RAdm. James "Brit" Britanicus
Division Director - Defense Response Force

Sex: Male | Race: Human | Home Planet: Mars | Age: 40| DOB: May 30 2341
Height: 6'2" | Weight: 200 lbs | Eyes: Brown | Hair: Brown

James Britanicus was born 40 years ago into a divided family. James' father, as was the tradition along the paternal line is a Police Officer and is currently serving the Federation in the role as Chief of Law Enforcement Services at the Planet Mars and all inner ring Space facilities.

His Mother on the other hand comes from a family made wealthy by smuggling. Early in the 23rd century James' great(4) grandfather maternally began a run to Orion with fissionable material as Sol 1 began disarming and moving towards solar and fusion power. A lot of people believe that Julius Huxford still has his hands in the Black Market despite being a philanthropist. If the truth be known he is up to his eyes in Organized Crime. As you could believe this made the wedding of James parents a very stiff occasion.

James grew up on Mars and attempted to follow his fathers footsteps and joined the Law Enforcement Services and was stationed on Vulcan. This was the highlight of his law Enforcement Career. His skills were recognised and he was promoted through the ranks quickly until he was posted to Earth. With the assignment of Chief Forensic Investigator for the Europeon Agency his grandfathers enemys began to block his attempts to excel. He became dissillusioned and had a series of high profile investigations contaminated. He was then demoted and sent to the Klingon Empire as an observer.

After a year on Praxas James quit the force and decided to go to the academy. Because he was older then his classmates he did not fit in and was able to spend his time emersed in his studies. He graduated in the top 10% of his class and achieved grades that placed him in the top 5% of graduates since the inception of The Academy. As you can see his Class were very high achievers.

Such high marks and the fact that he is a little older and mature made him noticed by Captains throughout the Fleets. James accepted a position on the Hyperion as an an Ensign in the Tactical Department. He served on the Hyperion throughout the Dominion War and because of his inate ability to determine the strategy of his opponents he had achieved my great tactical advantages and in recognition of his skill he became Chief Tactical Officer. However during the final defence at Wolf 359 the Hyperion was lost and her captain and many of her crew were killed. The Hyperion was towed back to Utopia Planitia where she was eventually decomminssioned and scrapped due to extensive battle damage. Britanicus earned his first Merit of Honor during that battle and now was looking for a position. Many Captains approached him with offers of promotions but he decided to accept an offer from Admiral Seldon to serve on the Defense Response Force flagship, the USS Washington as Head Tactical Officer.

In 2378 Brit was offered the Commanding Officer position for a newly built and commissioned Galaxy Class Starship, the USS Horatio Nelson, NCC-19958. Britanicus commanded that vessel for 4 years from 2378 to 2381. He was promoted to Rear Admiral and given command of the Defense Response Force and Starbase 12.

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