Ace Decade

Fleet Interviewer
Independence Fleet

Ace Decade was born on November 2, 2350 to his parents Gene and Paula Decade. His older brothers were Peter and Eric. All through Ace's childhood, he was a quick learner and an egotistical boy. Ace was no doubt the runt of the litter and was often taunted and made fun by his older brothers.

This did not bother Ace for he new he would become a space explorer like his grandfather many years ago and would not have to listen to the bickering of his brothers any longer. All of Ace's life he has been cocky and sometimes lets his ego get in the way. But none the less Ace was a cunning young man and seemed to be stuck on himself at times.

By the time he was fifteen Ace dropped out of school and registered for the Jindel Space Exploration Camp. There Ace was taught how to fly a space craft, learn hand-to-hand combat and basics to space exploration. Ace graduated the camp a year later at the top of his class, beating out students half his age. Amazed at how much of a quick learner and observer Ace was, his camp instructor Hoy Quarlow took it upon himself and personally trained Ace in much further obstacles to space exploration then the camp offered.

Decade moved out of his home at the age of sixteen to live with Quarlow and train day in and day out. Quarlow taught Ace all the forms of martial arts and encourage him to follow his dream. After two years of Quarlow's training, Ace packed his bags and said good-bye to Quarlow, his family and friends and headed for the remote planet called Alpha Prime. There Ace would enter the Alpha Prime Star Fleet Academy School (APSFAS) and advance his knowledge in space exploration.

Ace entered the Alpha Prime Star Fleet Academy School at age eighteen. As a freshman and sophomore he took combat, flight, survival and engineering classes. It wasn't until his junior year that he decided to be a pilot. He wanted to fly the small shuttle pilots during battle because he got a thrill out of the fast and dangerousness that the shuttles endure. Ace received the Conn Air award for pilot of the year his junior and senior year. Beating out peer and best friend Levar Montell. Once again Ace found himself the best in his class and received an honorary gold medal from the school president. To complete his flight training Ace was sent to Orion, which is a planet close to Decade's home Jindel. Montell would join Decade and register for the Commanding Space Marines College. Ace took a four year course to major in space flight.

Ace would visit his family four or five times out of the year leaving college for holidays or special occasions. Nearly mid-way through his college career Ace received news that his home planet was attacked by the Siege, an alien race of mutants. The Siege wiped out the entire planet including Ace's family and friends. It was also reported that the body of his oldest brother Peter was missing.

Furious Ace took a few months off and returned home to collect his belongings. He returned to college and there he met this beautiful young woman named Deia. Deia's father was a professor and Ace's instructor at the academy. Ace had heard stories told by Deia's father about her childhood and quickly Ace had forgotten all about his misery and depressing loss of his family and fell in love.

After Ace graduated college, he married Deia and at age twenty-three was drafted on the U.S.S. Sunfire to pilot the small shuttles. Deia joined him and became the bartender for the ship. Ace loved the Sunfire and it's crew. Commodore Jay "Robbie" Robertson became a mentor to Ace and almost like a second father. Ace grew close to some new friends; Wil Parks and the Vulcan Sutak.

While serving on the ship Ace and Deia were blessed with twins; Bret Timothy and Abigail Brandylynn. However, tragic soon struck as Ace lost his vision on a mission to save fellow crew member Lt. Rynn Bannister. Ace nearly lost his life but was able to be saved, only losing his eye sight. His wife designed a visor that would allow Ace to see. This would have to do until Ace could find a cure so that he may see through his own eyes again.

The fleet was forced to strip Decade of his piloting license due to his vision. Depressed Ace had no choice but to become an engineer for the rest of his Sunfire career. Just when he thought things couldn't get worse the Sunfire was mysteriously lost in a time accident. Fortunately the Decade family was able to return to modern time as well as a few other members of the crew. But the Sunfire had lost it's Commodore.

A few months later Ace and Deia took their kids and moved to Hawaii on planet Earth. Ace received a phone call late on night from Captain James West to rejoin him on the newly rebuilt Sunfire NCC-3001. Once again Ace found himself on the Sunfire. Leaving his wife and kids behind, Ace was eager to explore new worlds and seek out new life. But due to egos and attitudes Captain West and Lt. Decade couldn't get along. This ventured into a nasty argument which followed by Ace's departure from the ship...

One year later, after having spent a wonderful time with his family and watching his kids grow Ace was offered Captain of the U.S.S. Liberty. With his wife's permission he accepted, and this time his family would join him. At first Ace was having a blast as Captain of the Liberty, he recruited long time friends Wil Parks, Rynn Bannister, Sutak and even his old friend from College Levar Montell served on the Liberty. But one final loss forced Ace to resign as captain. Levar was killed saving Ace from harm of the Borg. After that fatal incident Ace retired and took his family back home. He vowed never to serve in Star Fleet again because he couldn't bare to lose another loved one.

A few years past and Ace was contacted by one of his old friends from the Sunfire, Charles Star. Star wanted Ace to join his ship, the USS Avalon NCC-3002. After days of thinking Ace excepted and was once again back at the helm. During this time, Ace was going through a divorce with Deia. It was a difficult time for he and his family. Deia felt that Ace wasn't around when she needed him and the two needed to be apart from each other. Depressed, Ace has never been more dedicated to Star Fleet than he is now.

On the first mission of the Avalon, Ace was killed by a Bluetonian. A sinister and vial race. If it wasn't for Q, Ace would not be alive today. And if it wasn't for Q, Ace would not be able to see without his protective visor. Q restored Ace's vision and allowed him to live on.

A few months later, Ace was told by the ID Fleet Admirals, that he would be getting his own ship. The USS Liberty NCC-4003. This was a ship that Ace captained for a short time before. Wondering if he should take the responsibilities of being a leader again, Ace decided to do it. Now with the rank of Captain again, and a brand new ship with a brand new crew, Ace is ready to explore deep space and go where no man has gone before.