August 2002

Award Name Job Starship/Starbase Post Number
Best Story Post Lt. Entera Danae CE USS Minerva Post #217
Best Character Post Lt. Evan Drake/Ens. J'Dem MS/ARO USS Horatio Nelson Post #287
Funniest Post Lt. Cmdr. Reggie "Big" Johnson CE USS Washington Post #1626
Most Posts Cmdr. Damien Hawkins 2O USS Liberty 62 posts
MVP Cmdr. Damien Hawkins 2O USS Liberty N/A
Rookie of the Month Lt. J.G. Mira Rodale CCO Starbase 10 N/A
Most Improved Lt. Dusty Redroi COO USS Excalibur N/A
Recruitment Cmdr. Noelani Conyers DE USS Liberty N/A