April 2003

Award Name Job Starship/Starbase Post Number
Best Story Post Major Modin Blatheric MCO Starbase 10 Post #1542
Best Character Post Lt. Commander J'Dem CTO USS Horatio Nelson Post #780
Funniest Post Ens. Calhoun & Ens. Hawkins AIO/ASO USS Excalibur Post #2332
Most Posts Cmdr. Kiara Rodale CS USS Conqueror 75 posts
MVP Lt.(jg) Starling CRO USS Horatio Nelson N/A
Outstanding Simmer Cmdr. Kiara Rodale CS USS Conqueror N/A
Rookie of the Month Ens. Steven Junxion CCO USS Patriot N/A
Most Improved Lt. Savai N'gellin CRO Deep Space 15 N/A
Recruitment Ens. Airika Calhoun and
Ens. Ryan Dunmore
AIO / CTO&2O USS Excalibur / USS GWB N/A