September 2003

Award Name Job Starship/Starbase Post Number
Best Story Post Ensign Kao Nor'Deth ACSO USS Horatio Nelson Post #1448
Best Character Post Lt. Cmdr. Dane Christof ??? USS Washington Post #2622
Funniest Post Lt. Venrir Kaesora CEO Deep Space 15 Post #1047
Most Posts Lt. Cmdr. Kiara Rodale CCO USS Conqueror 68 posts
MVP Commander Joseph Carroll CTO USS Liberty N/A
Outstanding Simmer Cdr. Chameleon "Cam" Circuit AXO USS Washington N/A
Rookie of the Month Ensign Darrin Sullivan ??? USS Excalibur N/A
Most Improved Lt. Ryan Dunmore CTO USS George W. Bush N/A
Recruitment Ens Momiji Olera ??? USS Patriot N/A