February 2002

Starship/Starbase Division Commanding Officer # of Posts
USS Liberty SAT Comm. Ace Decade 124
USS Washington DRF RAdm. Robert Seldon 112
USS Patriot DSE Capt. Thomas Dupont 84
USS George W. Bush DSE Adm. Charles Star 47
USS Defiance DRF Capt. Samuel Meriod 16
Starbase 31 SAT Cmdr. Jonathan Webb 3

Division Director # of Ships # of Posts
Deep Space Exploration Adm. Charles Star 2 131
Defense Response Force RAdm. Robert Seldon 2 128
Special Assignment Taskforce Comm. Ace Decade 2 127

Fleet Level Positions Name
Commander in Chief Adm. Charles Star
Fleet Historian Adm. Charles Star
Fleet Secretary RAdm. Robert Seldon

Time Frame Website Hits Total Posts
February 1523 386
2002 3360 1144
Total 7870 3249