Officer, Lt. Ashla Bogan, to be his XO. She accepted, and West promoted her to Lt. Commander and eventually Commander.

About 3 months after the formation of Independence Fleet, the Sunfire had an encounter with skin-stealing spider-type aliens from fluidic space. The spiders took over the Sunfire and hauled it back to their space to study and copy it. Their plan was to make more Starfleet-looking ships so they could use them to infiltrate the fleet itself and destroy it from the inside out.

Admiral West set the silent self destruct, though, and when the Sunfire reached the HQ of the spiders, it blew up in a mighty blaze of glory, destroying the Spider's main facilities and twarting their master plan.

West then took command of a new Pioneer Class vessel, the USS Sunfire NCC-3001-A.

After 7 months of heading up Independence Fleet in 2378, the Admiralty of the fleet engaged in a civil war of sorts. Star and Seldon wanted things one way, and West didn't agree. Star and Seldon ended up having the upper hand on West so he took the Sunfire from the fleet and moved on. The Sunfire became an independant vessel, and had trouble finding crew and assignments. This caused some of the crewmembers to leave the Sunfire for better ships, including his own XO, Commander Bogan. Commander Bogan left the Sunfire, and West gave the position to Lt. Commander Santiago, who was promoted to Commander.

Not being able to rely on the high-flow of crew and missions associated with being within a fleet, West was unable to keep morale on the Sunfire high enough for anyone to do their jobs. There were several missions that were abandoned and eventually this led to the departure of Commander Santiago and West's 2nd Officer, Lt. Commander Lennex.

In late June 2378 the remaining senior crewmembers, West, Melody Leopards, Audra Murchadh (Ashla Bogan's younger sister), and Andrew Harrison were participating in a search and rescue away team on a strange planet in the Beta Quadrant on one of the struggling Sunfire's final missions. While on the planet they were attacked by an unknown but deadly new alien creature, who would have destroyed them if not for Harrison's last few phaser blasts.

The wounded officers were beamed back to the Sunfire where Dr. Knight (the only other senior staff member left) diagnosed them with a new strain of Tviskovky's Infection for which there was no cure. West and the others were quarantined and Dr. Knight ordered to return to Starfleet Medical HQ where the infected officers would be cryogenically frozen until a cure could be found and the Sunfire suspended until further notice.

In the year 2405, West and the others were awoken in Honolulu, Earth after being cured. After taking the news of being in existence 27 years later, West and the others were contacted by Starfleet Command. They told the officers that the Sunfire had been undergoing nearly 3 decades of testing on an experimental technology which would allow a ship to pass through dimensional boundaries. Starfleet Command told West that he and his officers could make up the senior staff of the newly refitted Sunfire if they wanted.

After thinking and talking it over for a while, West and the others decided to go ahead and finish out their careers in Starfleet. Leopards and Harrison were promoted to Lt. Commanders. Harrison became the 2nd Officer and Leopards took Chief Sec/Tac Officer. Audra Murchadh was promoted to Commander and took the XO position.

That same year, on the last dimensional jump the Sunfire made they were attacked, while trying to escape, by 5 fighter vessels from a parallel Earth. The Sunfire attempted to create a dimensional rift to flee into, but in the process was hit by several electron beams. These beams from the fighters scrambled circuits inside the dimensional travel technology and the Sunfire was nearly doomed.

An Engineer, Phius Kapriandi, had been previously working on a temporal drive device, and had installed a prototype on a shuttle. Kapriandi flew this shuttle in front of the Sunfire and created a temporal vortex using the prototype.

Having no other option of escape, the shuttle and the Sunfire proceeded into the vortex. Passing through made the entire crew slip into post-temporal comas, but the crew was discovered by Captain Dick Sprague of the USS Washington, and Independence Fleet Vessel. The Sunfire had traveled back in time to 2378, the year from which the core crew of the Sunfire came. Plus, somehow they ended up in their correct dimension.

Admiral Star, now the Commander in Chief of the fleet, had West's ship towed back to IDF HQ for repairs. While there, West and Star talked and set aside the past. West learned the Robert Seldon had recently retired from Starfleet and now IDF had a position open. Star asked West to return to IDF as Director of Fleet Operations. West accepted. He gave command of the Sunfire to Commander Audra Murchadh, who he also promoted to Captain.

Admiral West now serves in IDF where he plans to stay for the remainder of his career in Starfleet.

West's personality is complicated. He is unpredictable. Most of the time West is a laid back and cool kind of guy, but will not hesitate to give the fire order on any threat to his ship or crew. He will seriously take care of business when it comes to things like that, he will not put up with any threats.

Off-duty he is strictly "t-shirt and jeans." West likes collecting firearms, listening to "Rock and Roll" from the 20th and 21st century, and collecting ancient money. He likes baseball and enjoys holodeck programs of any kind.

By the way, the middle name "Danger" is just a nickname because of his love for danger. He likes living on the edge, it gives him a rush.



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