Rachael Amanda Rager


Director of Fleet Relations
Independence Fleet

Sex: Female | Race: Human| Home Planet: Mars| DOB: January 16, 2345
Height: 5'7" | Weight: 157 lbs. | Eyes: dark brown| Hair: black

Like many other kids, she spent a good portion of her childhood being teased. She coped by doing her best to ignore the teasing, and receeding into books and daydreams. Her passion for the stars began when she was very young. Her Mother would take her siblings and her outside at night and point to different stars saying, "That's where your Father is now." The family would then go inside and look up all the information they could find on that star and area. As she got older and her siblings lost interest, she began to take her father's messages about where he was and look them up herself. Then she would go outside with the book to locate where he was in the night sky and lay under the stars either thinking of what she would do if she were in his place or studying the known spacial phenominons of that area. When she was old enough, she attempted to follow in her Father's footsteps by applying to Starfleet Academy.

She was accepted and moved to Earth for school. During her first year she took a piloting class. It was then she found her true desire and talent. She changed the focus of her academic career, studying Stellar Cartography and Impulse mechanics while learning to pilot all types and sizes of ships. She joined one of the school's flight sqaudrons. By the beginning of her last year she had earned the position of leader of her squad. She was graduated as an Ensign.

A year out of the Academy she landed an exciting assignment as a rotating Conn Officer on the Enterprise. She recieved a promotion to Lt.J.G. while serving aboard the Alliance. She recieved promotions to Lt. and then Lt. Cmdr. while serving aboard the Sunfire. But when she was passed over one too many times for promotion into the line of command, she decided she must not have what it takes to advance in Starfleet, and resigned. However, Admiral West, the Sunfire's CO, had simply not known about her ambitions for command. When she had finally made them known, in her resignation letter, it was too late. The only recourse West saw was to enter her into Starfleet's records as on extended LOA with a recommendation to try and recruit her back into Starfleet at a later date with a position that would lead to command.

The Sunfire was also where Rachael met the other half of her eventual first serious relatioinship, in the form of a Vulcan named T'Cal. She was too shy to even acknowledge her crush until T'Cal transferred and she suddenly realized she was going to sorely miss him. When she "retired" she decided to try and find him again and finally take a chance on her heart for the first time in her life. Things moved slowly, which was just the pace Rachael needed to keep from being scared. But as the two already knew much about each other from having shared T'Cal's body for a period of time on the Sunfire, they had a good starting point from which to build. Now Rachael happily compromises between their two cultures by keeping most of her outward affection for T'Cal in check while in public, using only Vulcan methods (such as the "attending" gesture: the Vulcan equivalent of holding hands). T'Cal's compromise is to endulge Rachel's need to frequently hug or hold him when in private.

Almost a year later it was actually a friend of Rachael's who got her to come back to Starfleet, Zach Vrona the former Security Chief of the Sunfire. He was in command of Starbase 10, and needed to go on LOA for personal reasons. His XO had just been put into retirement by Starfleet because of extenuous injuries, and so the base needed an interm command officer. Zach remembered Rachael and her skills and knew she wasn't tied up in another position, and so contacted her to please take temporary command of the base. He knew her dedication would make her a good choice, and that she would not deny a friend's need for help no matter what it meant. As a Commodore he was able to reinstate her rank of Lieutenant Commander and push the appointment through without much ado. So Rachael returned to Starfleet under the assumption it would only be a temporary thing.

Two months later when her temporary command stint was coming to an end, Admiral West saw a twofold opportunity. Independence Fleet had been without a Chief of Development for two months and its CiC was on/going on LOA. The effect of loss of the two officers as well as previous issues in the fleet was becoming very evident, possibly critical, and West decided he needed someone temporarily to help him get things back up to par, someone he knew could handle the task and critisizm that would come. Two, to keep Rachael in Starfleet. He appointed Rachael Acting Chief of Development with a provisional rank, knowing that her loyalty to her former home and to her friends would make her want to help the fleet and therefore accept his offer. After a month of her raising awareness in the fleet, intentionally shaking things up, and trying to get sims back on good tracks, the Admiralty structure of the fleet was changed slightly. Rachael's temporary position came to and end again, but this time she finally moved into a new and permanent position which all believed would be the best fit for her: Director of Fleet Relations. With this move she requested a step down from the provisional rank of Vice-Admiral that West was about make permanent for her, instead asking for the same rank as the Division Directors, which is Rear-Admiral.

Previous assignments:
Conn OfficerEnsignU.S.S. Lightning Rod   2366-2367
Conn OfficerEnsignU.S.S. Enterprise2367-2369
Conn OfficerEnsign, Lt. J.G.U.S.S. Alliance2369-2372
Chief Conn OfficerLt. J.G.U.S.S. Alliance2372
Security OfficerLt. J.G.U.S.S. Alliance2372-2373
Conn OfficerLt. J.G.U.S.S. Dark Angel2374-2377
Chief Conn OfficerLt. J.G., Lt., Lt. Cmdr.U.S.S. SunfireJuly 2377 - May 2378
extended LOAcivilianfrom StarfleetMay 2378 - April 2379
Temporary Command Officer   Lt. Cmdr.Starbase 10April and May 2379
Acting Chief of DevelopmentVice-Admiral provisional   Independence FleetJune 2379
Director of Fleet RelationsRear-AdmiralIndependence FleetJuly 2379 - September 2379

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Quiet, but not shy. Pleasant and friendly attitude in general. Adventurous spirit and a desire to see everything the universe has to offer. However doesn't take great risks. Slow to make friends, but likes spending time with them when she has them. She is very loyal and protective of her friends as she doesn't realize she actually has more people who thinks of her as a friend than she believes do. She doesn't see it because she doesn't think she's earned them as friends. Most enjoys flying as "That's when I feel the most free and in control, all at once."

When the opporunity arose for her to become a Security Officer she took it. She thought she would see more in that line of work. But she discovered that what she saw as a security officer wasn't as fulfilling as what she saw as a pilot. Planets and aliens were nice and all, but those could be seen from behind the conn. She missed the stars and unique formations that could only be found in space. She missed plotting flight plans, thrill of piloting in battles, and the simple flying of a ship. She definately missed piloting too much. So she decided to return to the Conn of a starship.

She has only ever had at most two best friends at any given time in her life, and usually had no other people she really thought of as thinking of her as their friend. But when on the Sunfire she made two best friends, Ashla and Reah, which brought her count to three. During her departure from the Sunfire she finally understood that others considered her a friend simply for how she normally acted towards them and not because she had done anything grand. Very shortly thereafter, she was set back in her progress by one of her best friends from the Sunfire breaking her trust, something that had never happened to her before. A couple months later her other best friend from the Sunfire, who had taken her formally as a sister, disappeared without a trace. Rachael was almost devistated again, but had learned enough to know her "sister" would not have intentionally done that to her, not like the other best friend had. She spent much of her time as a civilian trying to find this woman, even continuing on after Starfleet stopped the search. She had just about given up when a quirk of fate brought the two together on Starbase 10. Her "sister" turned out to have lost all of her memory and had developed a new personality in the last year, but Rachael still felt the same love and devotion to the woman, and did all she could to help. They left on good terms, if a bit uncertain about the future relationship, when Rachael went to Independence Fleet.

Reading and piloting small and one- or two-man crafts around obsticles, through phenominons, or just across the openess of space.