Felicity "Slash" Dragonetti


Director of Fleet Development
Independence Fleet

Age: 29

DOB: July 01, 2348

Race: Human

Sex: Female

Eyes: Green

Hair: Blonde

Height: 5'8''

Weight: 130 lbs

Special features: A large scar on her left arm from a sword fight, and a dragon wrapped around a sword tattoo located right along the spine of her lower back

History: Felicity was born to Italian parents on July 01, 2353. Her mother was a Starfleet Officer her entire life, until she had a late pregancy. Felicity's dad was a weapons specialist, and gave Felicity the love for weapons that she has. All through school, Felicity was quiet child, and kept to herself, managing to keep her studies at the very top of her class. She even graduated 5 years early due to advanced studies that she was working on. She loved working ahead and used that to her advantage all of her life. Upon graduation she applied to Starfleet and was accepted. She quickly pursued her love for weapons and majored in the tactical as well as engineering fields and a slight Security minor. This too, she excelled in and worked three times the given amount to progress quickly through her training. Given any weapon from medieval jousting swords to torpedos and missiles, Felicity can throughly operate and control them. She graduated from Starfleet among the highest in her class and was quickly assigned to the USS Artemis where she served as Weapons Specialist and Tactical Officer. Felicity quickly advanced and became a Commander onboard the ship, but had to be transferred, due to a problem on board the ship. She suffered from some minor setbacks and now found herself onboard the USS Defiance as Chief Engineer where for the first time she is using her engineering skills. Although she is mainly a Weapons and tactical specialist her degree in Engineering is rather extensive and is her second passion in life. After a couple of months on the Defiance, Felicity was transferred to serve as Captain of the USS Patriot where she serverd for over a year. During this time she was promoted to commodore and soon again to Rear-Admiral. Again she was promoted to the director of the Defense Response Force and worked actively with the DRF and the Patriot until taking over the job as DRF director full time. After about 4 months of doing so, she was promoted to Vice Admiral and currently fills the position of Director of Fleet Development.

Hobbies/Interests: Felicity has always had her love for weapons, but because of her quiet nature, she spends a lot of time reading and studying the newest engineering techniques. She also enjoys various holodeck programs where she can battle with medieval sword fights, to Chinese Kung Fu, to Brazilian Capoiera, and various war heads. She is a complete expert on weapons, and the second somethign new is out, she knows about it. When she is not fighting in the holodeck, or reading, she is usually found quietly socializing with crew.She aquired the nickname "Slash" from a friend who watched her fight with a medieval sword, and said the way she fought was amazing. THe challenger was down with just one "slash". The name just stuck. Once Felicity is exposed to the person, that person is in for an exciting experience. She is totally unique. One of the few females in many of her weapons and engineering classes, taught her to keep up with all of the men, and she will not hesitate for anything. Felicity is the kind of person, you just can't get away from, the silent but deadly type that 99% of people enjoy. She has a love of dragons, that ironically fits her last name witht he base word of dragon. In school, she had a tattoo of a dragon wrapped around a sword placed on her lower back. The dragon is her protector, and her role model.

Special Covert Skills: At Starfleet Felicity was trained in the areas of Tactical, Engineering, Security,Sniping and Weapons. She also has a small background in Diplomacy, and the basics of the medical field. Of course she sat through demolitions classes, but preferred her weapons. She is fairly well rounded, and apt to learning anything new that anyone would like her to learn.