December 2002



Howdy y’all! I must first apologize for the tardiness of this newsletter. I worked on it some yesterday afternoon after watching my Dolphins beat the Raiders in a _huge_ game. Then I went to a local restaurant and watched the WWE Pay-Per-View event. It was pretty good, especially the last two matches. By the time I got back home, it was after 11. I could have finished up a below average newsletter, but I decided to wait until today to get it done right. Anyway, with everything else aside, here’s the newsletter!

Christmas is only a mere 8 days away now. I’m really looking forward to being able to take some time off from school to go home and be with my family. There’s a chance I may be able to go to New Orleans for free (minus gas), so I’m keeping my fingers crossed on that. However, no matter what we’re all doing for Christmas and the “winter break,” let’s not forget the real meaning of the holiday.

- News and Happenings
- Ship Nicknames
- November Award Winners
- Genesis Award
- 10,000th Post
- Mission Features
- Special Guest: Capt. Krol
- Fantasy Football Standings
- Closing


- The Special Operations Division (SOD) has been reformed. Captain Zachari Vrona, CO of Starbase 10, was promoted to Commodore and named Director of the SOD. Comm. Vrona has selected his XO on Starbase 10, T'Maekh tr'Lennex, to be the SOD’s Fleet Captain. The SOD has not been in operation since it disbanded in March 2002, when it was known as the Special Operations Taskforce (SAT).

- The USS George W. Bush saw its 1,000th post sent on November 30th. The GWB becomes only the third ship in IDF history to accomplish the feat. Admiral Charles Star, CO, was able to send the milestone post.

- Adm. Star has resigned as CO of the USS George W. Bush to devote more time to fleet matters. In 12 months under Star, the GWB saw 1,003 posts, 14 fleet awards, and 1 posting title. Captain Jasson Asuka has since stepped down as DSE Fleet Captain to take command of the USS George W. Bush. A replacement for Capt. Asuka has not yet been named.

- The USS Washington had its 2,000th post earlier this month – becoming the first ship ever to do so in IDF! Assistant Engineer Lt. J.G. Chameleon Circuit had the privilege of sending the monumental post. Captain Dick Sprague, CO, was ecstatic about the W’s accomplishment. He credited the many people before him, chiefly former CO, VAdm. Robert Seldon, for the occasion.


As it inevitably happens, institutions and people seem to acquire nicknames. The sims of IDF (a nickname nonetheless) are not immune to this phenomenon. I use these abbreviations quite frequently. Most of the time people understand them fine, but sometimes people have no idea what I’m talking about. In order to clarify the situation, here is the official list of sim nicknames:

Starbase 10: SB10
USS Avalon: Big A
USS Excalibur: X
USS George W. Bush: GWB
USS Goliad: Goalie
USS Horatio Nelson: HN
USS Legend: (nickname has yet to be coined)
USS Liberty: Lib
USS Minerva: Minnie
USS Patriot: Pat
USS Pioneer: Pi
USS Washington: W


Best Story Post: Lt. Simon Cathero, COO, USS Patriot, Post #865. This veteran simmer has played an important role on the Pat for a few months now. Cathero finally makes his mark with the Best Story Post award. In the post, Cathero managed to save the ship... by falling asleep?

Best Character Post: Lt. Cmdr. McGregor Blaine, CEO, USS Excalibur, Post #1506. A real emotional post from an excellent writer. In #1506, Blaine finally comes to terms with the death of his fiancé from six years ago. It allows the character of Blaine to move on.

Funniest Post: Lt. Cmdr. Dick Phelps, CIO, USS George W. Bush, Post #1001. In his final post for the GWB, Dick again brings home the gold. This marks Dick’s 5th Funniest Post award! In Post #1001, Dick tries to surprise his CO, but his surprise doesn’t work out too well.

Most Posts: Lt. Cmdr. Dusty Redroi, COO, 64 posts. Dusty Redroi wins the Most Posts award for the second month in a row. His 64 posts during November is a new IDF record, breaking the previous record of 62. Redroi is a big reason for the X’s recent success.

MVP: Lt. Zingela, ASO, USS Washington. Zingela had a stellar month onboard the W. He posted 14 times, all of excellent quality. Zingela’s posting is some of the best this editor has ever seen. In addition to that, his encouragement and leadership to the crew is second to none.

Rookie of the Month: Ens. Ravyn Martinez, SP, USS Excalibur. Martinez burst onto the scene in November with 42 posts! She didn’t join to become a passive player, but immediately became one of the integral players on the X. With the look of it, her contributions are just beginning.

Most Improved: Lt. J.G. Miao Yin, C, USS Patriot. After posting only 5 times during October, Yin was able to improve her November total to 15! Not only that, but her posts went from being obscure to very important with the missions with several key plot twist. A great turnaround.

Recruitment: Ens. Sally Hawk, FCC, USS Goliad. Sally Hawk made her presence felt on the Goalie when she become its first crewmember to take home an IDF award! Her efforts to find some new blood for the Goliad paid off with the recruitment of a new crewmember!


Wondering why the newsletter was late? This is why. Voting on the Genesis Award, which is given to the best mission starting post, got off to a late start this month. Thus, this write up is rushed and will suck.

The winner of the Genesis Award goes to the new captain of the Washington, Capt. Dick Sprague. It was actually a tough decision between this one and the runner-up. But in the end, it's the use of character, the quick set-up, and the creativity that gives this post the award.

The post can be read here:

The runner-up also possessed creativity, and good use of character, and was written by Admiral Charles Star. The significance of this post is that it was the swan song for the Admiral, who was retiring his character to a desk job, and running the fleet from the background. He is not, I repeat not, retiring from the fleet, so don't throw any fare thee well parties, or anything. :p

The post can be read here:, and the add-on can be read here: .

I hope that next month, things aren't as rushed, but then again, we won't be a Star Trek sim if things didn't happen at the last minute, would we? ;)

Lt. Zingela
Assistant Science Officer
USS Washington NCC-11988

10,000TH POST

Since our launch date of July 4th, 2001, we’ve seen quite a bit in our short history. Independence Fleet has been in operation now for 17.5 months. We’ve had 23 total sims, 24 different CO’s, 7 members of the Admiralty, and 3 non-Admirals serve at the fleet level. As far as posting – In our first 17 months, there have been 10,925 posts, 117 individual awards, and 17 posting titles (obviously). And that brings us to our topic today – the 10,000th post!

It happened on November 5th, 1955, I mean November 5th, 2002. After a thorough examination through the post archives of the twelve current IDF sims, I was able to locate the exact post. It was Post #1301 from the USS Excalibur, sent by Chief Security Officer, Lt. Jack Barnes!

In the Post #1301, Lt. Barnes discovers that his quarters have been broken into and vandalized. Barnes then speaks with CO RAdm. Steve McCloud about the incident. This event later plays an important part in the Excalibur’s storyline. Congrats to Lt. Barnes with this monumental post for IDF!


USS Excalibur, submitted by RAdm. Steve McCloud:

There is an outbreak of a strange flu on DS9, that has infected 80% of the stations inhabitants. This flu was brought to the station by a visiting dignitary from the planet Tusker in the Gamma quadrant. After a freighter was sent to Tusker to get an antidote doesn't return, the Excalibur is dispatched to find the freighter and the antidote. Before the Excalibur can reach the station the crew starts coming down with the virus from a new crewman that was on DS9 before being assigned to the X. There is also a strange madman on the ship looking to destroy the Federation. Now it's a race to the Planet Tusker to find a cure and stop a plot to wipe out all life in the alpha quadrant.

USS George W. Bush, submitted by Capt. Jasson Asuka:

The GWB is currently re-charting the Ptolemy Dust Cloud near Sheliak space, possible findings and confrontations are many and the first impression of a new captain rests on the mission... Also the GWB is trying out an experimental period where there is not difference between CD and normal Mission posting times. Right now the GWB will flow from one mission to the next and CD will take place throughout the mission.

USS Goliad, submitted by Capt. Victor Davidson:

The USS Goliad-A is getting ready for the return of Edwards with a party on the ship. We are docked at Starbase 12 currently and waiting for the return of the captain before starting our next mission. We're having a little fun before Edwards returns, with challenges in piloting skills, games, and the making of friends.


- Real name?

Greg Davis

- Where are you from?

Branson, Missouri

- What do you do (work/school, etc)?

I currently attend Branson High School and work at a local movie theater.

- How'd you get involved with IDF?

I was a member of the second batch of Sunfire crew back when she was still with Utopia Fleet. When the new fleet was created, I was transferred with Admiral Seldon to the U.S.S. Washington.

- Where did you get your character name from?

I used a combination of the Klingon Dictionary (to look at typical Klingon names) and the top of my head.

- How similar/dissimilar are you to your character?

I am similar in the fact that both Krol and I are devoted to honor and duty, but I am a bit more loose than he is, though. I know how to just let go and have fun sometimes.

- Which Star Trek characters do you most like? And did you model any of your SIM persona's traits on any canon characters?

I think that my two favorite characters in Star Trek are Geordi and Data... it's hard to perceive them as completely separate entities to me. If Krol had been an engineer, I would have probably made him very much like a combination of Geordi and Scotty in that he would know the ship down to the last nut and bolt, but alas, he was a Tactical officer before command...

- What has been your favorite mission during your SIMing career?

That's a really, really tough one to call. I would have to say that the one I got the most enjoyment out of doing was one that we did just recently on the Minerva. The crew is assigned to Tactical Wargames. In a situation very much like the TNG episode "Peak Performance", half the crew is given a derelict starship that they are supposed to repair it the best that they can in 48 hours and then fight a mock battle in it against the Minerva. Unlike "Peak Performance", though, there were no Ferengi to foul it up, and the simulation went as planned. The Minerva ended up beating the other ship, but it was an extremely close finish.

- What types of missions do you enjoy and would you like to see more/less of in the future?

The kind of mission I would like to see more of in the future are those of exploration and diplomacy. It seems like too often everything ends in hostilities in the missions, and that isn't really Star Trek. There were always the episodes that went off without a shot being fired, and I think that there need to be just a few more of those.

- What other sorts of hobbies/activities do you enjoy?

I don't have that much free time this year (or really last year for that matter), but when I do get a few minutes (and I'm not simming), I'm either practicing my French horn or trumpet, reading, or writing something else, usually poetry.

- What do you want to be doing 10 years from now?

10 years from now I would like to be an Aerospace Engineer working for NASA. Realistically, I'll probably still be in school working on my grad work towards that goal at that point.

- Who's going to win the Super Bowl this year?

I couldn't tell you. I don't watch much sports (I don't watch a lot of TV... basically just Star Trek and movies...)


Through 14 weeks of NFL action...

1. Fruitland Firecrackers – 132,053
2. Bleeding CarolinaBlue – 123,293
3. Houston Heroes – 113,962
4. Summerfield Satists – 111,588
5. Bath Tubs – 106,992
6. Salisbury Imperials – 103,798
7. North Carolina Wolverines – 101,025
8. Lucky Stars – 100,922
9. Hagerstown Howitzers – 83,354
10. Harrisonburg Plungers – 77,078
11. williamston bulldogs – 72,960
12. Danzig hohenzoellers – 66,317
13. Cheektowaga Flamingoes – 64,171
14. K.L Troopers – 27,762
15. Baltimore Patriots – 26,759


And so there we have it! Probably one of the shortest newsletters to date. I hope you still enjoyed it. Anyway, have a fun and safe Christmas!

Admiral Charles Star
Commander in Chief
Independence Fleet