State of the Fleet

Fellow Independence Fleet Members,

It has become apparent to us in the last few days that the fleet is approaching an awful state. It was almost thought to be a state of emergency, but in taking stock, it was determined that emergency would be an excessive statement. However, the fleet is still in bad shape. And here, as the State of the Fleet is explained, you will see why.

What is said about ships and officers below is not meant to hurt their reputations or offend them in any way. It is mentioned truthfully to inform the entirety of the fleet of the current situation and how bad it really is. If it were candy-coated it might not put out the same message we need.

---State of Sims---
Sims are ranked based on their performance over the last two to three months, and listed with posting status.

Avalon:Dead - CO resigned in mid May without notifying Admiralty, ship put out 4 posts for the entire month of May, 5 the month before. It is being decommissioned on June 15th.
Pioneer:Critical - Produced 5 posts for the month of May, 6 the month before.
Sunfire:Critical - Crew count is currently 6, had 6 posts for the month of May...most of them being the Captain's.
Minerva:High Risk - Current CO does not run the ship but instead has XO do everything...XO on the brink of resigning, leaving the ship with no "Officer of Command." Produced around 12 posts for May.
Goliad:High Risk - CO performing below standards, consistently on LOA and has XO do everything, CO may need to be replaced. Ship made 13 posts for May.
Patriot:Potentially Risky - Activity dropped by half in one month after CO transition. Ship made 24 posts for May.
SB10:Potentially Risky - Currently has no XO, CO just now returning to service from LOA hopeful to get things going. However, sim did make 50 posts for May.
GWB:Stable but under Watch - CO hopes that activity will rise now that final exams are over with.

The other six sims are currently doing at least good and should not need any special attention this month.

---State of Officers---
A lot of the fleet's Admiralty are not as active as they should be, and without leaders how are things supposed to get done?

-The CinC is on an extended and indefinite LOA. He has been out of service since the beginning of May and fails to respond to e-mails requesting answers to fleet-level concerns.

-The DSE DD is doing his job, but his delegating of some responsibilities instead of personally taking care of everything, may indicate he does not have the time to take on extra burdens.

-The DSE DDD is on an indefinite LOA with no internet access.

-The DRF DDD has a currently unknown status and has not replied to e-mails.

-The SOD DD has just returned from a two month LOA, and has yet to prove if he can maintain his own sim.

-The SOD DDD is on an indefinite LOA with no internet access.

The other three (and thatís out of nine!) fleet level officers have the time and ability to help in dealing with the fleet's problems.

As you can see, the problem is that we do not have enough "manpower", and more specifically leadership, to help all the sims in need. This means all the critical sims stand a good chance of being lost, as we have to perform a sim triage here.

Under normal, healthy fleet circumstances the protocol would be to help the most critical sim in need first. However, with things the way they are, working under that method would loose us more sims than it would save. We have to go with helping first the ones we know we can save given the level of help we can provide.

And that, unfortunately, is the current State of the Fleet.

This e-mail is not only to inform you all, but also to open an e-mail discussion between us all. All IDF players are encouraged to send your comments, concerns, and ideas on the State of the Fleet to your CO...or XO...or DD (just whoever there is to tell!) Then they will represent you in the discussion with the Fleet Leadership i.e., West, Dragonetti, McCloud, Vrona, and Rager.

Thank you for your time and cooperation in this matter.

Jim West & Rachael Rager
Executive Staff Admiralty
Independence Fleet (IDF)