Adara Samar


Division Director
Special Operations
Independence Fleet

Character name: Adara (Rodale) Samar 
Rank: Rear-Admiral
Sex: Female
Race: Trill
Home Planet: Trill
Date Of Birth: March 16, 2347
Age: 29
Height:  5 3"
Weight: 98 lb
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Dark Brown

Personal Traits: she is a bit of a workaholic and as devoted this lifetime to her career. She was born Adara Rodale  a very quiet and insecure person who dreamed of being in the stars and joined Starfleet to make that dream come true. She was in star fleet for years before her joining with the Symbiot Samar. But after the joining she changed forever and gained 8 life times of memories and experiences gaining the confidence that comes with such knowledge. 

Personality: Outspoken but diplomatic. Tends to be opened minded and good-natured.  

Interest: music, reading, target practice, weapons and hand to hand combat. Has a love of physical fitness and works out 2 hours everyday.

Personal History: was born Adara Rodale youngest Daughter of Rayna And Antor Rodale. Before going to Starfleet she worked for the symbiosis commission and on the Trill council. 

Academy:  Graduated from Starfleet academy with honors. At the age of 26 on a mission the ship Adara was serving on was attacked and the Trill ambassador they were transporting on the on ship was injured Adara was asked to take the Symbiot Samar because his host was dieing. That decision changed her life forever and she ever regretted it. 

Major/Minor (Area of study):

Majored in Diplomatic protocols, bridge operations and Security.
Minored in piloting and advanced self-defense