Crew Manifest

The following is the chain of command as well as the posting order.
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PositionRank & NameE-mail
Commanding Officer|Captain Priscilla Myst|
Executive Officer|Commander Jaquelle Daem|
Operations Officer & AXO|Commander Jack Davidson|NPC - Doesn't post
Security Chief|Lieutenant Commander Rinali Travin|NPC - Doesn't post
Chief Engineering Officer|Lieutenant Commander Jason Crawford|NPC - Doesn't post
Chief Medical Officer|Lieutenant Jack L. Stone|NPC - Doesn't post
Chief Science Officer|Lieutenant Anna Krasinski|NPC - Doesn't post
Assistant Engineering Officer|Lieutenant Solasho Aiden|
Chief Conn Officer|Lieutenant Tovaal Maxwell|
Returned from the Dead|Lieutenant Marina Catherine O'Roarke|
Counselor|Lieutenant J.G. Teresa Bowen|NPC - Doesn't post

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PositionRank & Name
Executive Officer|Commander Yuri Ivanof
Chief Engineering Officer|Lieutenant Scott McInnis
Chief Con Officer & AXO|Lieutenant Commander Ryan Sable
Operations Officer|Lieutenant Gordon C. Freeman
Conselor|Ensign Alexiandria Sandraian
Assistant Science Officer|Lieutenant J.G. Vosch Karenek

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