November 2003


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-- Mission Summaries
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-- Thanks

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Hello my fellow IDF members. This month didn't see many changes at all so this newsletter is going to be short once again. Hopefully soon we'll start seeing some expansions and things like that so we can put them in the newsletter!

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- Ensign Maganda Bentahr, Chief Communications Officer of the USS George W. Bush was promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade. Congratulations!

- Ensign Toran Omega, Chief Science Officer of the USS George W. Bush was promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade as well. Congratulations!

- James Britanicus has taken back over command of the USS Horatio Nelson and assumes the rank of captain. He still directs the Defense Responce Force as well under the character Rear Admiral Mirtoh.

- Lieutenant Rhian Chal, Chief Engineer of the USS Minerva was promoted to Lieutenant Commander. Great job!

- Lieutenant Junior Grade Arrtessin Mrrara, Chief Security/Tactical Officer of the USS Minerva was promoted to full Lieutenant. Excellent!

- The USS George W. Bush reached 1600 posts on August 19th. The post was sent in by Captain Absecon. Keep up the good work.

- The main IDF banner has been updated on the IDF homepage. The new banner contains a picture of the USS George W. Bush and American Flag which was put together by Lieutenant Ryan Dunmore/Lieutenant Rob Dragonmire.

- To express general interest in any future Division Director, Commanding Officer, or Executive Officer openings please visit the IDF homepage at and click on the proper join link.

- If anyone has any personal announcements relating to the fleet or personnel within the fleet to submit for future editions of the newsletter, please send them to Admiral West at We try to gather all important announcements as the month goes by but would hate to miss anything that could be important to someone. Thanks.

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Here are a few of the many current missions in which our ships/bases are involved in...


USS Goliad

Firstly the Goliad was investigating a Y-class planet and unusual ruins underneath the surface, Commander Voronov leads a team to investigate. Then a replica Goliad appears in orbit, Admiral West leads an away team, but all contact is lost with both teams. The Goliad then comes under attack by three Jem'Hadar cruisers. But suddenly the planet, replica Goliad and Jem'Hadar ships merge into a single space station with the power to destroy everything within 200 lightyears, and the away teams are lost on board. The station charges its weapons but before it can fire the Civilian Armed Transport Vessel Scarlet Benson drops out of warp disables the stations weapons. Lt. Honorad leads a rescue team, comprising of both Goliad and Scarlet Benson crew members.

Captain Larakizhaan sh'Harena
Commanding Officer
USS Goliad NCC-18907-A


USS Excalibur

The Excalibur is ordered to Starbase 219 for repairs to her Sickbay and Admiral Nakamura, an old friend of McCloud's, has a new mission for Mac and his crew. The new mission is to bring Admiral Nakamura and several Ambassadors, to be picked up along the way to Babel for a conference. The last such conference was to deteremine if the Coridan syatem should be admitted to the Federation. Along with this mission, the CMO of the Excalibur, Dr. Fredricks, is getting married, Cmdr. Ingoldo, the CSO, is recalled to Starbase 123 and an Ingoldo from alternate universe is taking his place on the Excalibur, Ingoldo, before he left for the Starbase was conducting a first contact with another alternate universe in Science Lab one on the Excalibur and the CEO, Lt. Cmdr. Blaine has a double that just might cause a problem along the way as well. How will McCloud and his crew deal with ALL this? Only by reading the mission posts, "Return to Babel" will you be able to find out.

Respectfully submitted by,

Captain Steven McCloud
CO USS Excalibur NCC-2997


USS Patriot

"The Blair Sitch"

The USS Blair sent a general distress signal. The Patriot was the closest ship available and went in to invetsigate the signal. The Patriot arrives upon the scene to find the Blair drifting in space with no signs of life. The only other ship in the area is the vessel beonging to Amos Ammassie, interstellar collector and trader. Capt Logan sent an Away team to investigate the mysterious condition of the Blair when a squadron of ships using Tholian technology attacked out of nowhere, led by the warlord Cryrose from the Borandi Empire. As the battle rages on, the away team on the Blair get caught in a spatial interphase in which they find the crew of the Blair. Now they have to get out of the interphase and save both the Patriot and the Blair.

Have a good day and Drive safely

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And now we announce the award winners for this month. As always there is tons of excellent work in the fleet but the Admiralty had to pick just one for each award. The winners did an outstanding job!


Best Character Post
Lt. Commander Dane Christof, USS Washington Post #2760


Best Story Post
Lt.(jg) Alain Legard, USS Washington Post #2747


Funniest Post
Lt.(jg) Darkcould, USS Patriot Post #1544


Genesis Award
Capt. Starling, USS Washington #2693


Most Valuable Poster: Lt.(jg) Alain Legard, USS Washington

Legard has added enormously to our missions and our plot, keeping things going even when I was not around to do so, unfailingly supporting me in my role as captain and the XO as well. His posts are excellent in quality, never failing to give posting opportunities to others and always moving something along or opening a new avenue of action and interaction. More importantly, when a good post will make or break the plotline, he always is the one to step in with that great post. He's a phenomenal officer and I'm thrilled he's on my sim.


Most Improved Poster: Ensign Toran Omega, USS George W. Bush

For a new simmer he's done a great job with staying up to date with posts. Ever since he joined back in July he hasn't posted a great deal, but the posts that he does submit have been getting better and better. And because of that increasing quality in his writing, and his dedication, I nominate him for MIP.


Outstanding Simmer: Commander N'Var, USS Washington

N'Var watches my back and is always available and approachable with problems and complaints, unflinchingly diving through all the paperwork and all the public relations aspects of XO. As an executive officer par excellence, N'Var is fully deserving of the Outstanding Simmer award, if only for the long hours put in when I've been too busy to handle things. The W broke 100 posts this month for the first time in a long time, and most of the credit there goes directly to Cdr. N'Var.


Rookie of the Month: Ensign Oliver Richardson, USS Excalibur

Ens. Richardson joined the Excalibur on the 13th of the month and was able to post 22 times in his first two + weeks aboard. He took to the game very well and has intregrated his character into the crew smoothly. He was able add some interesting character developement into our mission. Welcome aboard Ensign, nice job!


Recruitment Award: Ensign Shin'Kon, GWB, 1 recruit


Most Posts: Commander Ingoldo, USS Excalibur, 26 posts


Congratulations to all the award winners this month!

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Interviewer: We are here today with Commander Voronov of the USS Goliad. How are you doing today Commander?

Cmdr. Voronov: Good, thank you.

Interviewer: What is your position on the USS Goliad?

Cmdr. Voronov: I am currently the Executive officer.

Interviewer: How is that working out for you?

Cmdr. Voronov: It's been trying. I was not sure if I was ready for it, but with the loss of our previous XO, and a new captain, I was willing to try my hand at it and lend the crew and Captain Zhaan some semblance of stability in command.

Interviewer: That is very good to hear. How long have you been onboard the Goliad?

Cmdr. Voronov: About ten months now.

Interviewer: Wow. How has Captain Zhaan been doing since she has taken command of the Goliad? Do you feel all is going well on the ship?

Cmdr. Voronov: Yes, she has done a good job of reviving the ship. It had been waning before she took control. The XO at that time, Victor Davidson, and myself were doing much of the command work. Then Zhaan came in and got the ship running smoothly again. The crew now gets to be the crew instead of the command. I hope that makes sense, heh.

Interviewer: That is very good to hear. So since you have been on for so long, I take it you are aware of the recent traumatic events in IDF?

Cmdr. Voronov: Yes. In fact I'm starting to feel old as I have worked with some of the players involved and knew reasons for the conflict that occurred long before many others even joined the fleet.

Interviewer: What is your opinion on it all?

Cmdr. Voronov: We're all here to have fun. If the fun has gone elsewhere, you should too. I try to stay nuetral in the politics of it all. To be honest, I haven't noticed much of a difference since it simmered down.

Interviewer: Well, onto a different topic, how did you get started in IDF?

Cmdr. Voronov: Ooh! Ancient history! A long time ago, in an email far, far away, I recieved a letter from (at that time) Captian Seldon of the Washington. He had seen my yahoo profile and something urged him to message me. That was in late 2001 if my message archive is correct.

Cmdr. Voronov: Sorry, a second look says he was a Rear-Admiral then.

Interviewer: Wow, so you are one of the oldies like us ( :

Cmdr. Voronov: Yup. Now, where did I leave my cane? :-)

Interviewer: What is your favorite Star Trek episode?

Cmdr. Voronov: That's a tough one. It's not like I remember the episode names anyway. It would definately be a TNG episode, perhaps the one with the Binars. Although most of the episodes with Q were pretty entertaining as well.

Interviewer: Very entertaining, well our alotted time is almost up, any words of advice for any and all simmers?

Cmdr. Voronov: Have fun, sim hard, and when a Klingon asks you if you'd like one slice or two as he hands you your gagh reach for the nearest batleth.

Interviewer: Thank you for your time tonight. ( :

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Thank you to Vice Admiral Dragonetti, Rear Admiral Krol son of K'targ, Commander Voronov, and Lieutenant Dunmore/Dragonmire.

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Admiral James West
Director of Operations
Independence Fleet