January 2004


-- Opening
-- Newbits
-- DFR Search
-- Graphics and Design Department
-- Ace's Top 30
-- Current Mission Summaries
-- Awards
-- Interview
-- Removal of Commander-In-Chief
-- Thanks

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Good afternoon, agents. Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to read this newsletter and enjoy it.

This newsletter will not self destruct...

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- The USS Dragon launched on January 1st in the Defense Response Force Division under the command of Captain Ryan Dragomire. The sim had been operating for about eight months before it joined the fleet. We are very happy to welcome it and it's crew into the fleet! Since joining it's had around 45 posts in 14 days.

- The USS Raptor launched on January 1st in the Deep Space Exploration Division under the command of Captain Gorath. We are very happy to have the new sim in the fleet! The Raptor is off and running with 88 posts in its first 14 days.

- Captain Carroll would like to congratulate the following Liberty crewmembers for promotions. They were all well deserved. Congrats to the following: Ensign Aryell Temoi is promoted to Lt.(jg), Ensign Zith is promoted to Lt.(jg).

- A bit of recognition: "I am proud of Mr. Carroll," former CO Ace Decade says about his former ship. "He has really gotten the Liberty back on track since the fall it took last year."

- Launching of the new division has been postponed until the end of the month.

- Launching of the IDF Academy has been postponed until the end of the month.

- The USS Excalibur reached a record milestone in IDF: 3500 posts! Post #3500 was sent on Dec. 29th by Lt.J.G. Airika Calhoun, CIO. Congratulations!

- The Liberty passed the 900 post mark in the month of December. The 900th post was sent in by Capt. Joseph "Stealth" Carroll.

- Ensign Mariel Winters, AMO of the USS George W. Bush -- promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade.

- The GWB reached it's 1700th post on December 23, 2003. This milestone was posted by Lt. Ryan Dunmore, CTO.

- December 1st, marked the 2nd anniversary of the George W. Bush. She is now currently in it's third year with Independence Fleet.

- The Goliad hit 700 posts on January 1st 2004. Posted by Lt.(jg) Keithan Ceras/Lt. Momiji Olera.

- Promotions on the Goliad: Lt. Kristov Hevanovich was promoted to Lt. Commander. Lt. Michael Honorad was promoted to Lt. Commander. Lt.(jg) Dawn Freeman was promoted to Lieutenant. Ens. BOB was promoted to Lieutenant(jg) and Acting CEO.

- The Patriot hit 1700 with a post by Lt. Nolofinwe which was misnumbered as post 1699.

- Promotion on the Patriot: Ensign to Lt.(jg), Khelasran 197. Congratulations.

- The monthly posting title is going to be included in the newsletter every month again. After last year's record nine months of the title being held by the USS Conqueror, the USS Excalibur earned it in both October and November. Last month the Liberty retook the title, making December the sixth month a sim named USS Liberty earned the posting title in IDF's history. (There have now been three sims named Liberty. 4 posting titles for the NCC-4003, 1 for the NCC-91101, and now 1 for the NCC-91101-A..)

- As many of you have seen, IDF has a new website design! (Same location: http://www.angelfire.com/trek/independencefleet/) Keep an eye on it for weekly updates spotlighting happenings in the fleet. With the new design has come new Division Websites! The can be reached by clicking on the division names on the left side of the IDF site. To go directly to the sites, they are located at:
DSE - http://www.angelfire.com/trek/independencefleet/divisions/dse.html

DRF - http://www.angelfire.com/trek/independencefleet/divisions/drf.html

SOD - http://www.angelfire.com/trek/independencefleet/divisions/so.html

- To express general interest in any future Division Director, Commanding Officer, or Executive Officer openings please visit the IDF homepage at www.angelfire.com/trek/independencefleet and click on the proper join link.

- If anyone has any personal announcements relating to the fleet or personnel within the fleet to submit for future editions of the newsletter, please send them to Admiral West at Insidr524@aol.com. We try to gather all important announcements as the month goes by but would hate to miss anything that could be important to someone. Thanks.

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=/\=DFR SEARCH=/\=

---Searching, maybe for you?---

The search for the next Director of Fleet Relations is going to begin by the end of the month. Anyone who's been in the fleet for a month is eligible. If you wish to be considered for the job, you still have time to let us know! Just e-mail the current DFR, Rachael Rager, at CaptainMyst@aol.com

All a person has to do is e-mail her saying "I want to be the next DFR!" or some such. If they wish to explain why, that's a bonus. If they wish to tell her about their history and experience in IDF, that's a bonus too. Everyone who wants to be considered will be given a few questions to answer and a few tasks to complete, which will be evaluated by members of the Admiralty and willing COs to help determine the next DFR. It could be anyone!

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IDF's newest expansion is a new resource for every member of the fleet. A Graphics and Design Department! It is being co-directed by Captain Ryan Dunmore and Lt. Commander Kristov Hevanovich. The purpose of the GGD is to create and provide high quality images and designs for all IDF personnel to use for individual fleet websites and crew biographies.

Examples of these designs are, but not limited to:

Fleet members can request anything off the list above, or even suggest something of their own desire, to the co-directors via the GDD's website:



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=/\=ACE'S TOP 30=/\=

Below is the list of the Elite 30 list of simmers for the first three years in IDF. This list is not the official IDF list, it's Ace's personal list of who he feels deserves recognition. These individuals are the top 30 simmers he has picked with suggestions from some fleet members. The ship they will be representing is beside their name. This includes, awards, ideas, participation, originality, writing skills, recruiting, etc. This is in no order. The order will be announced in this years Special Edition Newsletter which will be released on July 4th, 2004.

Julie Absecon - USS George W. Bush
Henry Logan - USS Patriot
Ace Decade - USS Liberty
Wil Parks - USS Liberty
Gorath - USS Raptor
K'lar Rasmehlier - USS Conqueror
Joey Carroll - USS Liberty
Fiona Starling - USS Horatio Nelson
Charles Star - USS George W. Bush
Felicity Dragonetti - USS Patriot
Damien Hawkins - USS Liberty
Zachari J. Vrona - Starbase 10
Rachael Rager - USS Sunfire
Entera Danae - USS Minerva
James Mirtoh - USS Washington
Kiara Rodale - USS Conqueror
Zingela - USS Washington
Ashla Bogan - USS Sunfire
Robert Seldon - USS Washington
James West - USS Sunfire
Sutak - USS Avalon
Steve McCloud - USS Excalibur
Nniol N'Var - USS Horatio Nelson
Ingoldo - USS Excalibur
Krol - USS Minerva
Tavik - USS Liberty
Dick Phelps - USS Goerge W. Bush
McGregor Blaine - USS Excalibur
James Britanicus - USS Horatio Nelson
Shawn Edwards - USS Goliad

Below is the number of representers from each ship.

Liberty: 5 (Ace Decade, Wil Parks, Tavik, Joey Carroll, Damien Hawkins)
GWB: 3 (Charles Star, Dick Phelps, Julie Absecon)
Washington: 3 (Robert Seldon, Zingela, James Mirtoh)
Horatio Nelson: 3 (James Britanicus, Fiona Starling, Nniol N'Var)
Sunfire: 3 (James West, Ashla Bogan, Rachael Rager)
Excalibur: 3 (Ingoldo, McGregor Blaine, Steve McCloud)
Patriot: 2 (Felecity Dragonetti, Henry Logan)
Minerva: 2 (Krol, Entera Danae)
Conqueror: 2 (K'lar Rasmehlier, Kiara Rodale)
Golidad: 1 (Shawn Edwards)
Avalon: 1 (Sutak)
Raptor: 1 (Gorath)
Starbase 10: 1 (Zachari J. Vrona)

Congratulations to all the simmers who made this prestigious list!

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Here are a few of the many current missions in which our ships/bases are involved in...


USS Goliad

After towing the USS Yorktown to DS9, Zhaan receives a gift from a mysterious trader, the commbadge from former XO Davidson, who has been MIA since June. Zhaan orders the Goliad to follow the trader, however when BOB decrypts a message stored on the commbadge they alter course for the Beta/Delta Quadrant boarder, where they meet the USS Patriot and fly into a trap set by Lord Cryrose.

Captain Larakizhaan sh'Harena
Commanding Officer
USS Goliad NCC-18907-A


USS Patriot

Mission Summery: The Search for Davidson

The USS Patriot and USS Goliad join forces against a common foe. When Captain Logan is given a Starfleet communicator by the traveling collector Amos Ammassie, He immediately orders the Patriot to a remote sector of space near the galactic core to investigate a possible new threat to the Federation. However, Logan, having learned his ?brother? has been taken by Cryrose, is being uncharacteristically vague about the mission which is causing concern in his executive officer, Cmdr Randall.

Meanwhile the USS Goliad is alerted to the whereabouts of their former XO, Cmdr Victor Davidson, from another trader named Worr. The Goliad gives chase to find out more. An encoded message retrieved from the comm. badge of Cmdr Davidson leads the Goliad to the same area of space the Patriot is heading for.

On the planet Falentine (Logan?s homeworld), Cryrose awaits the arrival of the Goliad. The trap is set and the bait is too tempting for the crew of the Goliad to pass up. When Cryrose learns the Patriot is also rushing into the trap, he adjusts things to capture both ships. A mysterious telepathic friend assist Cryrose in setting the trap, but now the prisoner has escaped and this may cause problems. What revelations will be revealed as the two crews join forces to rescue Cmdr Davidson and stop Cryrose from completing his vile plans?


USS Excalibur

"There's a New Sheriff in Town"

The Grand Negus of Ferenginar has requested that McCloud and the Excalibur come to his planet. It seems that there are a couple of humans robbing Ferengi banks. They are calling themselves Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. After robbing several banks before the Excalibur can arrive. Now they are planning to rob a shuttle train full of diamonds which could cause the Ferengi economy collapse. Will McCloud and crew be able to stop them in time? Check out the posts to find out how they do it.

Respectively submitted by,

Capt. Steven McCloud
CO USS Excalibur NCC-2997

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And now we announce the award winners for December. We had an increase in participation this time from four sims to eight. Way to go!


Best Character Post
Lt Commander Fiona Starling, HN, #1630


Best Story Post
Post #1685 by Lt Nolofinwe, Patriot


Funniest Post
Lt. Dawn Freeman, Goliad


Genesis Award
Capt. Steven McCloud Post # 3441, Excalibur


Most Valuable Poster: Lt. Cmdr. Ashley Jackson, Liberty

Jackson was perhaps the most solid poster overall on the ship for the month. He constantly kept things flowing, he helped to motivate the crew, both the veterans and rookies, and until he went on LOA (for a viable reason) was well on the path of most posts for the month. He has been invaluable to me [Captain Carroll].


Most Improved Poster: Lt. David Sheridan, HN

Lieutenant Sheridan has seen a steady increase in posting numbers as well as a marked increase in posting quality. His posts now not only lend strength to the storyline but also have begun to include other characters greatly. An example of his writing can be seen in this post.


Outstanding Simmer: Ensign Tovik, Washington

My [Captain N'Var] recommendation here is a summary of all other recommendations for this month. I must recommend Ensign Tovik. I believe any player who posts well enough to gain nomination in virtually every award category in their very first month of simming, a player who posts like a veteran, is deserving of the outstanding simmer award as well. This is, in my opinion, quite an accomplishment. Dave posted frequently and regularly. He has paid attention to evolving plotlines and has consistently advanced them in a creative fashion. He has included character development in each post. He has included the other characters in each post. A CO could not ask for more in a player.


Rookie of the Month: Ensign Jason Carver, Patriot

7 good posts with interesting ideas and good story and character development. Carver is always online getting as much info from me when he is unclear on things and is open to constructive criticism to writing better posts. I [Captain Logan] have a feeling he will be earning his Lieutenant pips before I know it.


Recruitment Award: None


Most Posts: Cmdr. Alayne Tolbin - 16, Excalibur


Congratulations to all the award winners this month!

* * * * * * * * * *


Today I had the honor of sitting down with one of IDF's top simmers ever, Mr. Joseph "Stealth" Carroll. Carroll enlightens us on his simming career, what is his favorite sim to date, what he thinks of the Elite 30 list and if he will be attending Ace and Lee's January IDF Birthday Bash.

Ace Decade: Joseph, this is the first time we have gotten to sit down with you in all of IDF's existence. I guess we need to start at the beginning. How did this come about?

Joey Carroll: I assume that you are asking how I came to be in the Fleet...that is with all things, a long story. To keep everyone reading past question 1, I will make it short. Admiral Seldon emailed me out of the blue, asked if I wanted to join his ship the Washington. I said yes, and came aboard as an ensign as Asst. Science Officer. That was at the birth of IDF, and look at me now, I am a CO. Who'd a thought that would have happened, (Laughs).

Decade: Well I sure as hell didn't. Can you briefly explain how each ship, Washington, Goliad and Liberty differ from each other. As in leadership and crew participation. What ship to you was the best?

Carroll: Wow, that is a loaded question, (Laughs). Well the Washington under command of Seldon was a very professional ship. Participation was high, everyone pulled their own weight, and Seldon was like a father figure pretty much. On the Goliad, well, that was like going to an amusement park. Things were in flux so much I swear I was on a rollercoaster. People participated, but it often seemed like it was almost forced. Then there is the Liberty. I have seen 3 different CO's here. Under command of Ace, things were mellow and people seem relaxed with how things were. Under Griffith, things seemed like we were in school, as if every post was going to be graded or something, but at the same time, Griffith wasn't around much, so it also felt like we could do whatever. Under Anderson, it was kinda like, to use a football expression, fun and gun. As people might notice, sadly Anderson didn't last too long, hence my promotion. As to my fave, Liberty!

Decade: Thats interesting. Joey, you have just won your first MVP trophy back in September. How does that feel after puttng in your time in IDF to finally take home the most prestigiuse prize?

Carroll: Well, overall it was great. Not just anyone wins that award, so it meant a lot to me, even more so after I found out it was my first one. Sometimes I forget what I have and haven't won, (Laughs). I swear, I'd forget my head if it wasn't attached.

Decade: (Laughs) When people think of Joey Carroll, they usually think of contreversial or a rule breaker. When you joined the Goliad in early January of 2002, you had written a post that was very disturbing and made a lot of people angry. How are you different now than from the "old Joey"?

Carroll: Wow, I was hoping that was forgotten...well, overall I think I have grown up a lot since then. On a personal perspective, I have had a lot happen that has forced me to do things differently. I think that I have learned to control myself a lot more, but don't think I won't write something crazy again just because I have more responsibility now. I believe in tough love, and it is essential in the growing process, even in writing, I just learned that you got to be a little more tactful with it.

Decade: Will you be attending Ace and Lee's January IDF birthday Bash on January 24th?

Carroll: Sadly no. School kinda negates any possibility of me attending that, but I do wish both a very happy birthday.

Decade: It's not there birthday, just a fancy name they created. But that is sad you will not be attending. Perhaps the fleet get-together this summer?

Carroll: Hopefully. I have wanted to attend that the last couple years, but was unable to. I think if things get organized early on, I might just be able to make an appearance this year.

Decade: Sounds great. Joey, rumors are flying around that your name will appear on the top 30 elite list IDF is coming up with. This list has the names of the top 30 simmers in the first three years. How does this make you feel, if your name is actually on it?

Carroll: If it is on there, I am honored. In the past my arrogant ass nature might suggest that I say something sly, but I think I will bow gracefully if I am on it. To be included with all the other possibilities would be super sweet.

Decade: Yes, names like Kiara Rodale, Fiona Starling, Krol, and Ingoldo just to name a few have been confirmed. IDF top dawgs, wish to keep the remaining list a secret 'till the January newsletter. Those are the only "teasers" they would throw at me. Where, in all honestly do you see Mr. Carroll? Would he be over the afore mentioned?

Carroll: Hmm...lets see here. How do I answer this without getting myself into too much trouble. I see a former Admiral on that list, a current one on it, a former CO now interviewer on it, and well...Lets say I think I will rank highly, but I think they all will as well.

Decade: It is also a rumor that you have lead the USS Liberty to it's sixth posting title. How do you feel to be the one to bring her up out of the ashes she suffered in 2003?

Carroll: Well hey, if so, I want to say one thing, OH HELL YEAH! That said, I am no savior, but I think it is a great thing. It all comes down to the crew though. I just lead, they have to follow. When they do what they do and I do what I do and everything clicks, things look great. Like I told Admiral Darwin when I took over, prepare to see the Liberty back at its former glory and at the forefront of the fleet once more. To all you other CO's, WE'RE BACK!

Decade: A-men! You have a lot of new faces since you took over. Can you elaberate on your favorite characters on the Liberty?

Carroll: Well, I love myself of course, (Laughs). Seriously though, I like Jackson, my Tactical officer. He is an interesting character, and he is a valuable crewman. My new XO, Jeb Walker seems to be interesting enough, and as I learn more about him, I feel more and more worried for the rest of the fleet, especially the ladies. Zith is an oddity that I am enjoying. New species are always fun to watch develop. Lastly, I think people ought to watch Saul Kirk and Aryell Temoi. They are both great and newbies to boot, and I see long and fruitful futures for them, not just on the Liberty, but int he fleet as well.

Decade: How well do you think the new admirals are doing?

Carroll: I think all the new brass are doing well. I know some of them better than others of course, but I think as a whole they are doing very well. I particularly like how well they are dealing with the change of command so to speak.

Decade: What do you think about the new IDF web page?

Carroll: It looks pretty nice actually. I really like what has been done with the division pages as well. It is very cool.

Decade: The Liberty has yet to do a joint mission since they did one with the GWB crew back in September of 2002. Will we see a JM with another sim soon? Anything in the works?

Carroll: I would simply say that several are in the works for 2004. I want to give us a time to get up on our own, then we will do a JM.

Decade: Sounds great. Joey, I am going to wrap this up but before I do I have some quick questions I want to ask you.

Carroll: Alrighty.

Decade: Who would win in a fight? Mario or Luigi?

Carroll: Mario is overrated. I proved that against my brother in Super Smash Brothers. Luigi all the way!

Decade: What do you prefer. Italian or Sea food?

Carroll: Seeing as I am allergic to seafood, Italian all the way. Lasagna is a personal favorite.

Decade: What is the better movie. Harry Potter or Star Wars?

Carroll: Hmmm, well I like both sadly. Overall though, I will say Star Wars, despite all the screw ups, lol. But Trek out ranks both.

Decade: In a fight, who would win. Gandalf or Darth Vader?

Carroll: That depends. Are we talking Gandalf the Grey or Gandalf the White?

Decade: What? (Laughs), pick one.

Carroll: Alright, well if it were the grey, I think Vader takes him, but if he was the White, Gandalf takes Vader down no question.

Decade: In a wrestling match who would win. Randy "Macho Man" Savage or Chris Jericho?

Carroll: I got to go with the classic and give the match to the "Macho Man." Jericho is good though.

Decade: OOOH Yeah!!!!!!

Carroll: I need a slim jim now.

Decade: (Laughs) Who is the better actor. Al Pacino or Tom Hanks?

Carroll: Most people would say Hanks, but I think it is Pacino. Al has played far more memorable roles in my mind, and hey, he has even played Satan. Can't beat that, unless you play God.

Decade: (Laughs), that is true. In an arm wrestling match who would win. Gene Simmons of Kiss or Elton John?

Carroll: Gene Simmons. I won't say anymore than that, (Laughs).

Decade: Okay. In a fight to the death, who would win. Han Solo or Indiana Jones?

Carroll: I say Indiana Jones hands down. I mean sure, Solo has Chewie, but Indiana has Sean Connery as his dad. You can't beat that combo, (Laughs).

Decade: I would have to disagree, though they are both the coolest characters ever! Okay, who is a better cartoon character. Bugs Bunny or Scooby-Doo?

Carroll: Considering the fact that Scooby is a stoner, I would say Bugs Bunny

Decade: (Laughs). And finally, who can spin a web better. Charlotte or Spider-Man?

Carroll: I will go with the neighborhood spider man, though I think Wolverine could kick both their butts.

Decade: That about does it for this month. Thank you Joey Carroll for putting your time into this interview and good luck with the Liberty.

Carroll: It's been a pleasure, I have really enjoyed it. And one last thing, GO PACK!

* * * * * * * * * *


On December 2nd of 2003, Former Admiral Charles Star was relieved by the rest of the Admiralty. Former Admiral Star was unable to fulfill his duties as Commander in Chief, as he promised to do when returning from being AWOL the first time, causing the recent fleet split. Essentially, the Former Admiral promised forward movement in the fleet, even with the loss of those sims, but none came.

After begging and pleading with Mr. Star for some time, trying to get things authorized and not suceeding (as the rest of the Admiralty's hands were tied without the order from Star), we made the decision that the fleet could not move forward quickly enough, waiting, hoping, for Star to respond to us. On the night of the 2nd, the fleet was back under the control of the Admiralty as a working unit, and now we have the resources and authorization to expand and launch all these wonderful things for us all. We hope to be the internet's premier Star Trek Role Play by E-Mail by next summer!

We have a wonderful fleet staff here including our own Director of Fleet Development; Vice Admiral Dragonetti, and she is very good at her job here. She, and all of us here at IDF, will keep working to bring to you the latest and most creative ideas to make the fleet a great place to sim!

* * * * * * * * * *


Thank you to Vice Admiral Rachael Rager, Fleet Interviewer Ace Decade, and Captain Carroll.

* * * * * * * * * *


Admiral James West
Director of Operations
Independence Fleet