James "Rook" Miroth


Division Director
Defense Responce Force
Independence Fleet

Sex: Male | Race: Human | Home Planet: Earth | Age: 28 | DOB: Unknown
Height: 6'1" | Weight: 210 LBS | Eyes: Green | Hair: Red

Service Record:
Completed Starfleet Academy, Tactics (Minor in Alien Species).
Completed Starfleet Academy, Psychology (No Minor).

Languages:English, Japanese.
Computer Skill:Low to Moderate, excepting tactical systems.
Piloting Skill:Low, excepting tactical piloting, which is Moderate to High.
Tactical Skill:Expert
Combat Skill:Hand to hand combat expert. Expert Swordsman. Moderate to Expert marksman.
Starship Operation:  Moderate to High
Engineering Skills:Low to Moderate
Medical Skills:Expert (Counseling)
Science Skills:Low (Excepting tactical scenarios, which are Moderate to High)

Previous Mission Records:
USS Ghettysberg - 2 year stint (Assistant Tactical Officer/Head Tactical Officer)
USS Ghent - 2 year stint (Ship's Counselor)
USS Washington - Current (Head Tactical Officer, Executive Officer)

Background, History and Personality
James was born on Earth 28 years ago to Michael and Heather Mirtoh. With no family inclination to travel among the stars (Michael was a famous Cultural Anthropologist and Heather was a Psychologist), James was the first in his family to take an interest in interstellar travel. Much to his parent's chagrin, he left his Scottish homeland at the age of 18 to join the Starfleet Academy in San Francisco. James took an immediate interest in tactics, alien species (probably due to his father's profession) and psychology (due to his mother's), having his strongest grades in those classes. James earned the nickname Rook because of his strength with the pieces of the same name on the old style Earth chessboard he always carried with him. Having won many tournaments while at the academy, the nickname stuck with him even after he left.

Rook's first assignment was assistant tactical officer aboard the USS Gettysburg, which he served for 3 years. After that assignment, he returned to Starfleet Academy for continued training in Psychology, after which he was assigned to the USS Ghent as the ship's counselor. Missing the action at tactical, James soon grew restless and decided to accept a position aboard the USS Washington as the ship's Head Tactical Officer.

Within a month, James had been promoted to Lieutenant (jg), and soon after the Ship's XO, Commander Nolram, was transferred. Then with the launch of the USS Chesapeake (and much of the ship's senior crew with it), the surprise of his life came when James was offered the Executive Officer position aboard the Washington, which he accepted graciously. Several months later, the commanding officer of the Washington, Robert Seldon recommended to Fleet Command James' promotion to Captain. After another year or so of service as Deputy Director of the Defense Response Force under Admiral Dragonetti, James has recently accepted a promotion to Rear Admiral and Director of the Defense Response Force.

James is known for his calmness under pressure and his almost exclusive interests in Chess and old Earth Asian Martial arts styles of hand to hand combat. Despite his interest, he was never asked to teach combat at Starfleet Academy, but he took a strong interest in those types of classes. He is fairly attractive but somewhat shy around women, except when he is dealing with them on a professional level - such as a psychologist to patient. Personal romance is all but non-existent. Otherwise, James is a quick whited strategist both in personal relationships and in Chess, and is always ready to offer an optimistic view or a smile.