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Deck by deck layout of the Griffin

Current year: 2381
Stardate at beginning of episode #23: 58821.2
Year/Stardate, and how it works

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Year/Stardate, and how it works

The current year is 2381 (which is the current year for the ST Universe on the TNG/DS9/Voyager timescale).
The beginning of this year corresponds to a Stardate of 58000.0

How Stardates work
In the original series, stardates were completely arbitrary, except that they only had 4 digits before the period.

In the Next Generation, stardates became more defined, but not entirely: In the Star Trek Universe, the year and second digit of the stardate roll over at the same time. This usually occurs at the beginning of each new season, which corresponds to September of each year in our time.

For the purposes of the Griffin, and to keep things a tad bit simpler, we will roll over the year/stardate on New Year's.

A timeline of Stardates
Year     Stardate     Season    
2364 41000.0 The Next Generation, 1
2368 45000.0 The Next Generation, 5
Deep Space Nine, 1
2370 47000.0 The Next Generation, 7
Deep Space Nine, 3
2371 48000.0 Deep Space Nine, 4
Voyager, 1 (began on Jan. 16, 1995, instead of the Sept. before, but the stardates remain the same as season 1 was only half a season long.)
2373 50000.0 Deep Space Nine, 6
Voyager, 3
2373 51000.0 Deep Space Nine, 7
Voyager, 4
2377 54000.0 Voyager, 7

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Deck by deck layout

Saucer Section
  1. Main Bridge
    Captain's Ready Room
    Observation/Conference Lounge
  2. Civilian Quarters
  3. Civilian Quarters
  4. Main Shuttlebay
    Cargo Bays 1-3
  5. Science Labs
    Civilian Quarters
  6. Science Labs
    Transporter Rooms 1-4
  7. Civilian Quarters
  8. Civilian Quarters
    Captain's Quarters
  9. Two-story Forward Lounge(upper level)
    Civilian Quarters
  10. Two-story Forward Lounge(lower lever)
    Civilian Quarters
    Computer Core
  11. Holodecks
    Civilian Quarters
  12. Sickbay
    Counselor's Officer
    Medical Laboritories
  13. Life Support
    Civilian Quarters
  14. Civilian Quarters
  15. Maintenance
  16. Captain's Yacht Docking Port

Stardrive Section
  1. Battle Bridge
  2. Docking Latches
  3. Emergency Batteries
    Phaser Bank Systems
  4. Life Support Systems
  5. Science Labs
  6. Shuttlebays 2 and 3
  7. Shuttlebay Support/Shuttle Maintenance
    Transporter Rooms 5 & 6
  8. Science Labs
  9. Maintenance
    Special Operations Control Room
  10. Crew Quarters
  11. Crew Quarters
    XO's Quarters
  12. Crew Quarters
  13. Crew Quarters
  14. Power Distribution
  15. Engineering Support Labs
  16. Main Impulse Engines
  17. Life Support
  18. Dorsal Docking Port
    Forward Photon Torpedo Launcher
  19. Engineering Support (Gel Packs)
  20. Deuterium Fuel Pumps and Fill Ports
  21. Deuterium Fuel Storage
  22. Deuterium Fuel Storage
  23. Deuterium Injection Reactors
  24. Science Labs
  25. Crew Quarters
  26. Crew Quarters
  27. Engineering
    Enviornmental Support
  28. Engineering
    Aft Photon Torpedo Launcher
  29. Main Engineering
    Chief Engineer's Office
  30. Engineering
    Environmental Support
    Waste Management
  31. Cargo Bays 4-6
    Security Office
  32. Cargo Bays 7 & 8
  33. Antimatter Injection Reactors
  34. Antimatter Storage Pods
  35. Antimatter Storage Pods

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