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On Posting
  • Posts are how we sim. A post is an e-mail that's a member's telling of the next part of the story sent to the mailing list specifically used for this sim.
  • Remember the old egg timer stories we did as kids? Where you all sit in a circle and tell a part of the story then pass to the next person? I know some of us didn't do that, but the principle is simple and it's what we use on this sim.
  1. There is a chain of command on the ship which every member is a part of. The order of the chain of command is posted as the crew manifest. This order is the order in which members post parts of the story.
  2. Only one person at a time is allowed to post. This is to keep simultaneous posts from occurring. To keep thing running as smoothly as possible, the next person in the chain of command order is the only one allowed to post next after a previous post has gone to the list.
  3. If a member can't/doesn't want to post for whatever reason, the member can call a "pass" by sending a post to the list that says in the subject line: Episode # - PASS - Character's Last Name
  • Beware, if a member passes four times consecutively or more it opens up the possibility of the member's character dying.
  1. If a member can't or doesn't post AND doesn't call a pass, that member receives an automatic pass after three days.
  2. If a member knows s/he is going to be unable to post for a couple weeks, the member may request a Leave of Absence (LOA) from the Captain or First Officer. A LOA means the member is taken out of the posting order until the LOA has expired. During the time of the LOA a member will not be affected by the 4 consecutive pass rule.
  3. Once a member has posted or passed, the story immediately goes to the next member in the chain of command and that person has three days to post or pass.
  4. Please spell check posts before sending them to the list. Correct spelling will be enforced by the Captain and First Officer!
  • This sim uses an "episode" type format. An episode is a stand alone story created from the posts of the members of the sim. However, things that happened in previous episodes may be referred to in later episodes, just like in the Star Trek series.
  1. Each episode will have it's own title to be used in the subject line of the posts. Using this with the posting order, no numbering of posts will be done as it's not necessary.
  2. The founding members of this sim debated whether or not to allow all members to start and end episodes. The final decision is that only the Captain and First Officer can start episodes. Also, while a member may bring a story to its logical (or illogical, as the case may be) end , only the Captain and First Officer can call the official end to the episode. Until this occurs, the episode has not actually ended and the next member in the posting order may continue the episode.
  3. Episodes may be ended in the middle of the posting order and not necessarily on the Captain or First Officer's turn. When this happens, once the next episode starts it immediately picks up where the previous one left of in the posting order.
  4. If a member has an idea for the beginning of an episode that they want to happen, they can send it to the Captain and First Officer. The Captain and First Officer will review the idea together, and talk with the member about how best to use the idea, which may including possible changes. Once the three have hammered out the best possible way to use the idea, it will be used for a future episode, with credit given to the person who came up with the idea.
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On membership & ship positions
  • If you would like to join this sim, please e-mail us.
  1. Every member of the sim has their own character. Each character must have a name and a history.
  2. A member may choose his/her character's postion in the crew from the list of open postions.
  3. A character's rank is assigned by the Captain when the member joins the sim. Initial rank is based on previous simming experience, writing ability, and knowledge of Star Trek.
  • A character dying essentially removes the member from the sim. However, if a member would like to continue on the sim, they may create a new character with approval from the Captain and First Officer.
    • As rank and position are a function of the character and not the member, the new character may or may not have the same rank and position of the previous member.
    • As long as the former character did not die due to lack of participation in the sim on the member's part, the new character will most likely receive the rank of one step lower than the former character, possibly the same rank.
    • Lack of participation in the sim without good reason will always result in the new character beginning as an Ensign.
  1. There are nine Senior Staff positions
      Captain/Commanding Officer (CO)
      First Officer/Executive Officer (XO)
      Science/Operations Officer (SO)
      Tactical Officer (TO)
      Conn/Helm Officer (HO)
      Chief Engineer (CE)
      Counselor (CN)
      Security Chief (CS)
      Chief Medical Officer (CM)
  2. Besides the above positions, there are plenty of others available on the ship.
    For example:
      Astrometrics Officer
      Transporter Chief
      Weapons Officer
      Assistants to the Senior Staff positions that aren't CO and XO
      Moral Officer/Bartender type
  3. And you may request a position not on either list if you so desire, which will be approved or denied by the Captain and First Offer together.
  4. Any positions not filled by members may be filled by Non-Player-Characters (NPCs) at the discretion of the Captain or First Officer. Back to top

    On NPCs:
    1. Important NPCs may not be killed without the permission of the Captain or First Officer. Such NPCs are those which hold important ship positions or are story line necessary.
    2. There will be no main or reoccurring characters from any of the Star Trek shows on the sim unless the Captain and First Officer both agree and give permission to a member to introduce the character.
    3. Red/Gold shirts exist.
      • You know, the infinate supply of Ensign and Lt.J.G. No-Names that are on the ship to possibly get killed, or just wounded, or just to fill in so the crew seems larger than it actually is.
      • They are there just in case we need some token people to die on occasion. After all, it wouldn't be Star Trek without that.
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    On content:

    This is the most important section

      This site is rated PG-13.
      What does this mean to members?
      • No excessively foul language.
      • No excessive violence.
      • No adult content
      • If you think *my* grandmother might be offened by something you write, then don't post it.

      Use caution when writing something that will have a major change on a character other than your own
      What do I mean?
      • You are permitted and encouraged to use and write about other members' characters.
      • Do NOT post anything that will have a major change on another personís character without the other member's consent.
      • If you post something that redefines the another's character and they really donít like what youíve done, it will most likely be removed from the story.

      We are operating in the current Star Trek timeline.
      Ie.- post Voyager, pre movie 10, and no established or unestablished alternate timelines without the permission of the Captain and First Officer.
      See Year/Stardate, and how it works, for more information.
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    Feel free to email the Captain with any questions, comments, complaints, or suggestions you may have. If at any point you have an issue with another member of this sim, contact the Captain. If that fails to resolve your problem, or if the Captain is the one you have an issue with, contact the First Officer. Whenever possible keep e-mail records to document your situation.
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