Deep Space 15

Alamo class MK IV

Rated: PG-13

"Everything has a scientific explanation, even if you can't find it. Today's science would once have been considered magic." -VC

A Bit of History
March 2003 Intro | 1st Anniversary: 2003-2004

The days and months after the end of the Dominion War was a time of much rebuilding in the Federation that lasted years...

...but quickly the years of rebuilding turned into years of expansion. The Federation, having faired better than most of the Alpha Quadrant super powers, was able to turn it's originally built war production sites from rebuilding production sites into expansion production sites. Therefore the recent years have seen a growth in the size of the Federation unparalleled since the early 23rd century.

Deep Space 15 is the fourth deep space station to be built in this era of expansion. It lies in one of the newest Federation claimed sectors, obviously put there to be a foothold into the surrounding (supposedly and assumed) unclaimed areas.

But rumors have started that the station has an ulterior purpose. The arrival of a Starfleet Marine detachment sparked the first interest, though Starfleet maintains that the detachment is simply a precaution against the potential hazards and unknowns of deep space.

Then there's the base's first Commanding Officer, a woman known to have been an engineering mercenary who worked solely for confidential information for over a decade, until Starfleet somehow lured her into their ranks only a year and a half ago.

What is really going on here? Should you believe Starfleet or the rumor mill? A piece of advice my friend: In this place you should believe none but your own eyes and ears, and sometimes not even them. And choose your companions here very carefully, lest you find yourself facing it all, alone...

Welcome Aboard!

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Special Big Thanks to XO Mira Rodale for helping me get pictures, doing the base layout, coming up with names for the surrounding area, and letting me bounce ideas off her while throwing in a couple of her own. Thanks again!