May 2003

Starship/Starbase Division Commanding Officer # of Posts
USS Conqueror SOD Capt. K'lar Rasmehlier 272
Deep Space 15 DSE Cmdr. Victoria Concord 204
USS Horatio Nelson DRF Capt. James Britanicus 156
USS Excalibur DSE RAdm. Steve McCloud 137
USS Liberty DSE Capt. Jeremiah Griffith 73
Starbase 10 SOD Lt.Cmdr. Rachael Rager(temp) 50
USS Washington DRF Capt. Dick Sprague 44
USS George W. Bush DSE Capt. Julie Absecon 29
USS Patriot DRF Capt. Henry "Hank" Logan 24
USS Goliad DRF Capt. Shawn Edwards 13
USS Minerva DRF Capt. Krol 12
USS Sunfire SOD Capt. Audra Murchadh 5
USS Pioneer DSE Capt. Josie O'Neal 5
USS Avalon DSE Capt. Taylor Dorian 4

Division Director Deputy Director # of Ships # of Posts
Deep Space Exploration RAdm. Steve McCloud Capt. Jeremiah Griffith - LOA 6 452
Special Operations Division Comm. Zachari Vrona - LOA Capt. K'lar Rasmehlier - LOA 3 327
Defense Response Force RAdm. Felicity Dragonetti Capt. James "Rook" Mirtoh 5 249

Fleet Level Positions Name
Commander in Chief Adm. Charles Star - LOA
Chief of Operations Adm. James D. West
Chief of Development none

Time Frame Website Hits Total Posts
May 1028
2003 5871
Total 17811