Offering many styles of Star Trek simming by e-mail. Newbies to veterens, simmers with plenty of time or just a little, those who stick hard to Star Trek or like to test the limits, will all find a home here.
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Feature of the Week-  Update: IDF Academy

The Independence Fleet Academy is almost ready to launch! Commander A.C. MacGyver has been working hard on the website and members of the fleet have been very helpful in writing content for it and some of the courses. More instructors and staff are always welcome and needed. If you wish to become one, e-mail and let her know, or apply through the fleet level non-admiralty position application.

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Director of Fleet Operations:  E-mail him
  Admiral James D. West
Director of Fleet Development:  E-mail
  Vice-Admiral Felicity Dragonetti
Director of Fleet Relations:  E-mail TBD

  Deep Space Exploration  
  Division Director:     E-mail him
    Rear-Admiral Krol

  Defense Responce Force  
  Division Director:     E-mail him
    Rear-Admiral James Britanicus

  Special Operations  
  Division Director:     E-mail her
    Rear-Admiral Marisana Darwin

  New Division TBA  
  Division Director:     E-mail TBA

  Fleet Academy  
  Academy Commandant:  E-mail her
    Vice-Admiral Felicity Dragonetti

Newsletter Interviewer:  E-mail him
  Ace Decade
Fleet Webmaster:  E-mail her
  Rachael Rager
Fleet Historian:  E-mail ???

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