May 2002

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Well, this _could_ be the longest fleet newsletter ever! I'll hafta check on that. In any event, it is filled with all sorts of good stuff! We have lots of exciting news and several totally new sections that I hope you'll enjoy. Feed back is welcome! E-mail me at

VAdm Robert Seldon

CO: USS Washington
Dir: Defense Response Force
Chief of IndFleet Operations


The USS Goliad (formerly the USS Chesapeake) and the USS Minerva (formerly the USS Potomac), by decision of their captains and crews, both joined Independence Fleet effective officially May 1st.

The USS Chesapeake launched Jan 1st, 2002 and had a very successful January with 71 posts. After leaving the fleet in early February the ship was re-christened the USS Goliad, though she retained the same registry number, NCC-18907.

Capt. Edwards, played by Shane, is excited about re-joining the fleet. He called IDF "a good fleet" and said that "to most of us [on the Goliad], IDF is home."

The Potomac, the DRF's first expansion ship, launched in late August and, like the Chesapeake, served in IDF through January. She became an independent SIM after that and was replaced by the Athena class USS Minerva, NCC-36181. Cmdr. Be'Karlsa, the ship's XO, said that "I feel that the ship performed better in the fleet, although we [were] not doing badly [as an independent SIM]."

Both ships once again operate in the Defense Response Force. Due to the name changes and extended absences from the fleet, the posting numbers and records for the preceeding ships (the Chesapeake and Potomac) will not carry over to the Goliad and Minerva, which are registered as new ships in the fleet. The Goliad will now bear the registry number NCC-18907-A.

I am personally very excited about both captains and their crews deciding to re-join IndFleet. Krol, Edwards and several from their crews previously served on the Washington (and several have a second character on the W). Both ships have a lot of talent and a lot to offer Independence Fleet.

These are the only two ships to join the fleet by transfer and not by first creation.

Everyone, please join my fellow COs and I in welcoming the two newest ships to Independence Fleet!

-- Why the Minerva joined IDF, by Capt. Krol

On May 01, 2002, the U.S.S. Minerva made the decision to enter Independence Fleet once again. We had originally been chartered by the fleet as the U.S.S. Potomac, but when the fleet split up and Admiral West left, the Potomac decided to become completely independent.

This decision was due to a conflict of loyalties on the part of her Captain, Krol, son of K'Targ. He had previously served under both Admirals West and Seldon and found himself in a deadlock during this massive conflict of interests.

The Potomac became independent and survived one mission, before being destroyed and replaced with the Minerva. After the Minerva's establishment, the ship and her crew played one mission before asking to rejoin the fleet.

The decision to rejoin the fleet came from Captain Krol's observation, shared by some of his command crew, that without the structure of a fleet to help certain members, the posting rate on the Minerva was experiencing a heavy drop. With this observation, Krol decided that the Minerva needed a fleet once again.

On reflection, Krol decided that there was no fleet in which he would rather participate than Independence Fleet with his many member-friends that were still serving there. So he humbly requested of Admirals Seldon and Star to rejoin the fleet. They accepted his request after some deliberation and now the posting rate is experiencing a slow, but steady increase from the all-time low at which it resided when the ship was not in the fleet. FRQX.

-- Why the Goliad joined IDF, by Shane (Capt. Edwards)

Hey Everybody,

Normally in the IDF newsletter, a lot of people speak using their character names. Today, I am not speaking at Captain Shawn Edwards. Rather I am coming to you as Shane West. In early February, I made a large mistake on my part. I separated the, then, USS Chesapeake from IDF. The Avalon, now known as the Camelot, made the split as well. We joined two other independent SIMs to create Neo-Utopia Fleet, later changing the name to Nova Fleet. My reason for leaving was to create a truly new and innovative role-play experience. In a partial way to become an Admiral. Yes, I admit it, admiralty was something I wanted, but as is evident in many ways, someone should be truly ready for something like that. I was voted to be the C-in-C of this new fleet, but it was something that I wasn’’t ready for. There were many times in which I had to sacrifice the fleet for my SIM and vice-versa. That just wasn’’t right.

Even though the new C-in-C of NF is on the Goliad, I will be perfectly honest. I did not like the direction that it was going. I think CD (Commander Davidson of the Goliad) said it best one day after school when he said, ““The idea was good, but the people behind it couldn’’t implement it.”” CD was perfectly right, and I blame myself. I could not rise to the occasion. One big reason was that I had to convince myself that I was doing the right thing. In something like that, you HAVE to be sure and completely confident in what you are doing. This is shown by my almost instantaneous decision to come back to IDF.

Since we left IDF, posting was horrible. No one posted, I had problem after problem; be with personnel, bad CO’’s, dead ships, or some other political thing that should never have come up. This is supposed to be a Role Playing Game, not the U.S. Senate. My SIM, and more importantly, my crew needs a good SIMMING fleet. One that can give us the support that we need. One that will not allow for any political conundrum. One that can help further the role-playing experience. This is where IDF comes in.

Since I have rejoined IDF, posting numbers have increased significantly. Most of us came from IDF and learned to SIM here, me included. IDF is our SIMMING home and will always remain so. I understand that my leaving was the catalyst for the big IDF split. In one way, I feel that I should feel sorry for that. But, considering the problems that were going on, I think it might have been for the best for the longevity of IDF.

I would just like to thank Jacob (Seldon) and Alan (Star) for allowing my crew and I to rejoin the fleet we have come to know as home. But let me go on the record as saying that I DO NOT wish any ill will on the Nova Fleet. I wish them all the luck in the world in their endeavor. It just wasn’’t for me, and I have to do what I feel is best for my crew and my SIM.

-Shane West aka

Captain Shawn Edwards
Commanding Officer
USS Goliad NCC-18907-A


Fleet Admiral Shawn Edwards
CO: USS Goliad NCC-18907
Dir: Taskforce 01 (Defense Response)
C-in-C: Nova Fleet


With the addition of the Goliad and the Minerva the Defense Response Force numbered 5 ships briefly, tying the normally larger DSE in size for the first time. However, the DRF's USS Defiance was released from service in Independence Fleet on May 13th after another month of struggling.

Since her launch in the Defense Response Force the Defiance had seen steadily declining activity. At the time of the ship's release, it has been two weeks since the ship's last post on April 30th. During the whole month of April only 6 members of the Defiance's crew posted, producing a total of 21 posts during that month. Activity in the group had nearly completely ceased.

The USS Defiance launched on Feb. 24th, 2002 under the command of Capt. Samuel Meriod, played by James. James previously SIMed on the USS Washington as several characters, most notably Lewis Concorde.

James' record on the Washington was exemplary. He won the fleet's Funniest Post Award in February for his #749 and received numerous other award nominations and honorable mentions. On the Washington, he was 4 times honored in the category of best post for his excellent writing skills. He also was recognized for Funniest Post, Most Posts, and MVP.

The Defiance's most active month was March, in which the group produced 42 posts. James has announced his intention to return to the Washington as Jace Meriod, one of his previous characters. Seldon and the rest of the W's crew looks forward to having him back!


Each month, Independence Fleet recogizes excellence in several categories. In our talented organization, anyone nominated for an award can be proud of their effort. Here are our deserving winners from April!

- Best Post

After 10 months of service and 1,137 posts, the USS Washington finally has a Best Post award to display. The W's XO, Capt. James "Rook" Mirtoh brings home the award for his well-written Post #1055. The post is direct, has good characterizations, and moves the story forward by getting crewmembers out of a tight jam. The Washington's Best Postlessness was ended despite excellent posts written by other talentedwriters like the George W. Bush's Jasson Asuka and the Patriot's Dan Finnigan. Mirtoh had twice before been nominated in this category.

- Funniest Post

Another of the Patriot's quality writers, Ens. Matt Gelfand, becomes only the 5th person to win the Fleet's Funniest Post award this month. His Post #266 is very amusing, using humor in what would normally be written as a tense situation. Gelfand was also the Pat's Most Improved Nominee and, with 14 posts, the ship's most active member for April as well. Too bad that comm-finder was just the demo version.

- Most Posts

The most prolific poster of April comes from the USS Excalibur, Ens. Ingoldo. Ingoldo posted 21 times during the month, beating the next most postous person by 2 posts. Ingoldo was also nominated by Capt. McCloud for Best Post and for MVP.

- Rookie of the Month

This award is always exciting as it represents growth in the fleet and an influx of new talent. Of the numerous people that joined IDF in April, the Washington's John Sunfeather, who is the ship's yeoman, was found to be the best. Despite joining the W over halfway through the month, on April 17th, Sunfeather posted 5 times. In addition to creating a very interesting biography and character, he incorporates other crewmembers into his well-written posts with great regularity. According to Seldon, Sunfeather "is a great addition to the W's crew!"

- Recruitment

Despite several new members to the fleet in April, the field of Recruiter candidates was, surprising, small. The award goes to the W's Capt. Mirtoh in the end. Rook was once before nominated as the Washington's best recruiter. The ship had not before won the recruitment award. Mirtoh and the Washington's CEO,Reggie "Big" Johnson, are not tied at 5 awards as the fleet's two most decorated officers. The Washington now has an award winner in each of the 7 categories.


"If anyone deserves the MVP award for April, it's Mr. Asuka," said Adm Star confidently as he nominated his XO for the honor. With 18.5 posts, Jasson Asuka "as he usually does. . . had a good mix of good, plot-advancing posts and entertaining, light-hearted ones between missions. He even co-wrote a very funny joint-post with another crewmember towards the end of the month." Asuka, along with being a great writer, has also taken on a leadership role on the GWB. He has helped new crewmembers improve their posting techniques and gain confidence. "Without Asuka's great posting, in both quality and quantity, and his encouragement and help with the other crewmembers, the Bush would have gone absolutely no where during April," says Star. "He was our MVP." And the fleet agrees.


Here's what some of the fleet's other ships are up to right now!

Submitted by Capt. Dragonneti of the USS Patriot

The Patriot is assigned to vist the planets of Grek and Gren. They are two planets located right next to each other, who have been involved in a war for many many years. The Patriot's goal is to help the planets solve their differences in a nice and orderly manner. Everything goes as plan until the two teams (one for each planet) get lost in a maze of who is who and what belongs to what. Soon, a breakthrough is made and Lt. Cougar Walking discovers that the races are originally the same, but after DNA changing have completely separated themselves from each other. The Patriot's current mission: to stop the conflicts and bring them back together by presenting their history to them by using some of the ancient rituals.

Submitted by Capt. Edwards of the USS Goliad

On a mission to Verius IV, the USS Goliad was engaged in combat with a number of Breen ships without any sort of provocation. The ship was in danger of being destroyed. In a last ditch effort to save his crew, FAdm Edwards fired two Transphasic Torpedoes, which destroyed the two Breen ships, but the Goliad was caught in the explosion leading to her destruction. As per Starfleet regulations, the CO, Fleet Admiral Shawn James Edwards was court-martialed. Among those being charged in the court-martial are her Chief Security Officer and Second Executive Officer, Lt. Cmdr. Sorcha Hagan, her Strategic Operations Officer, Lt. (jg) Robert Windecamp, and her Tactical Officer, Ens. Ska’’Ren. But, as is shown in the Star Trek Universe, the court-martial doesn’’t go as planned. There is a great deal of intrigue, backstabbing, and questions of loyalty has these officer put their careers on the line to defend their action. A very special guest is making an appearance in this mission as a character witness and moral support, Vice-Admiral Robert Seldon who was Edwards’’ mentor and former CO. What will happen with this court-martial? In the word of Captain Edwards, it’’s in the hands of the valiant crew of the former USS Goliad.

Submitted by Capt. Krol of the USS Minerva

The Minerva is assigned to a diplomatic mission in Romulan Space. The Romulan Praetor's daughter fell in love with a Starfleet Officer during the Dominion War and they want to marry. The Praetor, in a surprising act of open-mindedness, has agreed to the wedding and has also offered overtures to peace agreements. The Minerva is assigned to escort both the groom and a Federation Ambassador to Romulus for the proceedings. After a brief test of Captain Krol's resolve, two Warbirds are assigned to escort the ship to Romulus. However, a saboteur aboard the Minerva attempts to destroy the ship by releasing the containment fields on the antimatter storage pods. After a brief phaser fight in the room containing the pods, the saboteur, apparently a Jem'Hadar warrior, is apprehended. The antimatter pods, however, cannot besaved and must be ejected from the ship. The Minerva is now on a limited fuel supply until the antimatter can be restocked...

Submitted by Adm. Star of the USS George W. Bush

While on a routine patrol through space, three space pirates, Buster, Franko, and Pops, beam aboard the Bush, undetected. They quickly take control of the bridge and then transport 250 soldiers from their cloaked freighter. In no time the George W. Bush is theirs. The entire crew is rounded up and taken to the brig. No longer needing their own ship, the pirates destroy it with a barrage of torpedoes from the Bush. Buster and company are working for someone known as the "Big Head." Their mission is the capture a federation starship and bring it back to him. The crew has tried several attempts to escape and regain control of the ship, but all have been unsuccessful thus far. We've met several other pirates as well, LeRoy and BillyBob to name a few. Will we be able to save the ship before it gets in the hands of the Big Head?

Submitted by Capt. McCloud of the USS Excalibur

The USS Excalibur is sent to the Ocalma Nebula to check out some strange signals. After finding a lost crewman, they in counter a strange asteroid, from which a "morse code" signal is being sent out. Ship's enter the asteroid and are identified as Dominion Ship's. What the crew and Captain McCloud don't know is that these people are from a parallel universe. The same universe that Captain James Kirk and his crew encountered. The ISS Excalibur, whose Captain is Alayne Tolbin, who killed her McCloud to gain control of the ship, and is now looking to kill another McCloud, with the help of Commander Tolbin. Unless McCloud and his crew can figure out what's happening in time.

Submitted by VAdm Seldon of the USS Washington

Fresh from a mission involving the Romulans in which Galactic war was averted only by some quick thinkingand good restraint, the Washington heads back to her home port, Starbase 12, for refitting and shore leave. Many crewmembers plan on enjoying holodeck time, seeing the sites on the system's planets, or on doing work at the base. Hopefully, the crew won't burn down any large, pristine forests like last time.


- Answer to last month's riddle...

The evil Dr. Westgate let out his vile laugh once more. "You all shall die!" he snarled through his terrible smile.

Before you knew it, there was only one second left! The sweat was pouring down your face. It was obvious that neither your CO or XO knew the answer, it was completely up to you. Suddenly the answer came to you! Without thinking, you began to shout, "White! My cap's white!"

Westgate's evil grin quickly faded to a blank look of defeat. "No, no! It's not possible! You're just not that clever!"

"That I am," you quickly replied back. "Actually, it was quite elementary, my dear Dr. Westgate. The fact that my XO behind me couldn't figure out what cap he was wearing was the key. I saw that my CO had a black cap on in front of me. If I also had a back cap, my XO would have immediately known he had a white cap and would have shouted it out. My CO must have been wearing a different colored cap that me, that's why my XO couldn't decide what he was wearing. So my cap is white!" You then removed your cap and low and behold is was white.

Westgate was furious. "Well, I'm going to kill you all anyway!"

Before he could react a security detail from your ship beamed down and arrested Dr. Westgate and his men. You, your CO, and XO then transported back up to the ship. You've captured another dangerous villian. Nowyou can continue the battle for truth, justice, and the American way for one more day.

- This Month's riddle...

"One of these 10 crates of latinum strips is from Nok, the Ferengi felon, and is filled with fakes," said Johnny Johnson, the manager of the First Bank of Mars. "But we're not sure which one!"

This would be a tough assignment, you think, as you look at the different crates of latinum in the bank's vault. But your captain is counting on you to keep the bank from being defrauded and going bust.

"Is there any physical difference between the fake strips and the real ones?" asks your ship's chief of security.

Johnson nods his head, "Yes, yes there is." Pointing to the nearest crate he explains, "The real strips each weigh exactly 10 grams each. The fake ones weigh only 9 grams each."

"Well, this seems easy enough to solve then," you say confidently as you step forward. "Lets just weigh a strip from each crate and toss out the ones from the crate of the strip that weighs 9 grams."

Johnson shakes his head, "No, no, no. It's not that simple. Our scale isn't working properly," he says uncomfortably. "Uh... we can only make _one_ weighing and then the scale will become inoperable."

(Golly, it's no wonder this bank is in financial trouble,) you think. "Well, then, we'll just need to hail the ship and get our engineer down here to fix this thing!" you announce.

"No need," says your ship's security officer. "You see, we'll only need to make one weighing."

"Oh?" says Johnny Johnson. "How is that?"

* * *

So, how are you going to determine which of the 10 crates contains the fake latinum if you can only use the scale to make one measurement? The answer will be posted in the next issue!


"Our Man Bashir" -- DS9

Dr Bashir spends time in the Holodeck during this episode where he takes on the role of a Secret Agent & his mission is to save the world from a bad guy that has set up a bomb that would take out a large area. During this episode several of the other main characters get into the program also in taking on the roles of others.

This is one of my favorite episodes of Deep Space Nine since it shows Dr Bashir doing something other than basically doing something medical related all the time. He gets to do something that shows another side of his ability. Even if it is in a holodeck program.

... Capt. Josie O'Neal, USS Pioneer


Interviewer: We're joined today by Ens. Storm of the USS George W. Bush. Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to speak with us, Ens.

Storm: alright

Interviewer: Can you tell us a little about what is happening aboard the Bush right now?

Storm: right now were fighting for our lives against an unknown alien species there is only a few of us on board....the others are on a planet

Interviewer: How is your character fitting into this mission?

Storm: communications specialist has it's high pointsin starting trouble

Storm: i mean......i get all the messages first

Storm: but on this mission i believe i got us into trouble by hailing the vessel and asking it why it was firing on us

Interviewer: Oh?

Storm: yeah

Storm: after i tried hailing it, the ship disabled our shield generator

Interviewer: Your character, Jack Storm, was recently "killed off," wasn't he. Could you tell us a little about that?

Storm: yeah it was kind of odd.....i was killed and then i was brought back because i had told the ships captain that i was gonna start posting more

Storm: my death was being blown to little bits

Interviewer: Yes, we have a clip from that Post, #159. Let's take a look at it.

Storm: oh no you have the clip

* * *

The shuttle lands on the planet Gigantimous. Storm and Cabot exit the shuttle and start walking towards the capital city.

Storm: "Now we get to kick some Gigantimous butt!"

Cabot: "I like to kick butt!"

Star: =/\=Remember, your mission is to _infiltrate_, not _attack_.=/\=

Storm: =/\=Right, Cap'n!=/\=

Star: =/\=Star out.=/\=

Cabot: "Let's go kick some butt anyway!"

Storm: "Yeah!"

::Storm and Cabot run out into the street, blasting their phaser rifles all over the place, killing innocent Gigantugans.::

Cabot: "This is awesome, Jack!"

Storm: "It sure is, Garmie!"

The police appear and start firing, they hit Cabot.

Cabot: "Ahhhh! I'm hit!" ::falls to the ground::

Storm: ::Looks around, then runs away::

* * *

{Outside the Hospital}

Storm: ::runs into buidling, fires back at the police chasing him:: "You'll never catch me and I'm going to rescue my friend!"

Police #2: "Give up now and you will be extradicted back to your government."

Storm: "No way, fag!" ::continues firing back at police from inside the front doors::

* * *

{Entrance to Hospital}

Storm: "You'll never get me, pigs!" ::fires another shot out the building::

Suddenly, hospital guards appear from behind Cooper; he now has police on one side and the gaurds on the other!

Gaurd #1: "Freeze!"

Storm: ::turns to fire at the gaurds::

Gaurds: ::all 12 of them fire their weapons at Storm::

Police: ::all 6 of them fire their weapons at Storm::

Storm: ::getting all blasted to bit by high powered phasers and bullets:: "Ahhhh, nooo!!!" ::is shaking violently, parts of him are flying off and squirts of blood are going everywhere. The bluttets are ravaging his body:: "Nooooo!!!"

Gaurd #1: "Cease fire!" ::gaurds stop::

Police #2: "Cease fire!" ::police stop::

Storm: ::his mangled and devastated body falls back into a garbage disposal:: "Mommy?" ::the garbage disposal has been activated!"

The two large metal walls collapse onto Storm, crushing his already destroyed body. The metal walls open back up. Storm's body is smashed into the rest of the trash. Blood and body parts are scattered about the top of the garbage disposal, with the rest of Storm all smashed up inside

Gaurd #11: ::looking at Storm's remains:: "He's dead."

* * *

Interviewer: Were you told in advance that your character was going to be killed off? And what was your reaction when you read the post?

Storm: i was kaughing histerically at my death

Storm: and no i was not told in adavance

Interviewer: Did you find it to be a fitting end for Ens. Jack Storm?

Storm: for the time being yes

Interviewer: Do you know how your crewmates reacted to the post?

Storm: but when i die and actually end the character of ens. jack storm.....i would like to do it honorabble and go down up against the klingons or the borg or something

Storm: and no i dont know there reaction to the post

Interviewer: Well, as you said, Ens. Storm later returned to the SIM. Let's take a look at a clip from that post.

* * *

A shuttle approaches the ship (this seems to be the mission for shuttles to drop off new crewmen while we're chasing this evil alien ship). It's identity is revealed and it beams a passenger over to the Bush.

{Transporter Room}

Storm: ::materializes::

Trent: "Ensign Jack Storm! I thought you were dead!"

Storm: ::steps off of the transporter padd:: "Well, I almost was." ::gives her a really cool guy, sexy look:: "It was a real dangerous assignment." ::runs his hand through his hair:: "Star Fleet made up a story about mine and Cabot's death so no one would know about our true mission. It was top-top secret." ::nods::

Trent: ::the two walk out of the transporter room and continue down the corridor as the converse:: "Then is Cabot... alive too?"

Storm: "No." ::deep pause:: "Our mission was to clean the Starbase 47 latrines. Star Fleet brass was looking for the fleet'snext great janitors. They thought Cabot and I had what it took."

Trent: "That doesn't sound dangerous?"

Storm: "We both contracted bacterial infections from our cleaning duties. Cabot..." ::struggles to speak:: "Cabot didn't make it."

Trent: ::is in tears::

Storm: ::getting teary-eyed:: "I was relieved of latrine duties and sent back here." ::pauses:: "So what's our status?"

* * *

Storm: oiy

Storm: how did you get these

Interviewer: They're in the USS George W. Bush archive at Posts #159 and #183.

Storm: oh yeah

Interviewer: Were you involved in writing the post in which your character returns to the ship?

Storm: no

Interviewer: What sort of reaction did you have to your return post?

Storm: they made me lie to the other crew was horrible cause i hate lieing....but it was an ok return]

Storm: i really dont care about making me lie to the other crew members

Interviewer: How has your character been able to interact with other crewmembers since his return?

Interviewer: And how did his return work into the story?

Storm: well......i am the communications specialitst dont forget and i have to try and get us out of this mess before the ship is destroyed

Interviewer: Do you think you'll ever write a post that elaborates on Storm's top secret adventures?

Storm: nah not really

Storm: if they are to be kept secret then I say let them stay secret

Interviewer: What are your views on writting out crewmembers from the storyline? Storm: what do you mean by that?

Interviewer: In what way should departing SIM members have their characters written out?

Storm: i'm really not sure

Storm: listen i have to go

Interviewer: Alright. Well, that's all the time we have alloted for the interview. Thank you very much for speaking with us.

Storm: it's been great talking to you

-- Since that interview was taken last month, Jack Storm has been promoted to Lieutenant, J.G. aboard the George W. Bush. He continues as communications specialist and was nominated for Most Improved for April by GWB CO Adm Star.


-- "The Stars, Like Dust" by Isaac Asimov (231 pages)

"The Stars, Like Dust" is the first of Asimov's 3 (very) loosly connected "Empire Novels." It takesplace several thousand years in the future when the Earth is just one of countless planets inhabited by people. Like many of Asimov's books, it covers several different genres: science fiction, action, and mystery among others.

The book starts shortly after Biron Farril's father, the Rancher of Widemos, has been killed. Biron very quickly finds that someone is now out to murder him as well. Not knowing what is going on, he flees Earth and tries to contact some of his father's friends for help.

Little does he know that the Empire of Tyrann, a ruthless and expanding kingdom, is, somehow, behind these events. Biron has fallen into galactic politics and his actions will determine the course of future history.

Events in TSLD are always quick and rarely drag. The plot is quite interesting, with several good sub-plots thrown in for good measure. There is plenty of intrigue in the story for even non-science fiction fans to thoroughly enjoy the book.

- "The Stars, Like Dust" was, reportedly, Asimov's least favorite of all his (many, many) novels. This reviewer is fond of it, however. The novel first appeared in the January, February and March 1951 issues of Galaxy under the title "Tyrann", and was published in book form by Doubleday in March.


-- "Galaxy Quest" (1999, PG, 102 minutes)

Jason Nesmith (Tim Allen) is an actor who played Commander Peter Quincy Taggart on "Galaxy Quest," a cheesy 80's sci-fi show with very commited fans (called "Questrians"). Now, he and the rest of the show's cast are has-beens who don't really like each other and can only make a spare buck by going to Galaxy Quest Conventions. It looks like their careers are over.

However, the original transmissions of the television show are picked up by Thermians, a race of naive aliens who take the episodes as being "historic documents." They build a real version of the Protector, the ship in the show, and go to earth to recruit Nesmith and the rest of the cast to save their race from Sarris, an evil warlord. Nesmith and the other Galaxy Quest stars have no choice but to play their roles one more time. But Sarris is not a nice alien.

"Galaxy Quest" (the movie, not the fictional show) is a lot of fun to see. Star Trek fans, especially, will appreicate many of the numerous jokes and references to Trek. Once you've seen Episode II, drop by your friendly local Blockbuster to rent "Galaxy Quest."

-- There are numerous references to Star Trek in "Galaxy Quest":

- The rock monster is a mock tribute to William Shatner, who desperately wanted to put rock monsters in the climax of STAR TREK V, but had to cut them out of his script for budgetary reasons.

- At one point, the crew are eating aboard the ship and are told that the food has been prepared based on their regional cuisine. The commander comments that the steak tastes like Iowa Beef. This seems like a subtle reference to the fact that Captain Kirk is from Iowa.

- Also, the NSEA Protector's serial number is NTE 3120 -- NTE being short for Not The Enterprise.


- The USS Goliad, NCC-18907-A, and the USS Minerva, NCC-36181, joined IDF on May 1st. The Goliad previously served from Jan 1st - Jan 31st 2002 as the USS Chesapeake, NCC-18907 and the Minerva previously served as the USS Potomac, NCC-23512, from August 29th 2001 - Jan 31st 2002.

- Felicity "Slash" Dragonetti, formerly of the USSDefiance, was made Captain of the USS Patriot officially May 1st. Capt. Dick Sprague was previously the interim CO. Dragonetti has updated and re-done the Patriot's site, making it much more informative and improving the layout.

- The USS Washington's XO, Capt. James "Rook" Mirtoh, is made IDF's first Fleet Captain. This fleet-wide position is generally held by the most capable non-CO fleetmember and exists to temporarily lead ships if their CO is unable to do so for any period of time.

- The USS Horatio Nelson, NCC-19958, launched on April 22nd under the command of Capt. James "Brit" Britanicus, a former member of the Washington's crew. The ship managed an impressive 27 posts in the fraction of a month she was in operation. The Nelson serves in the DRF and her website is linked to the fleet main page.

- After only 4 months, ID Fleet has eclipsed its posting total from last year. We had 2,105 posts sent through the fleet during 2001 (July-December). There have been 2,141 posts sent this year through the end of April. That puts us on pace to finish the year with 6,423 -- a total we will almost certainly crush with our current growth.

- Admiral Star's new high score on the "Police Force" pinball game is over 70 million points! He currently holds all of the top scores on the game.


This is a new section, we're adding to the newsletter. Each month, we'll bring up something that you may or may not know but will probably find useful.

For the inaugural column, did you know that Independence Fleet keeps very detailed records of ship posting stats and all fleet award winners?

Since July, the fleet has given out 64 individual posting awards and 10 posting titles. All the winners -- and much, much more are recorded on the FleetWebsite's awards page!

Be sure to check it out!


Well, I hope you've enjoyed it all! I've had a lot of fun working with the numerous people who've contributed to the newsletter (a lot of what you've read isn't mine, if you haven't noticed).

Thanks to all the COs for writing up mission summaries, to Storm for being our interviewee, to Star for coming up with the Book, Movie, and Riddle of the month sections (and writing this month's riddle answer), and to O'Neal for writing about her favorite (well, one of her favorite) Trek episodes. If you don't like the newsletter... blame them!

Oh, incidentally, this _is_ the longest IndFleet newsletter. Ever.

Until next month!

VAdm Robert Seldon (Jacob)

CO: USS Washington
Dir: Defense Response Force
Chief of IndFleet Operations