Second Year History of the Fleet

July 2002 - April 2003: Unwritten thus far

Fleet Restoration - Yet Again

On June the 4th, 2003, Admiral West vowed that by July 4th, 2003, Independence Fleet would be fully operational. Prior to this date, multiple problems and trouble-spots within the fleet had been either noticed or reported.

The first actual sign of trouble was when Admiral Star went on a sudden and unexpected LOA in early-May...leaving Admiral West by himself wondering what, if any, were the protocols for putting together a fleet Admiral Star or Former Vice Admiral Seldon always had taken on that responsibilty.

Unable to reach Admiral Star, West went to Rear Admirals McCloud and Dragonetti for help. Together they came up with a gameplan for the newsletter and had one ready to be published in a matter of days. The May 2003 newsletter was issued May 15th.

After discovering more problems within the fleet and still unable to get ahold of Admiral Star, West became very worried. Luckily, Star was able to come online long enough to send Admiral West written orders to "feel free to act as the leadership of the fleet and do what needs to be done to make the fleet better."

With these orders, West immediately enlisted the help of Rachael Rager, a crewmember who served with West back on the Sunfire. The Admiral knew what she was capable of and also knew that she could help him get the fleet back on track in the most efficient and fastest way. West assigned her in as the Acting Chief of Development at the rank of Vice Admiral(provisional).

Together the two fleet administrators first had to determine the status of every sim with reported problems in leadership/posting/lack of crew etc. Once determined, the sims were triaged to determine which ones could be saved or not. The USS Avalon was decommissioned in May and the USS Sunfire left the fleet before anything else could be decided about it. The USS Goliad undertook a change of Commanding Officer and has since gotten well back on track. Any other sim with reported problems have also since been taken care of whether it needed recruiting, morale boosts, new leadership etc. We can thank Rear Admirals McCloud and Dragonetti for that with their hard work and dedication to the sims in their division.

There are some final changes that have recently been made and that have just been made today, which are all explained in articles below. Some deal with sims and some deal with fleet leadership changes. Now that everything is complete, each division will contain four active sims each.

Today, July 4th, 2003, Independence Fleet is officially off renovation status and will be back on normal business from here on out!