News From the Fleet

Fellow IDF Members,

There are a few announcements which must be made now instead of waiting until the 15th. That means it's going to take material from the newsletter so it will be short again this month, but oh well. ;-)

The first announcement that must be made is that Admiral Star is no longer the Commander in Chief of IDF. The fleet is going back to being maintained by a triumvirate. Of course, we have to find a person to be the Director of Fleet Relations first, but we have someone in mind. Until then, Admiral West, Vice Admiral Dragonetti, and the three division directors will work together as a team to build the fleet and help all the sims out in any way possible. The Admiralty would like to thank Admiral Star for everything he has done for the fleet in the past years!

We have a couple more announcements which you all would like to hear. First of all, since the departure of Admiral Star, a Director of the SOD has been appointed. This person is Rear Admiral Marisana Darwin. You may know her as the same person who plays Captain Zhaan of the USS Goliad. She is an excellent choice for Director and will do an outstanding job! Rear Admiral Darwin will be available for you SOD officers if you need any help.

The second thing that needs to be announced is that an IDF Academy is finally being opened and we're aiming for the first of January to open it. Stay tuned to future newsletters or special announcements for instructions on how to join, where to see the website, and things such as that!

Lastly, we're looking to expand soon, after we take care of pressing fleet matters, and start a new division with hopefully two sims to start out. It is possible that the two new ships will be commissioned as the USS Sunfire-C and USS Avalon-C to commemorate our founding vessel and the first expansion ship ever. Stay tuned to the newsletters or other special announcements for details about exact dates, the theme of the new division, and the final decision on sim names.

The Admiralty just wanted to let everyone know what we're working on and if there is anything else we need to let you know, we'll have the CO's inform their crews!

Thank you all and happy posting!

- IDF Executive Admiralty